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Tonya 7 months ago

Morning Sex with Sir!

Morning pleasure

She was awoken with a deep passionate kiss... Good morning my naughty girl...She Pursssssss and says “ good morning sir“.. He stairs into her eyes and smiles.. She stairs back and says” fuck me right now sir” He looks at her and says “you can do bett...

Anonymous 8 months ago

Photography with Cassy

A new Girlfriend wants to take some erotic photos and it soon turns into something else

Photography with Cassy Cassy walked into my bedroom and took my breath away. I had been busy preparing the tripod and camera to take the sexy and intimate photographs she had advertised for online, and so I had not seen her taking out her lingerie...

royalsuite 8 months ago

Wife Cuckolds Husband

Wife cuckolds husband as part of married life

Paula (who looked very similar to Christina Cole’s character from Suits) was a renowned psychologist and counselled patients in her home clinic in an affluent suburb of NYC. Paula originally was from a upper class family from London (UK), Oxford univ...

bklyn_40 8 months ago

Impulse (Her Words)

Wife's side about when she got wild at a club as husband enjoys the show

(interracial, group, exhibitionism, slut. cuckold) We were at a nightclub in Maryland during Bike Week, watching the crowd as they danced. We had a nice buzz. There were 2 black guys who were obviously there to enjoy themselves and get lucky. The...

unknown 8 months ago

Day Off in the Neighborhood

When the neighbor comes over on a wife's day off.

It was a Friday, and I had the day off from work. My kids were at school, and my husband was at work, so I had the house to myself. The thing was though, I was pretty bored with almost nothing to do. I started doing chores around the house, like wash...

Hank2020 9 months ago

Our Time With BJ (Absolutely True story)

This really happened in 2017

In 2017, my wife and I lived in South Carolina. My cousin, BJ, lived about an hour away, and since he was always my favorite cousin, we visited often. One Friday afternoon, he called and asked if we would come and spend the night, and have a cookou...

starting off the story me and this girl dated through High School then we split up before senior year they're about two or three years later she called me out of the blue she say I miss you come down but I knew she was married but I miss the sex wit...

MnEFuntime 9 months ago

Surprise of my life

A man's ultimate fantasy

You want to talk about a surprise me and the wife had only been swinging for a few months and this happened and I swear that it's the truth, I wanted a drink one night and after hitting a couple of bars I was on my way home and saw one I have not bee...

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Hopefulhoney 10 months ago

Couples Night

Another Friday night at the movies

It'd been a while since we'd been to our favorite adult theater. Friday nights are couples night. So I got dolled up from head to toe and we went. We went into the bookstore first, and browsed around, checking out the other couples and taking notic...

DeepKisses 10 months ago

Our New Fuck Buddies

After a year, we finally met our new swinging partners. And we weren't disappointed.

Frannie and I met Lee and Nancy on one of the swinger sites. We hit it off very quickly, and soon we were chatting practically every day, sometimes trading pics and videos, sometimes just normal chatting. After having encountered so many fake coupl...

Anonymous 11 months ago

The Fight (part 2)

ready to settle this

The story was left off at Lucy spanking Cheyenne like a ring bell Lucy: Ding! Ding! I pressed myself close to her, and began kissing her pretty lips. Not like a romantic kind of kissing, but rather more aggressive. If I kissed her softly, she...

FrankLyn 11 months ago

Ok all , continuing in our adventure. The next morning I asked my wife if she was ok with everything. She said, “yes”. I asked what she was thinking about? Her response surprised me. She answered, about the next time. Wow. Cool! We talked here...

Hopefulhoney 11 months ago

Friday at the movies

The stranger in the next seat

It was a Friday night in early October, it was a chilly night, but still I wore a very short skirt and of course no panties. We wondered around the store, looking at the different dildos and mini clit ticklers. I picked one out, it was the kind that...

Unknown 1 year ago

Neighbor's bet

One winner, one loser

It was the night of our 10th Anniversary, when our neighbors came over for a little "game night". We all sat in the living room, while my wife Sharon went and got us some wine. One thing for sure, our neighbors were our rivals, and we didn't like...

DeepKisses 1 year ago

Bed and Breakfast Boudoir

Our anniversary celebration went from private to shared

My husband and I decided to take a trip to a close by resort area for our anniversary a few weeks ago. It turned out we had so much more fun than we anticipated. We arrived at the Bed and Breakfast we had booked a little after 6pm on Friday. Ther...