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Seduce her

"She gets seduced by another couple"

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Author's Notes

"What a night"

After 27 years of marriage,and the both of us in our late 40’s, the time of our life was about to happen. I have been on swingers heaven for a while at this point and unknown to my wonderful wife have been trying to arrange a swinging evening for the both of us. When we were younger I let her have an evening with another womans husband, the plan was to full swap but the other woman decided she Didnt want to go all the way but we watched our mates get it on. He was a good bit longer than me but he did not have the staying power I have. He fucked her good though and she really enjoyed it. We ended up moving away before we ever got the chance to meet them again.

So with this history in mind I decided to set up an evening and have another couple come and seduce her for me, without her having any idea.

I met one great couple online and we set up a meet at a local restaurant/bar. They got a room at a local motel just in case it worked out and I took care of dinner. So I told my beautiful wife I wanted to take her out for a special evening and I picked out what I wanted her to wear. A nice sexy red bra and panty set with a thigh high panty hose and a garter belt. On top of that she wore a super low cut black dress that showed her ample cleavage and the bottom just covering her wonderful ass so that when she bent over I could see everything not hidden by the red thong. Oh boy she was going to get fucked tonight. She even went and had her hair and makeup done. She looked so amazing I could barely keep my mouth closed. I wore my own sexy underwear that she likes and a suit and tie. (It was that kind of restaurant)

The plan was to arrive early and wait at the bar. This restaurant is always busy so it was no problem making her think that we had to wait for a table, especially after a “under the table” tip to the seating hostess who was gorgeous by the way.(I’ll get to that later). Any way Rena, the hostess, set us at the bar and we ordered a round to start the night off. I had a shot of bourbon and she ordered a top shelf Margarita. Like the song says tequila makes her clothes fall off. So we start discussing our fantasies with each other and I bring up the idea of same room sex with another couple. When I said this I could tell she liked the idea almost immediately as her nipples start to show and press through and become erect. This is when John and kim showed up. John was in a suit and tie like me but Kim was looking ravashing In a red dress that hugged every curve like she was born in it. I was really hoping this would work at this point.

Kim and John sat beside us at the bar after letting Rena know what was happening. They ordered some drinks and whispered some sexual things between the two of them just loud enough that my wife could hear. My wife began to smile at me and squirm a little bit. I couldn’t hear what John and Kim were saying but it made my wife blush and she reached over and put her hand on my thigh just grazing my semi hard cock. After a few minutes of this John and Kim introduced themselves to me and my wife. We shot the shit for a while and hit it off pretty nicely. Rena came back at this point and said our table was ready but we were still having a great conversation with John and Kim so they asked if they could join me and my wife. My wife was still showing signs of excitement and agreed that we could have dinner together. This got us over the first hurdle and we were on our way. After a few more drinks and dinner we started talking about things a little more fun. Kim whispered something in my wife’s ear and she got a big sexy smile on her face. A few seconds later I feel her reach under the table and feel my cock through my jeans. This night was going amazing. I the looked down and realized that it wasnt my wifes hand on my cock but Kim’s. It was so unexpected, but hoped for, that I almost lost it right there. Kim winked at me and darted her eyes down encouraging me to see that my wife’s hand was on John’s cock and Kims other hand was really cloose to my wife’s pussy.

This was when Rena walked up with a big smile on her face and said, “I new there was a reason why I put you guys at this corner table.” My wife blushed red again until Rena said, “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me and no one else can see you in this corner.” She then leaned in, her breast hanging down for full view by me and John. She told John and I we were lucky men and gave us one of those smiles that said I want to join you. This was when Kim reached over and kissed my wife and my poor wife blushed again but we all could tell how horny the whole evening was making her. After a few minutes Kim suggested we all go to their hotel and enjoy a night cap together. We agreed and got the directions and what room they were in. As we left John left a little note with the tip for Rena.

A half hour later we were all setting in John and Kim’s room. The ties and suit jackets we gone and the ladies were setting together sipping on their drinks and giggling to each other. I smiled at John and said I think were in for one hell of a night. I got up to get another drink for me and my wife and Kim asked if we wanted to get in the jacuzzi. My wife said that would be great but she didnt have anything to wear. Kim smiled at her and then pulled her own dress of exposing her beautiful perky tits. My wife looked shocked at first the slowly reached up and touched them commenting on how smooth and firm they were. This was the second time I almost lost it. Kim then stripped the rest of the way down and slowly and seductively entered the jacuzzi. My wife looked at me with the “is it ok” question in her eyes and I smiled and nodded my approval. She ripped her clothes of and jumped in the jacuzzi laughing as she and Kim began to cuddle with each other. She then looked at me and John seductivly and purred “are you guys coming?”

A few seconds later sfter a few sexy comments about the underwear I had chosen we were all in the jacuzzi bare ass naked. Me and my wife on one side and John and Kim on the other. My wife had her hands on my cock and Kim was sitting on John’s lap. Kim looked at me and asked if my wife could come and help her play with John. I smiled, a little dissappointed that I wasnt first, but said sure. I looked into my wife’s eyes and saw the lust there and new she was going to have a great time.

John got up and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi and waited as Kim and my wife approached him. Kim gently licked his balls while guiding my wife’s head over his adequate cock. My wife always says I have a good size cock for love making and John’s was practically identical. Maybe a tiny bit bigger around. After a few minutes of the ladies kissing the sides of his cock and kissing each other my wife engulfed his entire cock all the way to his balls. His eyes opened with surprise saying that Kim’s never been able to do that without gagging. It didnt take long and he was cumming all over Kim’s face. Kim looked at me and smiled after licking the cum away saying “I think its your turn.” All i could think was finally, and I set up on the edge of the Jacuzzi as kim and my wife came over to take care of me. My wife said something to Kim and they both looked at me and smiled. As I laid back there was a knock at the hotel door. John jumped up, wrapped himself in a towel and went to the door. He was talking in a hushed voice while my wife got out, stood over top of me and lowered her slippery cunt right onto my mouth while beginning to suck my cock. Kim is helping her kiss and suck my cock when John says “Surprise” I look up and there is Rena totally naked slipping into the jacuzzi. Rena looks latina and has those beautiful come fuck me eyes, perfect large tits and an ass that just wont quit. I couldnt wait to get a hold of her. She smiled and said let me taste him too. Kim moved to the side and Rena slid over and instantly shoved her tongue right into my asshole. I understand that most women would get turned off by this but damn it felt good and lost my load draining it all into my wifes throat. She swallowed most of it( she didnt have much choice because of how far down her throat she had me) What little bit did drip out onto my cock Kim and Rena both licked up saying how much they love cum. Kim then suggested we all get some drinks and calm down for a little bit and then got to the bedroom.

After getting out of the jacuzzi I told John, Kim, and Rena that I have a little surprise for them. I throw my pants and jacket back on and run out to my car to get it. A few months before my wife was commenting on how she would like a stronger vibrator so I went out and bought her a motor bunny. She loves it, so whenever we plan a sexy evening with each other I always bring it. When I cone back and show what it is and all the attachments we have the ladies all smile and clap. I take it to the room telling John he better grab some towels. Some of the attachments we have range from small to thick. However there is one attachment that is 12” long and thick. My wife had to practice real hard to get it in her. As we turned on the motor bunny we started with the smallest attachment that just stimulates the clit. Rena went first since she was the last to show up. We began to play a game where the other two ladies controlled the toy while the one rode on it.

Just a minute into the ride and Rena was sweating and crying out in ecstacy I told John to grab the towel! All of a sudden Rena explodes sending her love juice everywhere writhing uncontrollably. It is a good thing we were already naked because we all got it. My wife exclaims “damn” and Kim yells “Im next.” As she climbs on not even bothering to clean it off but smiling saying its already warm and lubed. Kim’s bare pussy lips gently vibrate as she arcs her back and moans deeply. After a few minues she asks to,try one of the smaller dildo attachments. She begins to ride as my wife turns up the intensity. Rena starts to lick her nipples and Kim reaches out and begins to stroke my rehardening cock. Kim looks at me with lust in her eyes and cries out “ I can feel it vibrating my guts!” as ahe unloads all her sweet pussy juice. As she slowly pulls herself off I grab and shove my tongue deep in her wet hole. John says “ shit her eyes actually rolled all the way back into her head,” and she squirts again all over my face. My wife then saddles up and yells “ Save a horse!” then jumps on. She’s rode it many times and knows exactly how she likes it. Full on till she cant breathe. Bucking like a rodeo rider she swoons as she squirts too. John reaches over and grabs her shoving his tongue deep in her ass. She wimpers as she cums again. After everyone has calmed down my wife, who has lossed all embarrassment or inhibition asks the girls if they want to play a game as she pulls out the monster 12 inch dildo attachment. Rena and Kim smile slowly and asks what game.

My wife say, “We each take a turn riding this, whoever rides the longest and whoever rides the deepest gets both guys and the loser has to eat them out and they get fucked however the winner wants. The loser gets fucked however everyone else wants.” After they all agree they guess a number to see who’s first, second and third.Kim goes first followed by my wife and Rena is last. Kim climbs over it and slowly lowers her pussy down as My wife turns the intensity all the way up, Kim is so small if this dildo went all the way in it would be in her ribs. Kim rides it like a pro getting the dick over halfway in but it just wouldnt fit any deeper. She starts having her first orgasm on it trying to push in deeper. She is in such a state that she starts to drool all down her tits and john reaches over lovingly licking his wife clean. After her third orgasm she suddenly jumps up saying I cant take it anymore and collapses on the bed with her legs shaking. I hold her close to me as John wipes the sweat from her body. Now its my wife’s turn and I know what’s coming because ive seen her do it before. She stands over the 12 inch monster and begins to lower herself onto it. As it starts vibrating she rubs it back and forth on her clit then suddenly shoves it all the way back to her asshole. She loves anal as much as I love giving it to her. She slowly slides down the 12” cock until its balls are pushed upinside her pussy. She starts to moan and then Rena turns it all the way up. My wife jumps like shes been stung laughing as she works it back down inside of her. Just a few minutes later she cums hard, both legs shaking and she is so weak John and I have to help her off . Rena looks at her and says, “ well you,ve definitely won the deepest, I cant do that but im getting the longest.” Kim whispers in my ear “perfect, I hope she wins.” Rena wipes the 12 inch monster clean and then lowers herself so that its 3 quarters of the way in her pussy. Her pussy is completely bare except for a little sliver of hair pointing the way down. As she begins to raise and lower herself her pussy grips the cock milking it making it look like her pussy is being pulled inside out. She cums the first time on the monster really quick then she settles in for the long ride. 5 orgasms and 15 minutes later she finally pulls off and collapses. We take the towels and dry her off. At this point its about three in the morning and we all are exhausted. John asks if we want to just stay the night and we can have more fun tomorrow. We all agree and jump in the shower for a quick shower together, laughing and talking about the fun we’ve had. We all go to bed and naked cuddling together and are asleep in minutes.

I wake up the next morning around 11 with the wonderful sensation of Rena and Kims hot wet mouths licking all over my cock and then Rena puts her tongue in my ass again. I pull them both around and take turns licking, tounguing and kissing there already soaked vaginas. Everynow and then i would slowly shove my tongue in each of their asses as deep as I could get it enjoying the sound of their moaning. I then looked over and see my beautiful wife setting with her pussy shoved in Johns face . She looked at the other 2 ladies and says” i got the deepest, “now all of you get over here and fuck me like you hate me. Rena you have to set on my husbands face till you cum and Kim i want you licking my ass while my husband and John fuck both of my holes. (This was the lady who just yesterday was embarressed when she got caught feeling another man up.) Rena is setting on my face as my wife slowly lowers her anus onto my hard throbbing member. She squirms a litlle to get it all the way in and then tells John to fuck her hard. He starts up ramming it into her like the energizer bunny and eventually we get a rhythm going. Thats when Kim starts licking all around my wifes pussy and ass wherever she can get to. My wife suddenly starts screaming “im going to cum, cum in me, fill me up with your cum! I want to feel it dripping out both my holes!” Thats all it takes and John unloads into her pussy. The sensation of his cock filling my wife up through the membrane between her ass and pussy causes me to unload so hard my balls hurt in that great way they do when you,ve had a good fuck. As john and I pull out kim engulfs my cock and Rena engulfs John’s sucking every bit of cum off of us. Then they both go to my wife and starting kissin her letting her taste all of us together.

Rena now says lets take a break, eat lunch and then its my turn. which was good because me and John both needed a minute. Rena says “let’s get back in the jacuzzi” As we lower ourselves in the hot water it begins to relieve our sore muscles from the previous night and we all start to relax. Kim tells Rena you lasted the longest so what’s your pleasure? Rena tells Kim “first go make us drinks and grab the clothespins out of my purse. Rena then comes over to me kisses my wife deeply and tells her “ I’ve wanted to fuck your husband since he came in and told me what he was planning last night” My wife looked at me for a second and said you planned this? i was a little worried and I said that I did the first part but she controlled everything since then. She then sticks her tongue deep in my ear and tells me she loves and shes glad I did and that we are doing this again. As she says this Rena slides down on my hard cock. My wife begins to place the clothes pins on her nipples and then her belly and last makes me stop for a second as she attaches them to Rena’s labia. Im so hard at this point its almost painful but the feel of Rena’s pussy sooths any ache I have. Rena says she doesnt really like receiving anal other than a good tonguing but she wants two cocks in her pussy. Now im straight so the thought of another guys dick rubbing against me is not appealing but after being the unicorn she is and winning the longest ride we have to do what she wants. John comes in behind her and begins pumping again and its not long before Rena is cumming and begging Kim to stick her tongue in her ass. As Kim shoves her tongue in Rena’s ass my wife rips the clothes pins off and Rena screams as her body convulses like she having a seisure. Even her pussy is contracting getting tighter and tighter as John and I continue to fuck her. She passes out for a second and Thats all it takes. John and I pull out and unload all over Renas face and tits. Kim then grabs my dick and starts using the lube of the cum to make titty fuck Rens’s amazing boobs. Its an amazing feeling after just cumming. Kim jumps up with my wife and they begin to gently lick all the cum clean.

Last of all its Kim’s turn and we all get to use her however we want. This is what she wanted any way. John grabs her head and slowly pulls her face all the way down on his cock. He is so deep she can barely breathe and she is slobbering and gagging, drool running down her body making her glisten and shine in the light. John looks at me and says”lets split roast her. Fuck her ass hard and deep. She pretends she doesnt like it but she really does.” I grab Kims ass cheeks and lift her up and slowly shove my cock all the way in her ass. She tries to pull away shaking her head no, but cant because shes bottomed out in her mouth on John’s cock. Then my wife crawls under her and begins licking her clit hard while rena starts to finger her pussy deep. Kim gives up trying to get away and gives in to the total pleasure coming through her body in waves. Her moans are muffled around the cock buried in her throat and she starts to squirt all over the three of us. The only one who doesnt get wet by her pussy juice is her own husband but he is covered in her slobber by now. Im ramming her as hard as I can and she keeps cumming and cumming until I finally release everylast bit of cum deep in her ass. A few seconds later John unloads all over Kim’s wrecked body. we all lay there passed out.

A few hours later we all wake up still a mess of slobber, cum and pussy Juice. We head back to the shower totally spent discussing when can we do it again and talking about looking for another couple to seduce.


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