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a new beginning

"who would have thought"

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"i hope my writting is not to horrible"

there i was a normal straight guy who has been married for 21 years and with his love for 30. then the love of my life began to have female issues and told me that any penitration hurt her. well due to her strick religious upbringing she refused to go to a doctor for help. so this stopped our having intercourse and it has been 10 years since i had fucked a woman, the past 10 years has been oral all blow jobs. then around 8 years ago my ed kicked in and we started watching lesbian porn in order to get an erection. well it worked but for only a few years . at that time i started on a sex site and hooked up with a young lady who got me hard and my wife was able to make me cum. 3 years later my wife develops dementia and parkinsons and is unable to do any sex acts.well i then started looking around for escorts and that did not go well due to the number of scammers on there.hook up sites was next but again to many scammers.all this time still hooking up with my online gf and enjoying her pictures and videos. then one day i was scrolling the net and saw a swingers site. so i decided to join. then i started sending messages and reading all the articles on swingers, the one thing i had kept hidden from my wife was a desire to join the lifestyle, then my online gf informed me she was bi and was going to a swingers club and enjoying the life style in her state, well i was all excited seeing her with other women and enjoying herself and enjoying the other girls. her girl on girl videos were and are exciting. so i continued to send messages on the swingers site and then one of my messages was answered and a date was set.

i was nervous and drove to the restaurant and met this wonderful couple as we exited our cars when we arrived at their house this lady wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed. we went into their house and had a drink and talked, as we talked this beauty of a woman rubbed my leg with her foot and we decided to go to the bed room. we undressed and the sex began, i had never been in a threesome and they took it slow with this virgin. as we manuvered ourbodies the lady very patiently asked if i was comfortable with the positions we ended up in. she asked if it was ok for the man to suck my cock, i said yes then after a few more moves she asked if i was ok sucking his cock!! i did not think for a second and said yep, so there i was a straight man facing a cock . i opened my mouth and took him in and moved my head up and down this lasted about 20 seconds and i was amazed i liked it. well we continued doing positions and we all climaxed i in her pussy and he in her mouth and she as i fucked her doggie style. i must add this was fantastic and i want more cock and pussy.

well now i add bi-curious to my profile and i met a very nice gentleman and we have been talking and plan to get together for my first guy on guy adventure . i am thrilled at my first meeting with a guy and i plan on sucking him dry and he plans on sucking me dry, will i take his cum in my mouth well i am not sure, i still want pussy but i am aroused at the thought of sucking a cock. i will let you know how it goes when the first meet is complete.

Written by jimsquared

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