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Crashed all girls kayaking trip.

"The girls get it on"

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Author's Notes

"Let me know what you think and any ideas for the next story"

Well its been a few months since Maria and Rena fuckfilled my fantasy. A has gotten better and we are regularly meeting with all our new friends. The girls all decide to take a kayaking camping trip. Its a three day two night excursion down a local scenic river. Water in this river is so clear you can see to the bottom even in spots where the depth reaches 20 feet. There are a few easy rapids sections and a small 4 foot waterfall on the trip. The girls are all excited to spend a few days on the water. It’s early in the season and its very unlikely anyone else will be on the river at this time.

As the trip gets closer A and the girls start getting everything together. Its my wife A, Kim, Rena, Maria, Janine (Maria’s hot girlfreind), and Jody(Maria’s sexy 18 year old daughter). We all have become close freinds and everyone knows about our hot sexual encounters. As the day gets closer Jon and I are deciding what we are going to do while the girls are gonne. Our wives tell us we should go to the local swingers club and have some fun. We tell them we will think about it. After helping the ladies load up the truck we are all standing around saying our goodbyes before they leave. me and Jon turn to walk back in the house when behind us we hear Jody say in a cute voice, “oh boys.” We turn to see 6 hot pairs of tits looking us in the face. I tell John, “just look at them damn teases, knowing they are leaving us here without them.”

John says, “I know, bitches!” with a big smike on his face.

Maria then tells us, “Just think how much these babies are going to be out while kayaking down the river,”then she pouts wickedly at us, “and your going to miss it.”

I laugh, “I just hope a bear doesnt get you, all alone on the river.”

“JERK,” A yells and they all put their tits away, climb into their trucks laughing as they drive away.

John looks at me laughing and says, “that should make tonight a little more worrisome for them.”

I smile and we head into the house to discuss what we are going to do. Now neither John or I am gay but we have occasionally bumped each other while doing one of the ladies. Comes with the territory I always say. So we are comfortable talking about sex and what we like.

John asks, “So what kind of sex you want to get into tonight?”

“That’s a really good question.” I reply. “I know i dont want to be with just one woman tonight though.”

John replied, “me either, we could go to the swingers club but it might be hard to get with some of the ladies there since we would basically be single men tonight.”

“yeah and most of the girls there can’t even compare to our hot group anyway. I don’t want to lower my standards, if you know what I mean.”

“I do so what’s another option. I do want to get freaky tonight. hahaha”

That is when it hits me. I look at John with a devious smile, “you want to go scare the shit out of some ladies?”

John looks at me and begins to smile from ear to ear. So we get our plans together. The first night where they are camping there is a trail that leads from the road down to the campsite. Its about a five mile hike in. We grab our gear, including some strawberry wine that all the girls like and two king size air mattresses. Since we werent really taking anything else the self inflating air mattresses is all we were packing, besides the wine. We jump in the truck and head for the spot on the old dirt road thats the trail-head to the campsite. Its a decently difficult hike and by the time we get to the campsite we can see the girls coming down the river.

I say to John, “look at that!”

He says, “What?” as he turns his head. rowing down this stretch of calm river are 6 topless women laughing and splashing each other with the cool water. now we all know the affect the cold has on women’s nips and this is obvious as all their nips are standing erect.

I tell John “what a view”

“Yeah” is all he can say as we stare down the river.

“we better hide before they get here.”

“we are probably going to get slapped for this”

“It will be worth it”I say.

A few moments later we are settled into our hiding spot prepared to wait till dark a few hours away.

The ladies ease up to the landing and jump out of their yaks pulling them in to shore. Then they all jump back in the cool water still topless and all wearing cute bikini bottoms. After cooling off for a few minutes splashing and playing around I here Rena say, “we better get the camp set up before its gets dark. it can get pretty cool here at night.”

Kim says “ok” and is the first out of the water grabbing her bikini top and beginning to tie it back on.

Janine yells from the water, “you dont need that,” as she climbs onto the bank of the river and stretches out in the sun warmed grass.

Kim laughs and says “ok” again and takes her top back off. In the next minute all the ladies are out of the water and laying in the grass on the river bank. Then they get up one by one and start unpacking the camping gear. Jody grabs the camp hatchet and heads straight for John and I.

She yelks back, “i’ll get the firewood” and begins to enter the woods.

She сontinues to head straight for us and I think we are going to get caught before we even get started. Then Jody turns toward a fallen tree to her right and begins the break it up and carry it back to the camp.

“woo that was close,” I whisper to John.

Thirty minutes later the ladies have the 8 person tent up, a roaring campfire going and some hotdogs cooking over the fire. John and I settle down to a snack of beef jerky while we wait. After a few hours of conversation the ladies start talking about John and I. Rena tells A, “you are so lucky to be married to J.” He is really a nice guy and so much fun in bed. I love his imagination and the things he comes up with to do. If you ever want to get rid of him let me know I’ll take him.”

Maria says, “Not if I get him first.”

A replies, “sorry ladies he’s mine and I’m never letting him go. but im happy to share him with my freinds”

At this point I start to feel a little bad about the plans John and I have, But not bad enough not to do it.

Jody says, “He must be really good in bed if you all want him so bad!”

“Well hun he is but its more than that, it’s the way he treats us. He’s always respectful and understanding putting us first before his own desires. He’s dangerous too, he loves eating pussy and knows what he is doing. I’ve cum so many times sitting on his face. When you get to sit on his face you’ll know what i’m talking about.”

“you think he will let me? Im only 18 and the rest of you are his age.”

A says, “ I’m sure he will, he hasn’t been with a hot young woman like you since I was 18, All this talk is making me hungry and horny and of course we are having hot dogs for dinner. hahaha”

All the ladies laugh and Kim speaks up, “ What about John? What do you ladies think of him?”

“We don’t Maria says” nudging Kim and laughing. “ I’m kidding, I really like John, he’s just as good as J in bed just different, I don’t know how else to describe it.”

“I know what it is,” Janine chimes in, “ it’s the width of his cock, its just a liitle bigger round than J’s, I feel more filled up with it.”

Rena, “yep that’s what it is, but it makes it a little harder for anal”

“That’s the way I like It! A exclaims.

“We know,” Kim laughs, “you can be such a slut sometimes. I still remeber that first night when you took that huge 12 inch all the way. That was so fucking hot.”

“Thank you”

I nudge John in the rib smiling, “this is getting pretty good.”

After about an hour more the girls decide to head to the tent to sleep.

Janine and Maria are the first to go in and Rena says smiling with her eyes rolling” Well we know what they are going to do.”

Kim yells, “don’t make a mess.” and all the girls giggle.

“No promises,” Maria returns, “you know what she does to me.

The other ladies decide to wait by the campfire enjoying their freindship and occasional lewd remarks. After a few minutes the moans and gasps coming from the tent have both me and John sporting raging hard ons but its not time yet. After a short while you here both Maria and Janine passionately moan louder and louder as they both begin to cum.

Rena, “clean up your mess now, I know you made one.” all the girls laughing at this time.

Jody yells, “ you better not got anything on my clothes, mom.”

A panting voice from in the tent says back, “no promises.”

Kim exclaims, “im going to be horny all night, the tent is going to reek of sex.”

“well we better get to bed tomorrow is the longest section of the river.” Rena says.

The girls all get in bed and soon they are all quietly sleeping. John and I look at each other with evil grins while standing up and nassaging our sore muscles from waiting so long.

“when you commit to scaring someone, you really commit,” John tells me.

“I know and I feel a little bad about doing this after all the nice things they said about us, I didn’t know my wife liked your cock in her ass better than mine.”

“I could tell,” John replies after smiling and nudging me in the ribs.

“ass” is all i have to say, “alright let’s do this as we planned”

So John and I take off all our clothes and quietly crawl up to the tent. We start making grunting noises just like a bear and scratching the ground. we take sticks and gently rub the tent as we continue to make noise, every once in a while grunting louder.

“Hey wake up,” I here Jody whisper, a note of trepidation in her voice, “There is something outside.”

“ I hear it too,” Maria replies as the rest of the women begin to wake up.

“nobody scream,” i hear kim say, “ I think its a bear”

Now all the ladies are awake hudlled together in the tent. John and I continue our escapade outside barely controlling our laughter. “what are we going to do?” Rena whispers back, “what if they tear into the tent? ‘

At this point i take my fingernails clawing at the tent.

“Oh shit” I hear Janine exclaim.

Then John and I both jump on the tent collapsing it on top of the ladies, with blood curdling screams emmanating from the tent. Laughing uncontrollably I hear A say, “ wait a fuckin minute, I know that laugh, J! dammit is that you?”

That’s when John and I both burst into tears laughing so hard that we can’t hardly breathe.

“Yeah its us!”

“You out there too, John, ASSHOLE,” kim exclaims.

“Get this fuckin tent off us,” Jody yells, “i thought you said they were great guys, they scared the shit out of me! Let me out I’ve got to go pee.”

John laughs, “I’ll come with you, wouldn’t want a bear to get you”

“Hell no, asshole, mom come with me.”

Maria looks at both of us, “Assholes” but i notice a slight grin on her face.

A grabs me by the nuts and squeezes real hard, “your going to pay for that” but now i notice that all the women are starting to smile.

“Uh oh,” John says, “ I think we may be in lot of trouble,”

Kim replies grabbing his balls roughly “oh, you are, you really are.”

I sheepishly respond “we brought your favorite wine and some air mattresses.”

“ Oh babe that’s nowhere near enough,” Maria says as she and Jody return to camp.

“He scared the piss out of me, they have to pay.”

“Alright ladies let’s make sure they never forget tonight,”

That’s when Janine and Maria tie John and my hands behind our backs.

Kim grabs the mattresses and blows them up then pushes us men down onto them.

“I think since they scared the pee out of us we should use them like fuck toys and then soak them real good,” Janine suggests.

A says, “that’s a great idea”

“Yeah i agree,” i say.

“Shut the fuck up” Rena says, “this is punishment, you will not cum until only if and when we say. You will not speak to us or we will shove a mouthful of dirt in your mouth, understood? DON’T SPEAK!”

John and I both nod yes trying not to smile as our members begin to get hard. I’m thinking as far as punishment goes it couldn’t get much better.

I hear Maria whisper to Jody, “you are going to get to ride his face, I’m so excited for you.”

“Ok Kim you go first and ill break open the first bottle of wine.”

Kim walks up over my face and pulls her bikini bottoms off takes a swig from the bottle and begins to go at her pussy. all I can see is her pussy lips moving in tandem with the motion of her fingers as Kim begins to moan.

From my side I hear Rena say “Maria get john wet”

While kim is frigging herself harder and harder I here Maria shout “oh shit” as she practically drowns John with her girl-cum.

“He’s soaked now” I hear Janine say from somewhere.

Kim finally starts to cum and sits tight on my face dropping her entire pussy in my mouth as it fills up with her cum. She then grabs my nose and forces me to swallow it.

She laughs, “he’s soaked, just on the inside ,”

I look over and I now see Janine over John’s cock. She leans down and licks some of Maria’s girl-cum off his face as she slowly lowers herself onto John’s cock.

“it really is thick” she pants as she starts working it up and down inside her.

I look up to see Rena lowering her asshole right over my mouth telling me to tongue fuck her asshole till she cums. I happily oblige as she starts to squirm on me. That’s when I feel a familiar pussy slide down my now raging hard cock. A starts to move up and down her pussy gripping me so tightly i can feel every inch as it slides inside her. I love the way my wife fucks me. Thats when I hear Rena moan loudly and then i feel the warm girl cum dribbling down my neck and acros my chest. the sight of this causes A to quiver and stand up unloading a large amount of that warm liquid over my dick and balls running down my leg. At that time i see Mariah reach over and deeply kiss Janine who finally unloads her Juices onto John.At this time everyone has orgasmed except John, Jody, and me. I dont know how much more I can take and I’m hoping They allow me to cum soon.

Maria looks at Jody and says, “They’re all yours, go get them”

The other women all grab chairs and sit around us preparing to enjoy watching the newbie, at least in our group.

She walks straight to me and as per the earlier conversation we overheard i know what she wants. I want to give her the best experience possible so i prepare myself as she lowers her beautiful shaved 18 year old cunt to my mouth.

Rena says”J you may talk now, tell her what to do.”

Jody says “this isnt my first time sitting on a face”

Rena says, “but its the first time sitting on his face, trust me you want him to do thiss”

All the women nod and agree with Rena so Jody says “OKay” not really believing it.

I smile at Jody and ask her, “r u ready for this?”

“yes,” she squeaks with a note of excitement in her voice.

“Okay this is just about me and you. Turn away like reverse cowgirl but on my face. Now lower your pussy to my mouth until i say stop.”

“Ok,” She says as she giggles nervously. “damn he’s got me worked up and i dont even know whats coming.”

“you will be,” Maria tells her daughter, “enjoy it.”

Jody slowly lowers and just as her perfect little anus touches my nose I whisper breathily “Stop”.

Her labia is hanging down just enough that i can gently lick it with my tongue. So first I reach my tongue up sliding it up and down each side of her swelling pussy lips. Just enough to slicken the with my warm spit. The I gently blow on them causing them to cool back down. There is no rushing this process but the heatting and cooling over and over begin to make the labia swell more. I can here Jody on top of me gently moaning as I enjoy her pussy. Now that the labia is nicely swollen i tell her to move back just a little so my tongue can reach her clitoris. as she gets in position I slowly but gently move my tongue up and down the feathery folds of her pussy waiting for the clit to react and come out to play. It only takes a few seconds and its ready so i stick my tongue right up against it moving it back and forth gently teasing it. Jody moans a little louder and I hear at least three other ladies moan a little bit too. Im excited now because they all know what im doing to Jody and they are getting aroused as well. As her clit continues to grow i reach up and give just a little nip with my teeth on her sensitive clit. She jumps a little bit but as you comes back down I grab it with my lips sucking it into my mouth as i run my tongue all around it.

Jody exclaims “mmmmm, wow”.

Thats when i open my mouth and suck her entire outer pussy into it. She moans as i push my tongue deep into her pussy. I keep going tongue fucking her while holding onto her pussy with my mouth. She begins to rock on my face as she starts to press down pushing my tongue further in her pussy and my nose pass the rim of her anus. “ Now i hear all the ladies moaning as i continue to tongue fuck her harder and harder. I hear Jody whimpering as we go on, the taste of her slickening young vagina is making me want to unload as well. but i havent been given permission yet so i put all effort into giving Jody the best tongue fucking of her young life, maybe the best tongue fucking ever. As she continues to moan i notice a slight change in her sound and I know its time, the moment iv’e been waiting for. As she screams in ecstacy I suck as hard as i can pulling her now meaty labia, clitoris, and inner labia deep in my mouth while i shove my tongue as deep into her vagina as i can. as she falls forward panting she takes my entire cock deep in her mouth as Maria shouts “give her your come now!”

I unload deep in her throat as she spits and gags on my hard cock, all the while her pussy is contracting and quivering on my mouth as her juices dribble out of her sweet pussy. From the side I hear Rena moan and yell “give it to me” as John unloads deep into her pussy. I lay there with Jody laying on top of me her juces still running out as i gently lick her now sensitive pussy. Her sweaty body is stuck to me as she licks my deinflated cock clean. She gets up,and all the ladies cheer her. she exclaims thats the best facesitting ive ever had and all the women agree. The ladies start to move around and get ready to go back in the tent,

I say, “hey, how about untieing us.”

Rena says, “sorry boys but your punishment isnt over,” and she disappears in the tent. We can hear all the girls giggle and soon just the quiet sounds of their sleeping.

I look at John and say, “well looks like we are stuck here, but that was the best punishment ever.”

John agrees and we prepare ourselves for a long night. In the morning we wake up hands still tied behind us but a blanket over us. someone must have got up in the night and covered us. I then notice as i sit up that the tent is down and the kayaks are gone.

“Dammit, they left us here, tied up.” I can’t help but smile though as i notice about ten feet away a knife in a tree with a note attached to it. I crawled over to the tree turned around grabbed the knife and cut through the string releasing my aching hands. I go over and cut johns ties as well and he stands up stretching his sore muscles. I read the note,

Dear J And John,

I really enjoyed last night. that was the best facesitting expetience of my life. I was still dreaming about it this morning.

we all enjoyed you both and we had a really fun time. especially after we werent pissed off with you for scaring the piss out of us. All the ladies said to let you know that you better be prepared for a long night when we get home tomorrow evening. We are all going to need massages and I can’t wait to fuck you. Have a safe trip home.

Love Ya

Signed All the ladies muah

“well John looks like more fun tomorrow,” I say as we put our clothes back on, pack up and head up the trail.

John just nods with a big smile on his face.


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