Need cock Gay

For years I had needed cock…

When I was younger one of my friends and I had messed arround a couple times. I was stroking his cock he reached arround and squeezed and fingered my ass. I had loved the feeling of his finger inside me this happened almost every time we were together. He never penetrated me with his cock. We had tried it never worked out. I got married so did he I always wanted a man inside me. I loved my wife and sec with her was the best. After our divorce I … Read more

I had such a wonderful night last night 4/26/2010 Fact

I was having a boring couple of months, and decided to turn to the local craigslist. I posted a short fantasy of what I wanted and went into an exact detailed play-by-play of how it will happen and what I would do, but detailed only my end of foreplay and stopped at when she will "expose my hard girth." I left the invitation open to any and all, barring d/d, etc.

I chose a 21yo college student (yes, I know it's cliched, but I saw her faceboo… Read more

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how bizzar Swinging

how bizzar how bizzar...........
rember the song that summer ohhh so long ago now well my story short as it is goes back that far.....17 years old and innocent, green behind the ears.... or to be honest stupid as he day is long ha ha talking about me back then.. things have changed longer hair... bigger in size .... anyway i was working as a stock boy in a store in town that summer and on the radio that fucking song over and over... if i s… Read more

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Seven Fiction

This woman was walking out in the woods. She is wondering if her fantasy will ever come true. She thought as she walks how it would be grand to have seven that is usually a great number for it means perfections.
She notices a spot by a tree with what appear a hot spring. Oh yes she thinks to herself this is the spot.
So she takes her clothes off, lays them on the ground like a blanket, goes sits in the water. MMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOO AWWWWWWWW t… Read more

A good encounter Fact

A couple contacted me through usaswinging and we exchanged e-mails, photos(of her only), and a couple of phone calls before I decided to meet them. I traveled to their house to meet them. I was quite impressed with her and very nervous of him, He turned out to be an ex-body builder who was huge but thier kindness soon settled my fears. He told her to kiss me to start things off and we went from there,he comentaried and gave fun suggestions the wh… Read more

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first time fun.... Fiction

a couple out back by their pool, cooking nicely in the vast hot summer!!!!!

Now ann. stands up and looks over the fence and catches a glimpse of me walking from my garage to my outside hot tub in my birth day suit, she calls her husband over they both get a good view of my cock as I unknowingly parade for them, im new to the area and have moved in to Ryanâ��s old house , werenâ��t a nice couple always moaning about the beautiful w… Read more