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Looking for a slut

I'm so horny God I need her

......My partner is in the room,she doesn't realize I'm masterbating ! I have to.. I'm becoming obsessed with finding my perfect little slut wife. My cock gets so fucking hard thinking of slutty scenarios,or sluts from my past.. I've had a wild sex life.....

What I like

Things that make me throb

I'm so horny today. Damn it i wish you were here ! Oh well I'll just have to go it solo for now. I go grab my Old DVD porn collection. I grab a random one from the pile. I strip down to my boxers,grab a bourbon and pop 2 Viagra pills.And yes I use them so...

Her first BBC

Her first bbc experience

Throughout ou marriage my wife had always stated that she would never be with a bbc because they all had really big cocks, see my wife is mexican american and native indian. She is a petite woman who only stands 5ft 3 inches and she is built small. Her pe...

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fun fun fun

My first 3some

A little bedtime story for you!! good night! I started out dating women around my age group as a teenager. As I got older, for some strange and erotic reason, I became attracted to full size women. Especially, the granny types. I began to think fucking an...

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Lost in the Desert

Fantasy of what could have been while deployed to Afghanistan

In the desert no one can hear you scream. It’s not because there’s no air, oh, there’s plenty of air, you can see it, shimmering up from every surface in waves. Not like the shimmer you see in the distance on a hot road, the illusion of a glassy puddle yo...



My first trans experience

It all started when I had returned from my first deployment to Afghanistan. Nothing bad had happened to me or anyone I knew while I was there, but knowing you could be blown up or shot dead without warning, at any moment had an effect on me, I didn’t real...



First time taking it anal from a CD

“Tee” is very special to me. Our relationship started after my first deployment to Afghanistan and my first experience with a trans person. I suppose I had a whole new world opened up to me sexually, one where the sex wasn’t defined by gender roles, but r...

Corrupted By Sin

Fifty Shades meets 365 Days

Arabella Harper “Roses are blue, violets are red—” “Shut up and pay attention,” says Dakota and shakes her head, as her mysterious companion contains his smirk in his first-class plane seat next to her. “When we land, we’re going to Devil’s nightclub and...

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The Cruise

A little vacation fun

This is the story of Ben (40) and Nina (38), a happily married couple of 14 years. They both decided to go on vacation on a cruise ship, to take a break from work and parenting. They dropped their kids off at their parent’s place, and drove several hours...

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a new beginning

who would have thought

there i was a normal straight guy who has been married for 21 years and with his love for 30. then the love of my life began to have female issues and told me that any penitration hurt her. well due to her strick religious upbringing she refused to go to...

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Well its been a few months since Maria and Rena fuckfilled my fantasy. A has gotten better and we are regularly meeting with all our new friends. The girls all decide to take a kayaking camping trip. Its a three day two night excursion down a local scenic...

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It’s been a year and many fun filled nights since my wife, John, Kim, Rena, and me had our first night together. We’ve always played together and really enjoy it. Unfortunately my wife who has a relapsing illness has been unable to play for a couple of mo...

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Seduce her

She gets seduced by another couple

After 27 years of marriage,and the both of us in our late 40’s, the time of our life was about to happen. I have been on swingers heaven for a while at this point and unknown to my wonderful wife have been trying to arrange a swinging evening for the both...

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