Painting and Delivery Sexcapades Meetings

So many women, so little time…

I'm a delivery driver with almost 6000 deliveries under my belt in 3 years. Out of that many deliveries, I've had a few sexual adventures, and multiple flashings by different women. Prior to that, I was a painting contractor for 30 years, with probably over 3000 jobs, with the same amount of sexual encounters. I could probably make two separate threads, but decided to combine them. I'll start with the painting stories.

I had met a gentleman at… Read more

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Should I Tell Him Meetings

Ignorance is bliss, right?…

Hi, been gone for a minute but I'm back. I'm Kathy from Los Angeles. 28 years old, 5ft 7in, 120lbs, brown hair blue eyes, slight freckles and glasses. My boyfriend Dave has been trying to get me into "sharing" for quite a while. I'll be honest, when we're playing our sexy/kinky games late at night, he gets me totally into it(especially if we're partying)and I want to do everything he suggests. But when we wake up the next day, I'm not so sure. A… Read more

Jane Chapter 1 Meetings

Sub Wife gives satisfaction…

While our married life was a series of sexual escapades, I had, in fact, laid the foundations for this lifestyle some time earlier.
I first persuaded Jane to allow me to offer her for sex with strangers some time before our marriage, and I include one our first adventures in this batch of memoirs.
Some two years before our marriage (Jane would have been 20), we were invited to a wedding reception, where, after a few drinks, we made our excuse… Read more