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Welcome to the all-new groups section of Swingers Heaven - this allows members who are interested in a specific area to get together! It doesn't have to be swinging related, it could be your favourite football team or maybe you're into cooking or gardening?
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I'm bimale looking for hard pounding and great sex with all I'm very open minded to all
Local yocals
Local yocals Invite Only
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A private party with new members of the local area and personal friends of friends
Louis Porter
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Bi senior swingers in copiah county Mississippi let's meet and chat and have some fun it seemed really hard being older to meet people especially if you're a single so let's change that let's talk to each other plans some parties have some fun make new friends
Fat Bottom Girls!
Fat Bottom Girls! Public
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If you love and worship or are a fat bottom girl this is the group for you. Bbw, chubby and thick girls with big asses need to put on a pedestal and worshiped because Queen said it best “ Fat-bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round”
Unicorn Club - All parties play. Sub & Dom
Invite Only
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Group for all of the Unicorns or what you do called people in question call bi-courious. Sorry, there is no such thing. Every Man and Every Woman has that part of her or him that is attracted to the same sex, whether it be the bromance or the girlfriends that share clothes, we all fall in love or have crushes of people of the same sex. What is different when we become adults is that we are then put in categories that we feel we must follow, I have a tip for you. It is 2021, WHO CARES!, if we were all younger, such as Gen X, they don’t care about this, at last count there were 15 labels of people and their sexual identities… So come on, I am not going to waste my evening having sex with the female part of a couple just so the Male can act so butch when actually he turned on just wants to be bent over.. Lets all play like adults.. If you want to play, lets play, nothing wrong with it and nothing to be ashamed about.. There is something a man can give you a Woman cannot and there are things a woman can give you a man cannot, together though it is magic.. If you want to join this group, don’t play straight, just say you are interested and want to explore, everyone understands that.. Don’t pretend and label yourself… Labels went out with headbands and platform shoes.. we are a lot cooler than that.. So if you are open to some of the most incredible experiences you have ever had GREAT, make some lasting friendships, GREAT! Join!
World Travelers
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Guys and girls who would like to travel abroad and have fun and meet new friends and / or new sexual partners at the same time that enjoying an exotic vacation, being hosted at new friends house or hotels and willing to reciprocate if possible if both parties agree and feel confortable with new friends