The Fight (part 2) Lesbian

ready to settle this…

The story was left off at Lucy spanking Cheyenne like a ring bell

Lucy: Ding! Ding!

I pressed myself close to her, and began kissing her pretty lips. Not like a romantic kind of kissing, but rather more aggressive. If I kissed her softly, she might've thought I was weak or that I liked her or something.

After a minute, our kissing just got more tense... harder... and hotter...
To be honest, she was a pretty good kisser. Maybe another … Read more

The Island Lesbian

An explorer's journal on an island of lesbians…

Day 1
This is Jason Kim, on a lone expedition of Twin Jade Islands.

The Twin Jade Islands are about 771 miles from the coast of Mainland Japan. I always thought all the islands in the pacific were already discovered, but I'd be wrong.

According to what I heard, one island is about the size of 6 football fields, and the other is about 8 football fields. Surprisingly, they both look like crab claws from a bird's eye view.

Are there any in… Read more

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The Fight (part 1) Lesbian

Ready to settle this…

The story is in the perspective of Cheyenne.

This happened not too long ago. I was making the bed, when my husband's phone had a text message from a woman named, "Lucy". It read, "When you coming over hun? Miss you." Me being curious, I read their previous messages, which broke my heart into a million pieces. I had a feeling that something was wrong with my husband, but I never expected him to go as far as to cheat on me. I decided to dig furt… Read more

Wife got her pussy ate by a hot girl Lesbian

Wife lesbian pussy eaten…

Dawn and I have a great sex life. Dawn likes to wear lingerie as much as I like her to, we take sexy photos and film ourselves making love and we tell each other our fantasies as part of our foreplay. This I love, and it led to one of the sexiest encounters we have ever had together.
It started when I came home from work to find Dawn wearing some new white lingerie; a tight white bra that her beautiful nipples showed through, a matching garter … Read more