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Romance Stories

Sex with swingers doesn't tend to start and stop as a one-off one night stand. Relationships are often built up over time and manifest into a regular exchange and exploration of sexual feelings on an emotionally connected level.

This trusted experience can heighten the erotic enjoyment, leaving both parties feeling connected on the same sexual wavelength. Love or lust? Some may say just enjoy the feeling of romance whilst in the moment.

Have you ever felt that extra connection during sex with someone who you aren't in a relationship with? Express your tales here for other readers to appreciate.

Bye 1 year ago

Wet dream man

I really wanted that dick.…

A day to not to forget. I met him and couldn't talk afterwards. He had a bodybuilder shape and my type of chocolate . He had eyes to make you drop your clothes with out thinking and arms that would hold you with force .One look and it's like he felt...