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Cuckold Stories

A cuckold experience involves a male and female couple, where the female is sexually dominant and in control. She can have multiple sexual partners at her choosing and decide whether to include her male partner on a voyeuristic basis or a consenting submissive involvement. Cuckold is a well known interest amongst swingers.

The prominence of the male partners' involvement tends to lead to his humiliation, seeing or knowing that his wife or girlfriend are being pleasured by other lovers, superior in comparison, fulfilling her sexual needs that he fails to do so. Cuckolding relationships can happen after years of marriage. Cuckold husbands can seek their own sexual gratification hearing about their wife's string of sexual partners, which can strengthen a relationship and bring their own sex lives to a whole new level.

Have you enjoyed being a cuckold or have a tail to share? Declare your experiences by writing your own cuckold story below.

After my wife's first BBC experience she couldn't stop thinking about having another experience with another black cock, she had enjoyed it so much the feeling of being stretch again, the feeling of me watching her have orgasms with another black cock was...

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My wife came home around 8 am in the morning, hair bit tussled, still dressed in her party outfit, her makeup looking a bit tatty. She looked a bit pre-occupied and avoided making eye contact with me and gently pushed me away as I tried to welcome her hom...


Our trip to Nashville

Slut wife discovered

Let’s begin by saying my wife Carrie and I have been married for almost 25 years. We have and absolute amazing sex life. That started for us in the last few years. I shared with her open and honest about all my kinky desires. She accepted them without jud...

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While you went away I liked to play. I told myself you were doing it to so I wouldn't feel so guilty. I was always curious and flattered that someone else was attracted to me. It was great to be the center if someone's thoughts and fantasies. I was surpri...

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Curious for something new...

Where do you go late in life to explore new boundaries?

Typical of a lot of men my age. Wife is a few years post menopause... so she is not into sex any more. I still love sex... still need sex. I still love my wife... still love to eat pussy...but....beating off in the shower is getting old... and getting a m...

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Lucky us

3sums cuckold

so I fantasize on a daily about seeing my wife get fucked she will not do it but let's me talk about it during sex and I can tell by how wet she gets that it turns her on. Well 2 weeks ago we had to make a trip to Albuquerque so we get to the hotel and we...

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Wife Cuckolds Husband

Wife cuckolds husband as part of married life

Paula (who looked very similar to Christina Cole’s character from Suits) was a renowned psychologist and counselled patients in her home clinic in an affluent suburb of NYC. Paula originally was from a upper class family from London (UK), Oxford universit...

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My Unlikely Experience

I never thought I'd be able to go through with experience. It turned out to be incredible.

Samantha (Sam) and I have a wonderful sex life. We've been living together for nearly six years and we've never strayed outside of our relationship - neither on our own, nor as a couple. We treat each other with respect and we love learning about each oth...

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First time Cuckhold experience

My wife got Fucked good

Last week I was cuckolded for the first time. My girlfriend and I had spoken about it several times before and although I could sense she was interested, at first she was nervous about my reaction. Just talking about watching another guy fuck her turned m...

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