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Wife gets it while I sleep

"Fantasy becomes Reality"

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I was dating this girl for about a year when I first left home. When I got my apartment, she just turned 21. It was great. She was practically living with me, being at me place like 4-5 nights a week and having sex every time, so after a few months I told her she might as well move in.


Let me describe her, Italian and Mexican with blueish green eyes, olive complexion and 38 DD tits. She had a tiny waist, a tight firm ass, long thick hair, full lips, and always clean shaven. She was built for sex and she loved it too. She loved talking dirty, especially when we fantasized when we talking about others in bed with us. She would get so hot and horny fantasizing of another guy or even a woman having sex with us at the same time. We had to invest in electric toys because the batteries would wear out due to how much she would use them, even when all by herself. She was just insatiable.


We soon married and it was about a year or so later when we went to a party at the house of one of our mutual friend’s. After a couple of drinks my girl was being flirty with a few of the guys. We noticed an ex of her best friend Torri was there too. He came over and tried to flirt with her too but she barely acknowledged him, so he politely walked off and started chatting up some other of the women there.


Although she thought this guy (Tim) was really hot (I had to admit he was charming), I guess she thought he was off-limits for some reason, as she was being more flirty towards those he was friends with as if to spite him.


But after seeing how he was checking her out, I pulled her aside and said that I thought how much fun we could both have for her to tease him. Tim didn’t know that we were married, in fact I didn’t think he was aware that she was here with anyone so I told her she can tease as much as she wanted, bump and grind and even dance close enough to nibble and lick his ears and neck. Then when the party starts winding down and he is about to make a move, I told her she would then tell him she’s married and leave with me.


She thought that was too cruel so of course she loved the idea and 0went along with it. I was really enjoying seeing her flirting with everyone but it so exciting when she was really pouring it on with Tim. However, it soon became a little too much fun. I mean we (I more than her), got carried drinking and suddenly found it was late and the party was winding down. At this time of night in this area, taxis were hard to get so we chose to crash at this house. Thankfully, the homeowner had plenty of blankets and pillows so everyone were pretty comfortable as we were all scattered around the living room, watching a movie and smoking weed.


I was quite buzzed as we laid down comfortably on the floor. Then next then I became aware of was the guy she had really teased mercilessly all night (Tim) somehow ended up laying down next to her. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol, the weed, or watching her all night, but I was immediately hard thinking that our fantasy of a threesome might happen tonight. Although she always said that she didn’t think she could ever do it, she did say that she would keep an open mind if the chance ever presented itself.

Since we were spooning, her back against my chest, I know she felt my cock poking her ass. As soon as I was stiff, she reached back and gently grasped it. Before my fantasy could materialize I was disappointed by the snore coming from Tim. Soon my girl’s grip slowly loosened on my softening cock as she soon fell asleep. I guess I too fell asleep almost immediately.


I’m not sure how long afterwards, I felt her kissing my neck as she had a hand on my face. She was whispering to me, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying because her breathing was off, like she was having difficulty breathing but she wasn’t panicking. So I reached out to pull her closer but felt someone else’s hand on her waist. I pulled my hand away, still half asleep not able to make sense of what was happening until her hand moved my face so she was looking right at me. It was then I was able to understand what she was saying.


“Babe... he’s in me... I’m sorry... babe ... is this ok?”


I just nodded. She then she reached down and held my hand as he fucked her from behind. It was surreal. The tv was still on. I could see their shadows. I could feel her shake every time he shoved his cock into her. It was so hot. I couldn’t take it. I put her hand on my cock. She smiled at me as she began to jerk me off while she was being fucked from behind. I came twice that night.


What’s crazy is I never saw anything. I wanted to. But I felt it. He fucked her THREE times that night. She just let him use her, let him fuck her at will.


When we woke up, everyone was still asleep, so we left quietly. On the way home I told her to take off her pants and panties. She did so immediately and I fingered her all the way home. She came three times on the highway and as soon as we turned off she put her legs on the dashboard and began fucking herself ferociously with 3 fingers so fast, there were a blur.


When we finally made it home, I fucked her right there in the garage, calling her my wonton little cum slut. I pulled her hair, slapped her, choked her as she came (she loves this), spanked her, made her choke on my cock as she cleaned me up and got me hard again, then smacked her face with my cock and then made her gag a few times before I came down her throat. We eventually made it to our bedroom where we fell asleep before waking a few hours later when she mounted me. As she rode me I slapped her tits, squeezed, and pinched them calling her all the names I could think of. As she came she began telling me how she loves cock, she loves being a slut, my slut, telling me she’ll fuck and suck everyone and anyone I want her to. When I finally came she did again moments later and collapsed next to me.


She then began to tell me about the night. It so happens that after I came the second time and fell asleep, he turned her over and she sucked his cock for him. She even swallowed his load.


I remember her waking me up and she kissed me. She told me that Tim told her to wake me up and kiss me, knowing she had just sucked his cock and he came in her mouth. I barely recall that she tasted a little bit salty when she was kissing me, but I thought it was in my mind or a lingering taste from a margherita she drank.


She said because of all our fantasies, to actually kiss me right after a guy cumming in her mouth, while getting fucked from behind, got her more horny than ever before. So much so that when he slipped out of soaked pussy, and went to put it back in, she grabbed his cock and guided him to her ass. He hesitated a moment, so she turned to look at him. She gave a little smile to him and asked if her girlfriend ever let him fuck her ass. When he said no, she said his face lit up when she told him, ‘Put that cock up my ass and fuck the hell out of me!”


I couldn’t believe she let him fuck her ass. She never let me do it. I was so fucking hard again.


Our new life was just getting started.



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