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Our trip to Nashville

Slut wife discovered

Let’s begin by saying my wife Carrie and I have been married for almost 25 years. We have and absolute amazing sex life. That started for us in the last few years. I shared with her open and honest about all my kinky desires. She accepted them without jud...

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Good morning sweetheart

Sensual morning sex

I wake up. You still snuggled up with me. Both naked. You stretch and get up and go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. As you are coming back, I get up and do the same. I get back into the bed and you press that amazing ass back at me. I begin to grow....

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My husband and I decided we would have a play date night twice a month. Our first night out we had selected a hotel that had a bar. My husband rented the room as I went to check out the bar. He took our bags up to the room and got the room all ready. Then...

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My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I gave him a sly smile and didn't have to say anything else. It was about a month until my birthday. He told me that he would handle everything. We had already decided that we wouldn't be doing anything i...

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Ok, here's one of my/our earliest MMF situations that turned out to be mind blowing...Dan and I were dating and, as I think I said, we MET swinging. So, me being naughty, I was still seeing a guy or two - and because we were still pretty casual, I didn't...

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While you went away I liked to play. I told myself you were doing it to so I wouldn't feel so guilty. I was always curious and flattered that someone else was attracted to me. It was great to be the center if someone's thoughts and fantasies. I was surpri...

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Curious for something new...

Where do you go late in life to explore new boundaries?

Typical of a lot of men my age. Wife is a few years post menopause... so she is not into sex any more. I still love sex... still need sex. I still love my wife... still love to eat pussy...but....beating off in the shower is getting old... and getting a m...

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Our First Swing Club

His breath got faster and was synched with my gasps of pleasure.

Part One - Excited, nervous, and very curious. That's how my hubby and I felt on our way to our first swing club. At the hotel we showered, shaved (everywhere), I lotioned up my body to get my skin extra soft, did my hair combing it back and teasing it ju...

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Date Night

My wife never surprises me!

It was finally Saturday evening, and the plan was set. Brenda and I were going out by ourselves for the first time in a long time. The plan was to go out for a nice dinner, followed by a few drinks at a local, newly opened lounge a few miles away. Then we...

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Fantasy Fulfilled

Not sure what to say.

Knowing that Brenda got a bit uncomfortable when the subject of fantasy came up (perhaps trying to suppress inner thoughts that she felt was a bit tantalizing); One night during a massage session I decided to ask her whether she was somewhat attracted to...

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So a few years ago the wife and I had been talking about fantasies. I had one of her getting picked up by a out of town businessman. She told me she loved it and i should work on it. Fast forward a year. After talking to several Single males on another si...

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An island getaway for the rich.

SEXUAL FANTASY ISLAND. Almost there. Deidra could hardly believe it. This was costing them plenty,even for her standards. Seven hundred million per couple,500 million for singles. From what they'd heard, worth every penny. Any sexual fantasy was a reality...

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Pleasure,pure fucking pleasure! THE train was starting again.

Chapter one: Three men massaged her entire body,they were using baby oil,and cocanut oil,she was quivering,and moving her ass around. Cum ran down both her legs,now and then they would spin her around,she was also in a sex swing. She was about to pull a t...

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Sheries tales of the men who worshiped her..

Oh,my God! 4 men were massging her ,while one fucked her, Damn, she couldn't wait till Tom her husband heard about it!!!

SHERIES Tales : Hey hon., Where's Tom? He running late or what? No He's not coming tonight.working, time though. She was at an upscale swingers club,and tonight,was gangbang night! Oh Sherie and Ton had been here dozens of times.But tonight,was h...

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I finally talked him into it. I'm 33 years old. I've been with the same guy since I was 14. My taboo fantasy was to fuck a black guy. I have a great sex life, my husband wasn't the typical white guy. 9 inchs long and about 3+ thick it was great. That's no...