Couples Night Fiction

Another Friday night at the movies…

It'd been a while since we'd been to our favorite adult theater. Friday nights are couples night. So I got dolled up from head to toe and we went. We went into the bookstore first, and browsed around, checking out the other couples and taking notice of who was checking us out. Jeff noticed this young couple, who seemed to be really checking us out. I was wearing a very short skirt with crotch less panties. Jeff walked over to another aisle, whi… Read more

Friday at the movies Fiction

The stranger in the next seat…

It was a Friday night in early October, it was a chilly night, but still I wore a very short skirt and of course no panties. We wondered around the store, looking at the different dildos and mini clit ticklers. I picked one out, it was the kind that you strap on with a wireless remote. I went into the bathroom and put it on. We bought our tickets and went in the couples only theater. we sat down beside a very attractive couple. As the movie went… Read more

Neighbor's bet Fiction

One winner, one loser…

It was the night of our 10th Anniversary, when our neighbors came over for a little "game night". We all sat in the living room, while my wife Sharon went and got us some wine.

One thing for sure, our neighbors were our rivals, and we didn't like each other that much. Why? Long story short, one of their fences were broken by accident, and they never really forgave us. The rivalry went on for about 4 years, until we all had enough, and decided… Read more

Kat's Fiction

Her swollen pussy…

They were your normal couple,she was 46,he was 54.both were fairly attractive. They had a decent sex life,not quite as good as in the beginning,but ok. Married for almost 24 .2 kids,both on their own now. They had talked during sex about fantasies one of which was sharing her with other men. It was only a fantasy, that is until now.
Kat, short for Katie looked sexy as hell thought Joe as he watched her at the … Read more

Fantasy Fiction

This is just a fantasy…

So I put on tiny shorts and left the garage door open so the one was right there could watch me..... I purposely bent over to pick something up so he could watch my ass and pussy then I looked at him and winked....... then when they were telling me what is wrong with the air ducts I pretended to show them something in the bedroom so they both followed me....since our vent in right above our bed I got on top of the bed and reached for the vent a… Read more

Seven Fiction

This woman was walking out in the woods. She is wondering if her fantasy will ever come true. She thought as she walks how it would be grand to have seven that is usually a great number for it means perfections.
She notices a spot by a tree with what appear a hot spring. Oh yes she thinks to herself this is the spot.
So she takes her clothes off, lays them on the ground like a blanket, goes sits in the water. MMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOO AWWWWWWWW t… Read more

first time fun.... Fiction

a couple out back by their pool, cooking nicely in the vast hot summer!!!!!

Now ann. stands up and looks over the fence and catches a glimpse of me walking from my garage to my outside hot tub in my birth day suit, she calls her husband over they both get a good view of my cock as I unknowingly parade for them, im new to the area and have moved in to Ryanâ��s old house , werenâ��t a nice couple always moaning about the beautiful w… Read more