Seven Fiction

This woman was walking out in the woods. She is wondering if her fantasy will ever come true. She thought as she walks how it would be grand to have seven that is usually a great number for it means perfections.
She notices a spot by a tree with what appear a hot spring. Oh yes she thinks to herself this is the spot.
So she takes her clothes off, lays them on the ground like a blanket, goes sits in the water. MMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOO AWWWWWWWW t… Read more

first time fun.... Fiction

a couple out back by their pool, cooking nicely in the vast hot summer!!!!!

Now ann. stands up and looks over the fence and catches a glimpse of me walking from my garage to my outside hot tub in my birth day suit, she calls her husband over they both get a good view of my cock as I unknowingly parade for them, im new to the area and have moved in to Ryanâ��s old house , werenâ��t a nice couple always moaning about the beautiful w… Read more