How I like being sucked. Other

Just my version on how to give a BJ…

First of all,hold it at the base,always do that.
look into his eyes while you lick his balls and up his shaft working your way to his cock head.
Say stuff like,"Mmmm..its nice and big"
Guys love hearing that.
Circle your tongue around his cock head while gently,very gently rubbing his balls.
Open your mouth and take his cock into your mouth,make sure you squeeze with your lips,slide down over his head and down his shaft,trying to go as deep … Read more

Long shot from Nudist camp 30 yrs ago Other

Hand job recieved in hot tub but I WASN'T the intended reciever...…

I know this is a way long shot but have always wondered if y'alls evening got back on track....
About 30 yrs ago at a nudist camp north of Weatherford I, ole long haired country boy, went up to the hot tub. Upon arrival there were 5 couples in it. As I started to leave I was waved to come on and sit by this lady. I got in, she was talking to a couple of her friends across from me, a beautiful blonde and another very attractive lady. She starts g… Read more