Seduced to perform my first bisexual act First Time

My fantasy - being with a couple comes true, but not the way I envisioned it…

I walked into B-Dubs around 6pm. I’ve been coming here once a month when in town for the past few months. I saw some familiar faces as I sat at the bar to eat. Dining alone it’s much less awkward sitting at a bar than in a booth or at a table.
Anyway, as my food came another familiar face sat two seats away. We usually chatted but we never were actually introduced.
“You here to get an early start for the game?” he started. It was Thursd… Read more

My first BBC First Time

Loving my first experience with BBC…

I meet Wes a young bbc and can’t believe how good it was. He came right in started kissing and tonguing my mouth . Sucking my nipples while rubbing my clit. Oiled up my boobs and titty fucked me with his huge cock. Went down on me for an hour and licked my ass so good. Started 69 with sucking his big cock and sexy balls. Fucked my little pussy for 1 hour and came on my boobs which I licked off. Then took me anal omg. So hot… Read more

The Monica' s diary - Suite 401 First Time

This story is by my personal experience when i was 18 y/o (please forgive me if there is some traslation errors)…

THE MONICA' S DIARY - Suite 401 by Stefano & Patricia

Monica Colucci, a 30-year-old woman with athletic physique and long blond hair, manager of a well-known multinational company whose primary role was to meet and accompany the multiple customers who came from abroad during their stay, often had to travel and stay away from home until late at night for the countless and exhausting business di… Read more

First time sharing pt 1 First Time

My beautiful wife…

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I hope you enjoy it.

I have been following lushstories for some years now, the stories are amazing and a great turn on... one such incident also happen in my life.

Me and my wife(madhu), have been married for 3 years now, we were together in a relation for 4+ years before we got married. Like other couples, our sex life also started to decline from twice a week to once a fortnight. But I m a horny guy,… Read more

Pool Guy Delight First Time

I fucked my pool guy.…

I live in a very nice residential area. Big house, garden, swimming pool. But when your husband travels so much, it is not just the finer things in life you crave. The boredom was setting in and I knew exactly what I wanted. The months leading up to this experience were a build up of sexual energy. I started buying more daring lingerie; my favourite being a pair of crotchless panties and a sheer black bra my nipples protruded from. When my husban… Read more