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The Fishing Trip

"Kat finds out just how far she's willing to take all this"

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Part One 

Since Joe and I have been married, he has been going on semi-annual fishing trips with his buddies. I suspected that they were actually drinking trips, mostly with them trolling the local bars for women, with a minor bit of fishing included, and were more than happy to stay home with the kids and let the boys have their fun. Now the kids were gone, and having experienced a new more liberal sexuality, I hounded Joe to take me with him on his upcoming trip. They would be going to a chain of lakes, along a river somewhere near Bumfuck, Texas, and staying in a lakeside cabin. I didn't know how many of Joe's friends planned to make the trip, but he told me that he'd have to ok my being there with everyone, since this trip was already planned and agreed upon. He told me to cross my fingers as he started to make the calls. Nervously I busied myself with some housework and about an hour later Joe found me. Kat, he said, you're going fishing, on one condition. Oh my really what's the condition i asked? He said I had to do all the cooking and all the cleaning.......i just started to nod my assent when he continued… In the nude..or wearing what we've picked out for you.

      You can't be serious I snapped back and Joe explained that it was just the boys having fun, trying to get under my skin. Welcoming me to the group by hazing me . He assured me that I'd be safe and not expected to do anything I was uncomfortable with and that if I did what he said, I would be a member of the club and would be welcome on every trip they took..

      Well I thought it's only a week, and I won't have to do anything i didn't want to, so I nervously agreed. Joe smiled from ear to ear and said, then it's settled, you're going fishing!

     The week long trip was approaching, I was getting a bit worried, but looking at myself in the full length mirror gave me a bit more confidence. A good diet and exercise regimen kept my figure slim and lean, my skin still taught and tanned. My A cup breasts were small yes, but still perky with upturned nipples, my waist slim, my belly flat, and ass still firm and round. I packed my bags with the most revealing swimwear, and my best booty shorts and skimpy tops. I'll have to admit that the idea of being scantily clad or naked in the midst of all that testosterone had my tummy doing flip flops and was making my pussy wet. Could it be that I was really wanting this to get out of my control?

   The day of the trip soon dawned. I picked a pair of daisy dukes over a sheer thong and a pink halter along with some high heel sandals, dressed and put on some makeup. Just then, Joe bellowed, let's go fishing and we were soon on the interstate driving towards our destination. I listened to music while Joe drove and I engaged in some idle chatter. But my mind wandered to being the only woman with eight hot guys, and having nothing to wear, (literally) and my pussy followed.suit lubing until i was squirming and fidgeting in my seat. Shit, I was horny, I reached over and began rubbing Joe's cock through his trousers. Joe flinched just a bit, not expecting to be groped while driving, but immediately relaxed and asked what got into me. I'll have to admit I haven't done anything like this in recent history. As I worked at his button and zipper I told him how the thought of all those men seeing me naked had me really horny. I fished his hardening cock out of his pants and began giving him my best effort, I wanted him to pull over and fuck me hard, but couldnt say so, my mouth was full!  He said that this just might be the "real slut" in me coming out and started talking dirty about all of them using me as their cumslut all week, then tieing me down and gangbanging me , all eight of them filling my holes. I moaned hard into Joe's cock when he said that, betraying my desires to my husband. You really are turned on by the idea of being exposed and naked in front of all those men aren't you? You're hoping that the guys all fuck you like the slut you are, right? Suck my cock , slut!  He barked as he smacked my ass hard. Now make my cock cum in your face you cumslut! I eagerly obliged as he fingered my pussy from behind, my head was bobbing up and down on his hard cock. Then Joe momentarily lost control and drifted onto the shoulder as jet after jet of hot cum filled my mouth. I swallowed hard and my mouth overflowed, dripping down my chin and onto Joe's lap. Pulling into the rest area to clean up? I asked. Joe agreed and got off the interstate at the rest area.

     Pulling into the rest area I was so fucking horny, still worked up thinking about the fishing trip and what I might be coerced into doing. Joe went to the bathroom, so I got my vibrator from my purse, the soft buzz was barely audible and I pressed it to my crotch. Mmmm, it felt good, but was lacking something..Damn batteries I cursed as my toy shut off. I should have brought extras. Joe got in laughing and said " I guess you've tried your vibrator, it's kaput right?  After that blowjob I'll need a little recovery time, girl I'll bet half my brain leaked out through my cock with that cumshot. And I really really want to fuck the piss out of you right now, baby girl, but I don't think I can manage.  What are you going to do to satisfy that itch down below? There's a glory hole in the bathrooms, you know?" You dont say, I answered, maybe I'll just go to the bathroom then..... Do what you want to baby but be sure you're safe, don't want to be sick for the trip. You know. He said, I'll make you a deal. I'm going to sit at that table over there by the trucks. If you are naked by the time you get there I'll eat your pussy while you think about what might happen on the trip. I want a hard cock in me now! I cried, fuck me please, Joe. Look, he said,  You've got some choices to make here. If you can't walk from here to the picnic table naked, how are you gonna be naked all this week? I'll eat your pussy until you cum, and maybe, just maybe I'll get hard doing it.  Or, you can just risk some unprotected sex at the glory hole. I'll bet you didn't even think to bring condoms, did you?

   Well um no I didn't, and you know I wouldn't do that anyway so I guess I'll start getting undressed.

  No, said Joe, wait until I'm at the picnic table, and then get out of the car, and strip slowly, then walk over and sit that gorgeous ass on the table and spread your legs wide open. Or no deal.

   Joe, what about all these trucks?

And all these truckers? I protested.   That shouldn't be a problem, Joe countered, I don't think most of them are awake, and I'll bet none of them call the cops. What if they… know, I said.  You let me handle that, now remember, do what I tell you and you'll be alright. Alright then, go over there and wait for your breakfast, I replied.

  Joe took his place at the table while I checked my hair and makeup, and then got out of the car. I surveyed the parking area. There were four or five semi-trucks and us. I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and facing towards the table raised my arms over my head, wiggled my hips and my shorts fell to the ground. Gripping the bottom of the halter I raised my arms again and shook my titties at Joe, then clad only in sheer thongs I spun around , and with my ass facing Joe, bent over at the waist. Joe whistled and yelled for me to get breakfast on the table so I gripped the waist band of the thongs, and worked them down over my ass and down my long legs and stepped out of them.  I slowly made my way to the table, giving joe my best "fuck me now" look and bent over the table with my ass in the air. On your knees on the table he directed. Obediently I crawled onto the picnic table, on my hands and knees and lowered my face into my forearms, with my elbows supporting me.  I arched my back pushing my pussy toward him, presenting it for his pleasure. Breakfast is served. I cooed as Joe's fingers found and spread my labia open. My God bitch you're sloppy wet! You are ready for some cock aren't you? He lowered his head and from behind licked my slit from clit to my asshole, pausing there to drop a pool of saliva. Then he buried his tongue deep in my cunt and wiggled the tip hitting my g spot. Out it came and circled my clit , then back in my hole to the g spot. In and out. He found my rhythm and I started pushing my ass back into him meeting his thrusts, moaning my approval.  I pushed further back driving his tongue deeper in my pussy and reached up to finger my clit. Oh I'm so close, I cried out, then Joe pushed a finger into my asshole pushing me over the edge! I felt my pussy clenching his tongue trying to pull it deeper, and waves of pleasure wafted through my belly as my orgasm grew more intense. My hips bucking, I cried out in ecstasy and felt my pussy squirting drenching Joe's face and tee shirt. I gripped the edge of the table with both hands as Joe continued his assault on my ass and pussy then stopped, pulling my legs off the table until I was standing on the ground. He stood and  I felt the head of his cock position itself for entry, he pushed it into my wet hole, and while pinning me to the table, began fucking me like a man posessed. YESSS! I screamed as he drilled my pussy from behind, FUCK ME!, FUCK ME HARD JOE, and another more intense orgasm came over me. My knees got weak and my legs were shaking as my juices spewed out of me again soaking Joe's cock and balls. He pushed deep into me and started thrusting, pulling out almost all the way and forcing his way back in till he bottomed out, pushing harder really pounding my pussy until with his cock balls deep in me he grunted and said he was coming. I could feel the head of his cock expand, then his hot cum inside me. " Oh yes Joe gave it to me! "I screamed as  he continued to tear my pussy up, his cock still spasming filling me up and then kept his cock in me until both our orgasms subsided.  Wow, that was about all I could manage, Joe replied wow, then I heard an air horn, then another, then another, I looked around behind us and the truckers were honking and flashing their lights. One was getting out of his cab and walking our way. "JOE, SNAP OUT OF IT BABY! HE'S COMING OUR WAY".  I said as I sprinted towards the car. Hurry baby I said again. He calmly got up, hiked up his pants and turned toward the trucker who stopped in his tracks. I realized then that he'd pulled the pistol that he always takes fishing and was pointing it at the man who had raised his arms and was backing away telling Joe to calm down. He ordered the man to back up to his truck and keep his hands where he could see them and motioned for me to bring the car over to get him. I got in still naked, and picked him up. Coyly smiling towards the trucker, I gave a wink and a wave and sped towards the interstate.

      Fuck that was close! I yelled at Joe. He was laughing and told me that he'd never seen me quite that excited in all our married years. He was curious to know what was really going on in my head. I confessed that when he was talking dirty to me about what might happen after the guys see me naked, I felt butterflies in my belly and was as turned on as I've ever been. And when he mentioned the Glory hole I was intrigued, and really considered doing it.  Though I'd never been with anyone else, The thought of anonymous sex with a stranger had me hotter than a two dollar pistol.  I thanked him for bringing me to my senses and for making me get naked then fucking me in public where anyone could see. That's always been a fantasy of mine I told him.  Tell me some of your others he said, i already know you want to fuck a complete stranger. I assured him that I was fine with him, and him alone and that I'd been faithful to him during all our years together. He told me he knew that and that if I wanted to he'd give me a pass on that, and any other fantasy I might have. I told him that being naked in front of other men was a real turn on, but I wanted to be able to see their cocks get hard and know that I was the one doing it.  And that I'd loved to be dominated, taken by someone, a willing rape if you will. Not violent, just being pinned against the wall, arms held above my head,  his knee between mine, forcing them open and taking me, overpowering me. Leaving me helpless to prevent it from happening,  Also, I confessed that nothing against him, but i fantasized about sucking and fucking a man with a huge cock. Like bizarre huge 10" or better, and thick, real thick. Surprisingly he said he'd allow me that pleasure too. Being that I had only really ever had him in my pussy, he was okay with me experiencing that. I'd also love to be taken by a group of men, a gangbang. But i wanted them to first make me strip for them, then serve them drinks while they felt me up and talked dirty to me first, usung me as a sex object, making me get under the table and suck all their cocks. Then each of them fucking me in whatever holes they wanted to, while treating me like a slut, that i wanted to be covered in sweat and come, and unable to do anything but submit to their every demand to pleasure them. Until my pussy and ass hole were red and sore and dripping cum into puddles under me. Also that I'd always wondered what it was like to be double penetrated with a cock up my ass, and one in my pussy. I bared my soul to Joe, and he was great at encouraging me to get kinkier and kinkier with the secrets I'd been keeping from him.

I'd never felt so close to him as then and realized that this was another awakening of ours. I asked him if he had any fantasies he wanted to indulge. He confessed that he'd always been turned on by showing me off. Having me cocktease other men by flashing my body, and he really wanted to see how I dealt with being naked in front of all his friends. He told me that he wanted to bring another guy into the bedroom so I could experience a MFM Threesome,  He also related that a FFM Threesome would be great, that he wanted to see me pleasure and be pleasured by another woman.And that he'd really like to watch me fuck another man. If he had a huge cock, so be it. He wanted to see me lost in  the physical pleasure and acting on lust, surrendering to my desires and  enjoying  getting the fucking of my life. He had a raging hardon again, and suggested that we'd stop driving for the night and get a hotel. He told me that I'd better dress, and it was only then I realized I'd been naked since the rest stop. Why bother, I said, we can just pick up where we left off. Joe checked us in and i ordered dinner over the phone, then walked up to the room wearing nothing but a smile

Chapter Two: The Bite, and The Hookset.

We talked a lot at that hotel, about our desires, our fantasies, and we fucked, we fucked again  like teenagers. Joe even convinced me to answer the door naked for the pizza delivery man. Ad libbing, I dropped to my knees in front of him and offered to suck his cock as a tip. Lucky for me he was too surprised by my wanton display of lust to act on it. He stammered no thank you and hurriedly left. I didn't know if I really wanted to act on these fantasies of mine, or keep them just that, just thoughts in my mind. Joe understood and thought that it might be easier if we broke the ice before we got to the cabin. He said he would go into the bar, and wait for me to arrive acting like he didn't know me. I was to dress sexy, and if there was anyone in the bar that i might be interested in to flirt, and try to seduce them, then if i was sure i wanted to go through with it that i could take them up to the room and do whatever I wanted with them, with or without him there, total amnesty.  I squealed in delight and hopped in the shower while Joe dressed and went downstairs.  Toweling off, I thought again about what I was going to do.  I really was in a pickle, but thought that maybe I could just fulfill Joe's desire to see me expose myself, to flash and tease another man. I picked my little black cocktail dress and a pair of 6" stiletto pumps and dressed. No bra. No panties did my hair and makeup and left to find the bar.

  I smoothed my dress down over my curves and tugged at its hem before entering the lounge. There was a three piece band playing some country favorites and about 20 - 25 people of all ages, couples and singles alike, some dancing, some sitting, talking. I scanned the room for Joe and saw him sitting at the bar having a drink. Then I noticed the man he was talking to.

About our age maybe slightly older, tall, and with broad shoulders and chiseled good looks. I felt flush, and realized that I must be blushing as I walked up beside them and ordered a drink. That drink is on me if you'll allow me to buy you one miss, said the handsome stranger in a voice low, deep, and soft as butter that had my pussy getting ready. I thanked him and sat on the stool next to them slowly crossing my legs slowly,being sure to give him a good look. He introduced himself as Dan, and then introduced me to his new friend Joe. I said hello giving Joe a sly wink, leaning back so my nipples were visible through the thin fabric if my dress.  I hammed it up and was really having a good time talking and flirting with both Dan and Joe. I undid another buttton at the top of my dress so that when I reached for my drink Dan could see my bare breast and hard nipple. I watched him glance then smile and lift his gaze to meet mine. Making sure Joe could see, I hiked up a bit on the hem of my short dress, and swiveled my stool towards Dan and uncrossed my legs showing him my hairless pussy which was getting rather wet. I could feel his eyes riveted to my crotch, and spread my thighs further inviting him to take a better look. He placed a hand on my knee and started to slide it  up. Brushing my inner thigh with his thumb. I put  my hand on his stopping his advance, but smiled and said slow down cowboy, the night's still point when Joe excused himself Dan asked me to dance. Looking around I couldn't see Joe but decided I would anyway. There was a slow song playing and Dan put both hands on my waist and pulled me close in arms around his neck. I laid my head on his chest and swayed back and forth with him. He pulled me in closer and I could feel him taking in my fragrance, and as my hips brushed the front of his trousers, I could feel his cock hardening. I pressed my tummy hard against it and pushed my pubic bone into it.  I felt his large hands move over my ass cupping a cheek in each hand. He pulled me tighter and upward, making my pussy graze his hardon. I backed away, shy but curious and let my hand drop from his neck to his chest. Wow I said, everything is bigger in Texas.  He took my hand and guided it down his chest and onto the bulge in his pants. It was huge. He looked down into my eyes as I felt his cock  straining his trousers. He leaned in and kissed me, and I surprised myself by kissing him back. My tongue darted into his mouth, my head was spinning. What I was I doing, I was a faithful wife to Joe, and here I am kissing another man while I was playing with his cock. I  felt like the juice from my pussy was going to run down my leg, and excused myself to use the ladies room as the song ended. Joe met me in the hallway. I was obviously flushed, and breathing heavily.  I knew Joe could tell I was aroused and put his hand up my dress feeling my wet pussy. I see that you like my new friend right? Oh don't be silly I said. I'm still wet from the marathon we had, winked and entered the ladies room. I looked myself over in the mirror and dried my kitty just a bit and when I emerged I bumped into Dan in the doorway. He walked in blocking the way out and unfastening his belt and pants. Moving backwards I saw his huge organ spring out of his pants, it was as big as I've ever seen, even in porn movies, I felt myself reaching for it with both hands, as if in a trance. It was long and thick and heavy with a huge head. I reached one hand down and found his balls were also huge and when I touched them his cock seemed to grow even larger. He reached behind himself and locked the door. Then gripping the shaft of his monster with one hand he pushed down on my shoulder with the other. Without thinking I meekly dropped to my knees in front of him, my face inches away from his meaty cock.  Reaching out I grabbed at the base of it. It was as big as my forearm, and I couldn't close my hand around his thickness. Before I could stop myself I leaned forward and opened my mouth wide, stuffing his cockhead into it. I was surprised to see that I could actually take about half of his cock into my mouth and my head began bobbing up and down, while my hands jerked the rest of him off. Before I could get up and run he grabbed me by the hair and pushed his cock down my throat.  I fought for air but sucked that big cock for all I was worth. Forcing myself onto him, burying the head in my throat. He caressed my cheek saying "good girl '' in that silky smooth voice. It Made me want to make him come, so I doubled my efforts and before long I was rewarded with a long steady stream of precum flowing out of his cock and into my mouth. He grasped the back of my head and pushed me down further his cock burrowing deeper into my throat and blasted such a huge load of cum into me that it jetted back and out of my completely filled mouth, running down my cheeks and chin as i fought to swallow another then another cumshot overflowed my mouth and threatened my airway. His cock left my mouth with a pop, as I spit his seed out and sucked a breath.just then the monster jerked again shooting hot cum on my neck and chest.  Oh my god, he's still hard . I've gotta get out of here. I thought of Joe and tears began to run from my eyes. I felt guilty for betraying him. I wiggled free and hit the door running,right into Joe as I emerged. Noticing my tears he asked me if I'd been hurt or forced into doing something against my will, and I confessed that I'd sucked Dan's cock willingly and eagerly. It looks like he was impressed Joe said, viewing my "pearl necklace" I blushed and we both laughed like hyenas as Dan emerged from the restroom with a confused look

 It was time to come clean, I told Dan that I knew Joe and in fact we were married. We agreed to "role play" and see if I found anyone I was attracted to that I might want to take to bed. I let Dan know that I'd really enjoyed sucking him off, and that it really turned me on. But I felt guilty, and was unsure if I wanted to continue.

  "Well?" Dan and Joe both asked simultaneously. I told them I wasn't 100% sure about giving in to my fantasies, and they assured me that it was okay, no matter what I decided and could say no at any time. In the end we agreed to have a few more drinks and see where this takes us. We got along famously and were going to continue the party upstairs. Joe paid the bill while Dan and I walked through the lobby towards the elevator. I pressed the button and the doors opened, then I felt Dan's powerful hands grip me by the waist, lifting me into the elevator and forcing me into the corner. Reaching behind him he hit the button, and the doors closed, the car began upwards when he grabbed my arms and said now I'm going to put my cock where nature intended, he hit the stop button on the elevator and forced me against the wall pulling my dress up over my hips, exposing my pussy and ass! his knee forcing its way between mine spreading my legs apart then grabbing me behind the knee lifting it high pressing close to me. He undid his trousers and freed his already hard cock. " You thought you'd get away with just giving me a blowjob, didnt you Cocktease ? I half heartedly fought back, trying to free myself, but he was too strong and too big. Im going to fuck the piss out of you right here in the elevator. I'm going to make you know that you had my dick inside you tonight. I felt my resistance waning giving way to desire, as he found the fleshy folds of my pussy spreading them wide inserting first two, then three fingers readying it for what was going to happen. I was getting turned on and my pussy began lubing itself preparing for the fucking i was surely going to get.Then lifting me off the floor he put the tip of his cock between my labia end eased me down penetrating me, pushing his way up and into my pussy further and further, stretching my little cunt wide open. Hands under my ass cheeks he began thrusting , I cried out in pain but that gave way to pleasure, as he pumped into my cunt touching places that were never touched by a  man, filling me completely and then some. Damn it felt good, and!  was going to come. I wrapped my legs around his ass pulling him deeper and bit hard into his shoulder. Grabbing me by the throat he again pinned me to walk then began ramming his prick ito me slamming me into the wall with his hips.Now I'm going to fuck you like you need to be fucked.   It was so thick that when he pushed it all the way in I felt as if I would be torn in half, and when he withdrew it felt like he was sucking all the air from my body. My orgasms came one after another, quickly and intensely, my pussy gushing, soaking the rock hard cock plunging into me.  I was moaning my approval, telling  Dan to fuck me harder to tear my pussy up. His pace quickened and I felt the monster inside me twitch, then stiffen. Dan let out a growl, and I felt the head of his cock expanding then felt my cunt being flooded with his stallion load, cum was leaking from my pussy like a faucet when he finally pulled out. I felt it running down my inner thighs, looked down and saw it puddling beneath me on the elevator floor. I felt light-headed and nearly passed out. I vaguely remember the elevator moving then coming to a stop.  "Kat?, Hey Kat are you with us?" I felt myself being scooped up and carried into our room. My new lover's juices are still running out of my cunt, and down the crack of my ass. As I came to I felt two sets of hands undressing me, feeling me up, squeezing my tits, pinching my hard little nipples,. I was naked and felt fingers exploring my wet and sore little pussy, then heard Joe say, looks like you two had a good time on the way up. Dan said that he'd like to continue and presented his half hard cock in my face, as Joe pulled me to my knees.  " Go ahead Slut, get him hard again, suck his cock, '' Joe commanded. Obediently I reached out, grabbing Dan's member and guiding it to my mouth. As I licked the underside of his growing penis I felt Joe push his cock inside me. I knew that I wanted this and began moaning and took Dans cock in my mouth, curling my tongue around the head and enjoying the slow fucking I was getting, I felt Joe spread my ass cheeks and felt him spit on my asshole. Bracing myself I felt his finger invade my asshole." I want your ass slut! Shall I fuck your little asshole? He asked. I felt Dan's cock growing, getting ready as I told Joe to fuck my ass. He pulled his slick cock from my pussy and pushed it into my behind then rolled me over. He was easing it into my tight hole as Dan took his place between my widespread legs. Oh my God this is really going to happen I thought…. 

Joe started slowly pumping my ass, holding my legs high and wife, I felt the tip of Dan's erection touch my labia. I tried to relax, as his huge cockhead split my pussy lips and entered my vagina. He pushed his weight into me and slowly burrowed his way up my cunt. It hurt a bit because of the pressure from both places, but I bit my lip, grabbed his hips and pulled him further into me......

.... Stay tuned for part two

Written by Kathyjean55

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