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Group Stories

Group sex epitomises one of the core associations with swinging, unlocking wild fantasies when sharing multiple sexual partners in the same room.

Gangbangs, orgies and bukkake events are often typical terms you'd associate with group sex and can yield a whole new opportunity for sexual intimacies. From first time experiences to hardcore practices, the group sex stories below should have most angles covered.

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Sheries tales of the men who worshiped her..

Oh,my God! 4 men were massging her ,while one fucked her, Damn, she couldn't wait till Tom her husband heard about it!!!

SHERIES Tales : Hey hon., Where's Tom? He running late or what? No He's not coming tonight.working, time though. She was at an upscale swingers club,and tonight,was gangbang night! Oh Sherie and Ton had been here dozens of times.But tonight,was h...

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Surprise of my life

A man's ultimate fantasy

You want to talk about a surprise me and the wife had only been swinging for a few months and this happened and I swear that it's the truth, I wanted a drink one night and after hitting a couple of bars I was on my way home and saw one I have not been to...

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