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Bent Over

"Here I was being fucked and watched in a booth."

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Author's Notes

"I think that being a whore for your husband is very romantic."

If you have never been a personal whore for a man, then you have never been fully in love. When I first met hubby, I decided I would become his personal whore to show him how much I loved him and how much he needed me. We didn't have any privacy in either his dorm or mine, so we went for walks at night in a secluded campus park. I would take off my bra and wear a button blouse to give him access to my breasts. I loved it when he would suck my sensitive nipples. To return the favor, I would squat down and suck his cock to completion. I didn't get down on my knees and get my knees dirty. I also swallowed everything to keep our clothes clean.

After a few weeks of being a whore at this level, I got on the pill so that he could fuck me. I told him that I was prepared. I had worn a loose skirt and no knickers to be ready. To keep ourselves clean, I just bent over and put my hands on my knees. He flipped up my skirt and entered my wet fanny. It was heaven. After, I used some tissue to clean the dripping between my legs. I put them in a disposal bin. This went on for two years at school and at home during breaks.

When we married and got our own place, we tried using the bed. It just was not the same. He liked to bend me over. He kept me nude inside and bent me over whenever he wanted. I still cleaned with tissue, but he wanted me to lick him clean. I learned to like the taste, and I really enjoyed how it encouraged repeat performances. I had gone from being a good whore girlfriend to being a better whore wife. Sometimes, he would get horny on a date and take me for a walk before taking me home. He would always use my mouth and my fanny as he pleased.

On a holiday trip to the city, we discovered an adult emporium within walking distance of our hotel. As we explored it, I was eager to be bent over and used as his whore right in the store. Then we found the private booths. He took me there. As he was using my fanny, I noticed some glass on the wall. Beside the glass was a button. I reached over and pushed the button. Some sort of panel moved behind the glass. Suddenly, we could see into the next booth. The man there was watching me being used as hubby's whore. It was very exciting for both of us.

I want to go back tomorrow night.

Written by Hubby's Whore

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