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Evolution of Friendship

"How friendships change"

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As with most relationships, things have a tendency to evolve over time. (Sometimes good, sometimes bad.)

Thankfully, the story I am about to share with you is one of a relationship that far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined.

As a married couple of well over thirty years, we have always pursued friendships with other couples. And to be honest, it's very difficult to find couples where everyone involved feels 100% comfortable with one another. Fortunately for us, we have had the pleasure of meeting one such couple.

Over a lengthy period of time we discovered that we all had the same interests, which made it easy for finding things to do together.

We could talk about anything with one another, and I suppose none of us realized just how close we were becoming, until one evening of playing a game of Yahtzee while partaking of a few beverages after dinner.

Though we would often make sexual comments or innuendo's, and sometimes threaten to take each others partner to the back room in times past (and we would laugh it off), this evening seemed to take a different turn.

(Now mind you; Brenda and I had been openly discussing the idea of "swinging" with each other, in the privacy of our own home, over the previous months or so. So what happened this evening came as no surprise. I was just surprised that the two of them were so receptive to what took place that evening.)

As the evening progressed, Jerry kept saying how soar his neck and shoulders were, and that he thought he was about ready to go home so he could lay on a heating pad. It was then that Brenda got up, walked over and stood behind him, then began massaging his neck and shoulders.

After some time, we could tell that he was beginning to feel better, but Brenda continued anyway.

After several more minutes, she began sliding her hands over his shoulders and down to his chest, then back up to his shoulders, as she moved her hands in firm circular motions, pressing into the muscles.

As moans of relief began to escape his lips, she continued, moving further downward each time as she leaned over him. At one point, she lost her balance while leaning over him, and her hand slid down to his crotch.

As the words "Oh My!" were uttered from her lips, he seemed to blush a bit and apologized.

Evidently he had developed an erection during the process of her massaging him, and was pretty embarrassed because of it.

Smiling as she slowly slid her hand upward, she gave his cock a gentle squeeze, and told him it was okay, giving him a wink.

After she had finished massaging him, she took the seat next to him, and we continued playing the game. As we were playing, I had noticed from that point forward, her hand nearest to him was spending more time "under" the table than it was "above" the table.

When I got up to get us another round of drinks I had to walk around behind them. And as I did, I looked down and saw that Brenda had taken his cock out, and was rubbing it. (That explained the funny facial gestures he had been displaying during the game.) Needless to say, I was a bit surprised, but excited at the same time!

After I got everyone their drinks, I returned to my seat next to Char and put my arm around her, on the back of the chair. Thinking about what Brenda was doing to Jerry, I began playing with Char's hair, gently rubbing my fingers over the back of her head. As I continued, Char placed her hand on my thigh and slowly slid it toward my cock. Once there she began rubbing it through my shorts until I became fully erect.

I think the thing that took me a bit off guard, was that during our conversation during this time, the two of them communicated to us that they had actually been considering this for quite some time, yet we never discussed it.

As the evening progressed, I brought out our massage table and asked Jerry if he'd like to help me give the girls a massage? Of course he said he'd never done it before, so I told him I'd walk him through it.

Needless to say, Brenda waisted no time getting naked before laying face down on the table! (She knew what was coming.)

After pouring a rather liberal amount of oil over her body, I told Jerry to follow my lead.

Then as I proceeded to massage one of her feet, Jerry took the other and began to do the same.

After several minutes we began working our way up her calves with long smooth strokes.

Eventually, we made our way to her thighs and began kneading them. As the tips of our fingers would brush along the folds of her pussy, she would occasionally let out tiny gasps of pleasure.

As Char watched us, (feeling a bit left out) she asked if there was anything she could do? So I suggested she massage Brenda's hands, and work her way up the arms.

As she started working on Brenda's hands, I asked Jerry to begin massaging Brenda's nice round ass, as I moved to her back.

While he was massaging her ass, he would glide his fingers through her ass crack and intentionally slide them through the folds of her pussy, making her moan in pleasure.

After a period of time, I asked Brenda to roll to her back.

After she rolled over, Char started rubbing Brenda's breasts and sucking them, and I went directly to licking her pussy. As the two of us went about our business, Brenda reached for Jerry's cock, taking it out, and began sucking it.

Just as Brenda was about to cum, I suggested the two girls switch places so Char could get a little attention.

After they switched, the three of us went to work on Char. Once we finished her backside and she rolled over, Brenda gave Char a deep kiss while gently rubbing one of Char's nipples between her fingers. When she was done kissing her, she turned to sucking her breasts while rubbing her hand through Char's hair.

As Jerry was slurping on Char's pussy, I was rubbing her inner thighs, gently kneading them.

As Char was about to cum, she asked me to take my cock out so she could suck it!

Once Char had cum we separated with our own spouses and proceeded to make love in front of each other.

With Char on all fours, Jerry entered her from behind and slowly picked up the pace until they both came!

As Brenda lay spread eagle I drove myself deep inside her, pounding away! Fortunately for me, my stamina seemed to be holding out pretty good, and thankfully, Jerry was able to quickly recover as he offered Brenda his cock to suck once again. Then Char joined in by sucking Brenda's breasts again.

With all the attention Brenda was getting, it wasn't long before we had her squirting all over the place! And of course Jerry and I couldn't hold back any longer either!

Once we had all finished, we all took showers and played a couple more card games before Jerry and Char headed home.

This all took place about two years ago, and since then, we have only done this on special occasions, and have decided that it's probably best to limit it as such. I suppose we use it as a way to just "let loose" from time to time.

Written by Faredwell

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