living with my ex girlfriend and her husband Fact


starting off the story me and this girl dated through High School then we split up before senior year they're about two or three years later she called me out of the blue she say I miss you come down but I knew she was married but I miss the sex with her so bad she called me again when the coast was clear she said her husband was going to work so I drove down there but the whole time I was driving down there I was thinking about the past sex we'… Read more

A Moors Ride Fact

unexpected penetration by good friend…

Life certainly can throw some interesting curves in your path, with quite unexpected results. In our particular case this concerns some very good friends going back quite a few years.
Some time ago Ray a long time biking friend, told me that his wife Michelle had been diagnosed with Alzheimers, we didnt have a clue as she seemed fine when in company, things didnt seem to change much over the next few years, but eventually June my wife began to c… Read more

A day in the park Fact

Best hike ever…

The day started out like every other day just a normal day going to go for a drive to a national park on a Monday go check out some Trails maybe have a picnic we headed out the wife got dressed and some tights and some athletic wear looking very sexy as usual blond five feet two 120 lb ass big and tight very sexy very my wife is a very loyal and happy to help people and on this occasion when I drive up we were talking about cuckold she like to t… Read more

The crazy good bye fuck Fact

Blew their minds and pussies…

To all you ladies and hot wives,and you insatiable sluts.This is 100 percent true.
I was about 28 at the time. And as wild as they come.. My hair was long and blond,my body tan and solid.My cock was like a steel rod with a crook to the left way up high.
I had been out partying, but everything had closed. I had only been back in town 3 days. So anyway I decided to go to this apartment building where i used to party.
To see… Read more

Christmas Threesome (part 2) Fact

Continuation of part 1…

We left off when I signaled Julie to ride Dan's cock

*Julie walks over to Dan, and sits on his lap*

Julie: You ready? Honey?
Dan: mmhmm... Ready, baby.
Me: mmmm... Let me help.

*I took Dan's cock, and slowly pushed it in Julie's pussy*

Julie: Oooh... mmmm... I'm glad I married you, Dan.
Dan: Same here, baby.

*They kiss each other*

Watching them kiss made me wish my husband was there to kiss me. I began touching my own pussy, … Read more

Christmas Threesome (part 1) Fact

Best Christmas present for a married man…

I'm Linda, and this is my Christmas story that really happened.

This was back in 2016

I was 32 years old, been married for 9 years to a wonderful man (and still married to him), and had 2 kids with him. To this day, he still doesn't know about it that Christmas day.

The day before Christmas, my friend, Julie, wanted to hangout with me at the mall. We went for some coffee, and had a little chat about getting presents. She told me that she… Read more

I had been clubbing & drinking Fact

First time squirter…

I had been at the club drinking, admiring the ladies and chatting with a couple. One I was very interested in was a cute petite Asian gal that seemed interested in me too. When the club started emptying out, we both decided to continue our conversation.

She took me to her house & invited me in. We entered her house & immediately began kissing. Her tongue went into my mouth & began probing. When she withdrew her tongue, my tongue followed … Read more

Playing with the wife Fact

Mutual Masturbation leads to anal sex…

It all started when we were lying in bed. She was wearing a very thin nighty that was almost see through. The moonlight was shining through the windows & her nipples were hard. I reached out & began caressing the nipple of her left breast as I moved onto my side to get closer to her.

As I moved closer she turned slightly & that silly left nipple fell into my mouth. My hand reached across & caressed her right nipple as it was hard also. No… Read more

The Anger That Fueled The "All Night Rock my World" Session Fact

Baby I am so sorry I was please…

"See you beautiful ladies on monday" I say as I leave work Saturday. I was so exci(ted my husband Ron and I are going out to have a few drinks and i get to work on flirting with all the gorgeous women. Yes i am bicurious and i will one day very soon have a woman in my bed with me. I want to run my tounge up and down her soft sexy body. I want to kiss her lips. I want touch her, finger her and taste her.. That will be mine one day... Just the othe… Read more

I had such a wonderful night last night 4/26/2010 Fact

I was having a boring couple of months, and decided to turn to the local craigslist. I posted a short fantasy of what I wanted and went into an exact detailed play-by-play of how it will happen and what I would do, but detailed only my end of foreplay and stopped at when she will "expose my hard girth." I left the invitation open to any and all, barring d/d, etc.

I chose a 21yo college student (yes, I know it's cliched, but I saw her faceboo… Read more

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A good encounter Fact

A couple contacted me through usaswinging and we exchanged e-mails, photos(of her only), and a couple of phone calls before I decided to meet them. I traveled to their house to meet them. I was quite impressed with her and very nervous of him, He turned out to be an ex-body builder who was huge but thier kindness soon settled my fears. He told her to kiss me to start things off and we went from there,he comentaried and gave fun suggestions the wh… Read more