Christmas Threesome (part 1) Fact

Best Christmas present for a married man…

I'm Linda, and this is my Christmas story that really happened.

This was back in 2016

I was 32 years old, been married for 9 years to a wonderful man (and still married to him), and had 2 kids with him. To this day, he still doesn't know about it that Christmas day.

The day before Christmas, my friend, Julie, wanted to hangout with me at the mall. We went for some coffee, and had a little chat about getting presents. She told me that she… Read more

Stranger in the Hall Threesome

The adventures of a cis-female and a trans-woman…

It was in a darkened hallway where Laura and I were staying. The lights had burned out and one flight of stairs was quite dark. We were both in a mood for simple fucking, getting it on so satisfy a carnal lust for each other’s bodies for nothing but wanton sex. Raw and in the open. Our kisses were deep and passionate, our bodies pressed together and our nipples yearned to be freed from the constraints of our bras. I gently but firmly pushed Lau… Read more

English Couple Submit to Dom BDSM

Dom controls sex life of an english couple…

It was a regular weekday evening in May in Sussex county, south-east England, UK. The weather was turning barmy and evenings were lasting that bit longer indicating the arrival of summer. Thirty two year old, Sara Jones was on her commute home on the train thinking about her work day and wondering how Ken’s (her 35 yr-old husband) day had gone. She was also mulling over the recent development in their lives and the arrival of ‘Master’ who t… Read more

Fantasy Fiction

This is just a fantasy…

So I put on tiny shorts and left the garage door open so the one was right there could watch me..... I purposely bent over to pick something up so he could watch my ass and pussy then I looked at him and winked....... then when they were telling me what is wrong with the air ducts I pretended to show them something in the bedroom so they both followed me....since our vent in right above our bed I got on top of the bed and reached for the vent a… Read more

I had been clubbing & drinking Fact

First time squirter…

I had been at the club drinking, admiring the ladies and chatting with a couple. One I was very interested in was a cute petite Asian gal that seemed interested in me too. When the club started emptying out, we both decided to continue our conversation.

She took me to her house & invited me in. We entered her house & immediately began kissing. Her tongue went into my mouth & began probing. When she withdrew her tongue, my tongue followed … Read more

Playing with the wife Fact

Mutual Masturbation leads to anal sex…

It all started when we were lying in bed. She was wearing a very thin nighty that was almost see through. The moonlight was shining through the windows & her nipples were hard. I reached out & began caressing the nipple of her left breast as I moved onto my side to get closer to her.

As I moved closer she turned slightly & that silly left nipple fell into my mouth. My hand reached across & caressed her right nipple as it was hard also. No… Read more

Should I Tell Him Meetings

Ignorance is bliss, right?…

Hi, been gone for a minute but I'm back. I'm Kathy from Los Angeles. 28 years old, 5ft 7in, 120lbs, brown hair blue eyes, slight freckles and glasses. My boyfriend Dave has been trying to get me into "sharing" for quite a while. I'll be honest, when we're playing our sexy/kinky games late at night, he gets me totally into it(especially if we're partying)and I want to do everything he suggests. But when we wake up the next day, I'm not so sure. A… Read more

First time sharing pt 1 First Time

My beautiful wife…

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I hope you enjoy it.

I have been following lushstories for some years now, the stories are amazing and a great turn on... one such incident also happen in my life.

Me and my wife(madhu), have been married for 3 years now, we were together in a relation for 4+ years before we got married. Like other couples, our sex life also started to decline from twice a week to once a fortnight. But I m a horny guy,… Read more

Jane Chapter 1 Meetings

Sub Wife gives satisfaction…

While our married life was a series of sexual escapades, I had, in fact, laid the foundations for this lifestyle some time earlier.
I first persuaded Jane to allow me to offer her for sex with strangers some time before our marriage, and I include one our first adventures in this batch of memoirs.
Some two years before our marriage (Jane would have been 20), we were invited to a wedding reception, where, after a few drinks, we made our excuse… Read more

My Unlikely Experience Cuckold

I never thought I'd be able to go through with experience. It turned out to be incredible.…

Samantha (Sam) and I have a wonderful sex life. We've been living together for nearly six years and we've never strayed outside of our relationship - neither on our own, nor as a couple. We treat each other with respect and we love learning about each other including sharing our wildest sexual fantasies. We each enjoy sub and dom positions and freely trade roles, though I tend to like the sub role more than being the top. Fortunately for me, Sam … Read more

Fantasy from my twisted thoughts BDSM

Just a fantasy I've never been able to share…

I often have fantasys that I can't exactly tell anyone. This is the one that haunts my mind the most . I'm into bondage, submiison, pushing my limits. I have this all consuming need and desire to safely and completely give up control. I fantasize about being placed on my knees im front of a large mirror. My hair pulled back. Hands restrained behind me. A blindfold placed over my eyes. Allowing and Forcing me to only feel everything, relax … Read more

The Anger That Fueled The "All Night Rock my World" Session Fact

Baby I am so sorry I was please…

"See you beautiful ladies on monday" I say as I leave work Saturday. I was so exci(ted my husband Ron and I are going out to have a few drinks and i get to work on flirting with all the gorgeous women. Yes i am bicurious and i will one day very soon have a woman in my bed with me. I want to run my tounge up and down her soft sexy body. I want to kiss her lips. I want touch her, finger her and taste her.. That will be mine one day... Just the othe… Read more

Wife got her pussy ate by a hot girl Lesbian

Wife lesbian pussy eaten…

Dawn and I have a great sex life. Dawn likes to wear lingerie as much as I like her to, we take sexy photos and film ourselves making love and we tell each other our fantasies as part of our foreplay. This I love, and it led to one of the sexiest encounters we have ever had together.
It started when I came home from work to find Dawn wearing some new white lingerie; a tight white bra that her beautiful nipples showed through, a matching garter … Read more

I fucked my pool guy Swinging

Bored wife fucks pool guy…

I live in a very nice residential area. Big house, garden, swimming pool. But when your husband travels so much, it is not just the finer things in life you crave. The boredom was setting in and I knew exactly what I wanted. The months leading up to this experience were a build up of sexual energy. I started buying more daring lingerie; my favourite being a pair of crotchless panties and a sheer black bra my nipples protruded from. When my husban… Read more

Long shot from Nudist camp 30 yrs ago Other

Hand job recieved in hot tub but I WASN'T the intended reciever...…

I know this is a way long shot but have always wondered if y'alls evening got back on track....
About 30 yrs ago at a nudist camp north of Weatherford I, ole long haired country boy, went up to the hot tub. Upon arrival there were 5 couples in it. As I started to leave I was waved to come on and sit by this lady. I got in, she was talking to a couple of her friends across from me, a beautiful blonde and another very attractive lady. She starts g… Read more

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Pool Guy Delight First Time

I fucked my pool guy.…

I live in a very nice residential area. Big house, garden, swimming pool. But when your husband travels so much, it is not just the finer things in life you crave. The boredom was setting in and I knew exactly what I wanted. The months leading up to this experience were a build up of sexual energy. I started buying more daring lingerie; my favourite being a pair of crotchless panties and a sheer black bra my nipples protruded from. When my husban… Read more

First time Cuckhold experience Cuckold

My wife got Fucked good…

Last week I was cuckolded for the first time. My girlfriend and I had spoken about it several times before and although I could sense she was interested, at first she was nervous about my reaction. Just talking about watching another guy fuck her turned me on massively and over the course of a few discussions she came to realise how excited I got over the prospect of watching her take another man in our bed. Once we agreed, we discussed what we w… Read more

Need cock Gay

For years I had needed cock…

When I was younger one of my friends and I had messed arround a couple times. I was stroking his cock he reached arround and squeezed and fingered my ass. I had loved the feeling of his finger inside me this happened almost every time we were together. He never penetrated me with his cock. We had tried it never worked out. I got married so did he I always wanted a man inside me. I loved my wife and sec with her was the best. After our divorce I … Read more

I had such a wonderful night last night 4/26/2010 Fact

I was having a boring couple of months, and decided to turn to the local craigslist. I posted a short fantasy of what I wanted and went into an exact detailed play-by-play of how it will happen and what I would do, but detailed only my end of foreplay and stopped at when she will "expose my hard girth." I left the invitation open to any and all, barring d/d, etc.

I chose a 21yo college student (yes, I know it's cliched, but I saw her faceboo… Read more

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how bizzar Swinging

how bizzar how bizzar...........
rember the song that summer ohhh so long ago now well my story short as it is goes back that far.....17 years old and innocent, green behind the ears.... or to be honest stupid as he day is long ha ha talking about me back then.. things have changed longer hair... bigger in size .... anyway i was working as a stock boy in a store in town that summer and on the radio that fucking song over and over... if i s… Read more

Seven Fiction

This woman was walking out in the woods. She is wondering if her fantasy will ever come true. She thought as she walks how it would be grand to have seven that is usually a great number for it means perfections.
She notices a spot by a tree with what appear a hot spring. Oh yes she thinks to herself this is the spot.
So she takes her clothes off, lays them on the ground like a blanket, goes sits in the water. MMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOO AWWWWWWWW t… Read more

A good encounter Fact

A couple contacted me through usaswinging and we exchanged e-mails, photos(of her only), and a couple of phone calls before I decided to meet them. I traveled to their house to meet them. I was quite impressed with her and very nervous of him, He turned out to be an ex-body builder who was huge but thier kindness soon settled my fears. He told her to kiss me to start things off and we went from there,he comentaried and gave fun suggestions the wh… Read more

first time fun.... Fiction

a couple out back by their pool, cooking nicely in the vast hot summer!!!!!

Now ann. stands up and looks over the fence and catches a glimpse of me walking from my garage to my outside hot tub in my birth day suit, she calls her husband over they both get a good view of my cock as I unknowingly parade for them, im new to the area and have moved in to Ryanâ��s old house , werenâ��t a nice couple always moaning about the beautiful w… Read more