Written by Anonymous

Mar 28, 2010

This woman was walking out in the woods. She is wondering if her fantasy will ever come true. She thought as she walks how it would be grand to have seven that is usually a great number for it means perfections.

She notices a spot by a tree with what appear a hot spring. Oh yes she thinks to herself this is the spot.

So she takes her clothes off, lays them on the ground like a blanket, goes sits in the water. MMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOO AWWWWWWWW this feel so good as she rubs her breast. Which causes her nipples to get hard.

She is soaking, rubbing her nipples, down her stomach down to her shaved kitty. She is feeling the water as it goes into her kitty, which she was not aware of the seven people come up to her.

She is so relaxed, feeling her body tingling with excitment when she feels a tongue on one of her hard nipples OOOOOO it felt like it was going to explode as another tongue goes lick arnd her other nipple in a circle. OMG now they are both feeling like they are going to explode, how come they can't cum she wonders.

She feels another tongue go to her clit as it circles arnd it then take the tongue down toward the opening when it goes back up she feel a cock go into her kitty as this tongue is licking her clit, while the other two tongues are licking and sucking her nipples.

Oh the feeling of tingling and her clit growing bigger, the cock is inside playing teasing her g spot. she feels a cock go by her mouth, she opens, stick her tongue out hungrily desiring to suck this cock lick the shaft, wanting to feel the cock in her throat as she feel it throbbing the veins popping the harder this cock gets.

Two more cocks are coming to her hands one for each. She is hungry, stroking her hips arching her nipples how can she explain these feelings ooooo she is moaning, writhing, as the cock is moving all arnd her inside and the tongue flicking her clit the tongues are sucking her hard nipples, flicking the hardness she is bouncing up w the cock in her mouth and her hands are stroking faster as she is feeling her body growing higher then the cock in her mouth is about to cum she tastes it , he pulls out , jerks himself off on her breast, as the tongues are licking it up arnd her hard nipple she is moaning louder now as the two cocks she is stroking throbbs w anticipation then she strokes them they are now getting off in her mouth as she is hungrily taking their cum as it is dripping off her chin down her nipple which they are licking off.

She is feeling her hips moving up like a bow toward the hardness inside her and the tongues just flicking, licking, sucking then the cock in her kitty pulls out and squirt all over her clit.

OOOO plz lick my clit suck it plz its so big i feel like it huge ooo she is dripping wet. She says as her head is whirling, her nipples feel like a volcano her clit feels the tingling as they keep flicking, sucking her tiny hardness, she is almost doing a backbend from arching so high.

She doesnt know what to do when the other four tongue starts licking her neck inside her kitty kissing her, all alternating her hard nipples , her clit she says yes yes plz take me oh take me and they licking her flicking her sucking her and she is almost standing. she says i feel like a volcano it going to squirt out. OOOO she says i feel it cummmmming oooo yes my clit oh yes my nipples they hungrily take her as she screams YES OOOO YEs . She squirts over all the tongues out as they all take her as she squirts and squirts OOOOOOOOOOOO yes.

They all lick her from her nipples neck clit inside her kitty one by one. One would leave the 6th one did it, then the 5th one, then the 4th one she is cummming so hard that as they leave they are getting wet from her squirting.

The 3rd does the flicking on her nipples, clit, inside her kitty she is cumming harder. then the 2nd one starts at her neck down to the nipple to the other nipple down her stomach to her hard clit as she is squirting and then the 1st one takes his hard cock and pumps her kitty doggie style and rubs her clit and her nipples he is deep inside and she is scream im cumming im cumming yes deeper ooooo here i cum ooooo yes plz oooo yes and she squirts alll over him as he cums inside her then she collaspes in the hot spring.

No one was arnd and she wonder was this a dream. just from her rubbing her nipples.?