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first time fun....

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a couple out back by their pool, cooking nicely in the vast hot summer!!!!! Now ann. stands up and looks over the fence and catches a glimpse of me walking from my garage to my outside hot tub in my birth day suit, she calls her husband over they both get a good view of my cock as I unknowingly parade for them, im new to the area and have moved in to Ryan�s old house , weren�t a nice couple always moaning about the beautiful weather. Any way next day I get a call they have a problem with their pool and need a hand as I have just installed my own hot tub I might know a thing or two, I was in the pool unblocking the drain when I see ann walking by the window she is wearing sheer nightie and just a black thong, tits clear to see her nipples hard, pat sees me looking at her to my shame as he catches me i notice pat looking at me , he smiles I try to pass it off you�re a lucky man pat ,i didn�t mean to offend u pat then tells me he has a small confession , ann and he were out side yesterday and saw me getting into your hot tub, so he says an eye for an eye. oh fuck I was ...listen pat im sorry didn�t know the fence was that low it wont happen ���.. No no ted we saw u and kept watching we do a bit of natural tanning some times our selves ,pat explaines my embarressment saved for now.. pat then tells me when we are done if I want a swim so ann can will fix us up a snack we will have an evening to get to know each other , again I catch a glimpse of ann walking by the window nighty, thong and tits out pat knows im looking this and takes a look at my shorts and sees my cock starting to grow .............. i accept pats offer and go home to tidy up , informal he shouts as i cross the fence, i cum back in a pair of shorts and t shirt, pat and ann are naked, i take a good look a them and say u werent kidding about informal were u, pat motions for me to cum closer and say if u want we can ......... no im good with this hmmmm pat says what u think of ann, her shaven pussy there to bare i glance at pats cock growing by the second, he looks at my shorts and sees my cock growing trying to push free of my shorts, ann looks at pat and he tells me to let it out ann walks to my side and yanks the loop and down they go, anns pussy her sent is beautiful and our cocks as if they can smell her sweet sent half hard , shall we swim, yes ann dives in i see her sweet ass bare ohhhhhh how i would love to fuck her ass it looks so sweet... at that moment as if a mind reeder u ask ann to get a drink we sit chatting, ann settles between us all at once she starts to rub my cock im looking at pat with shock pat says nice isnt she. ann is wanking me slowly soon my cock is solid and aching 4 action, pat sees my excitement and asks u want a go? but its a two 4 one deal if she cums i have to aswell fuck yeah!!!!.................we pop into the bedroom ann lays on the bed... as i eat anns pussy pat slowly rubs my balls ann cums in my mouth as pat sticks his finger in my ass, fuck me , fuck me i want it....... as pat gently fucks my ass ann is wanking her pussy again into my face u pull out and shoot ur load into anns and my face i like the taste but pats cumslut wife licks it all off befoure i get a good taste.. my cock still hard i fuck the hell out of anns wet throbbing pussy oh the sweet smell she cums again, as i fuck ann pat sticks his cock in my mouth he tells me to suck him dry ill try for him ..with in minutes he has his cock up to the sack in my eager mouth..his cock starts to twitch my first shot of cum.... all to myself hmmmmmmm ann under neath fucking my ass with her finger ohhh as pat cums i shoot my load into anns eager mouth...the day was gone i never did get the snack iwas promised but am sure of an invite again
Written by Anonymous

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