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Kat's Daydream

"Ever since they'd met online she'd dreamed of this day 💋"

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Ever since we met online I've dreamed of this day. We'd finally meet and I'm doing my best not to disappoint him Surveying myself in the mirror iadjusy the short black cocktail dress that barely covered the silk stocking tops' and thong panties I'd picked out. Pity though, They were already soaked. I was nervous but filled with desire, thinking about that huge cock of his. The biggest I'd seen to date and how it would feel inside of me ... I heard a knock on the door and swallowed hard as I pull the door open to greet you. Our eyes meet and lock, hardly a word is spoken as we both know exactly why we are here. about this though, we meet we kiss, we play around a bit, you seduce me, we really get into some heavy petting till we're both ready to tear each other's clothes off. Then I'll slowly undress No strip for you. Kneel in front of you, and with a warm wet mouth I tell you to come, and come quick. I'll lick the head and the underside of your rock hard cock, open my mouth as wide as I can and suck you into my mouth. Bobbing my head up and down. Each time circling the head of your aching cock with my soft tongue . Your moans and breathing encourage me and I start trying to get your cock all the way into my mouth with purpose. My breathing is heavy now, and it's interrupted as the head of your cock bulls it's way into my throat. I'm fighting to catch my breath, but want you to climax even more soi think of your hot cum shooting across my tongue and into my throat and although my eyes are filled with tears and I'm just short of choking I'll let out a few soft moans as I make the final plunge and my lips are now wrapped around the base of your thick hard cock. I feel you tense a bit. The anticipation pushes me over the edge. I'm coming@ and you haven't even touched me yet! My hips are bucking, fucking the air as I continue giving you head My little pussy is knotting up. Oooh it feels so good!one hand drops to my soaking wet hot cunt and my fingers find their way inside, all the while my lips are sliding up and down your manhood, from tip to base. I'm orgasming again and again.our scents fill the room, determined I redouble my efforts and reaching my slick wet hand up I fondle those big balls. And then you're mine. You let out an animalistic wail as your hard cock tenses even harder and jets of your seed are shooting into my mouth. I swallow but that quickly my mouth fills again. Grabbing my hair you plunge your cock all the way down my throat. I cant believe I'm coming again! My cunt needs that hard cock inside of it and you pull my head up pushing me back onto the bed. Positioning yourself between my legs I spread them even wider (I'm such a cumslut) grabbing your throbbing mass and guiding it to the entrance of my hot box...... whew, that's enough for today
Written by Looking4fun5330

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