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"An island getaway for the rich."
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3 weeks ago
SEXUAL FANTASY ISLAND. Almost there. Deidra could hardly believe it. This was costing them plenty,even for her standards. Seven hundred million per couple,500 million for singles. From what they'd heard, worth every penny. Any sexual fantasy was a reality, no matter what,or whom ... Damn ... Enough to get her 56yr.old pussy as wet as a school girls. Forester, her husband had paid in advance for her total satisfaction ,and you didn't renig on this man. He was 69.Still reasonably fit for his age. But the last two years he didn't have his old stamina. And could not always ge to rise. He was once a superb lover, always attending to her needs and desires. Now was no different. The island knew of her fantasy well in advance. And when she landed she was whisked away to her localie. At 56 Deidra was what all men and most women would call SMOKING HOT SHe stood 5 ft.4,tan with tan lines,jet black hair shoulder length, petite hands and feet,32 c tits, with pierced nipples,dark eyes that smoldered, with a .cum fuck me look... And an ass just a little large in a sexy way. A yramp stamp tattoo,and the I ing on the cake,a Lovely pierced clit. She wasted no time getting in her sexual bliss... Like magic she was back in Lexington KY. The place of her upbringing. Her brother in law was here, James. He was 50 . And Her cunt sister that married him, her sisters stepson Joel, who was 19. Young,. But hot as fuck. Her sisters ex husband Charlie,he was still looking fit at 59. And over by the hot tub was Deidra being massaged by two handsome Male escorts who were really working the warm oils over her entire body, and in those hard to get to places. Umm yes they were. She looks at Tabitha her sister . this is for the hell you put me through. And in an instance James, Charlie, and Joel tie her to a wall, she'll have to watch Over the next 2days Tabitha is tormented watching her husband,her ex, and stepson ,give themselves to Deidra. and countless other escorts.Sll of them only wanting to please Deidra. Pure bliss.raw sex . For 2 days a stable of me. Fucked her. 17 to be exact.. Part one. ... . ... . part two cumming soon..

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