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Couples Night

Another Friday night at the movies

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4 min
It'd been a while since we'd been to our favorite adult theater. Friday nights are couples night. So I got dolled up from head to toe and we went. We went into the bookstore first, and browsed around, checking out the other couples and taking notice of who was checking us out. Jeff noticed this young couple, who seemed to be really checking us out. I was wearing a very short skirt with crotch less panties. Jeff walked over to another aisle, while I continued looking at the vibrators on display. The young couple comes over to me, they split up, she got on my right and he got on my left. They both smiled and said, hi. I smiled back and said, hi in return. As I bent over to check out a vibrator on the bottom shelf that caught my eye, she squats down and starts checking out the one beside it. Then, to my surprise, she slowly runs her hand from my ankle up to my outer thigh, runs her hand around to my ass and caresses it briefly. Then, she stands up, winks at me, and whispers in my ear, why don't you and your man buy your tickets, go find a seat and we'll join y'all? I hurry over to where Jeff is looking at the dildos. I tell him what just happened, so he grabs my hand and we buy our tickets and make our way into the theater. We find seats in the next to the last row. About two minutes later, the young couple comes through the doors. They spot us and sit down. But, instead of sitting beside Jeff, she sits beside me and her man sits on her other side. Without hesitation she lays her hand on my knee slowly runs her hand up my leg, when she gets to my thigh to my surprise she runs her hand back down my leg, looks at me and smiles, with her hand on my knee still, she starts kissing her husband sticking her tongue in his mouth, slowly moving her hand back up, she gets to my thigh, but this time she doesn't stop. She starts rubbing my outer pussy lips, sticking two fingers in me, taking her thumb and working my clit while slipping her fingers in me, I push towards her fingers. I reach over, and undo Jeff's pants,pulling his cock out. I begin to stroke him up and down . All of a sudden, she stops gets down on her knees in front of me slowly kissing the inside of my thigh. I close my eyes and push myself harder towards her face, with her tongue in my pussy, she has me squirming in my seat, as I repeatedly cum in her mouth. She is slurping every ounce of juice out of me.I reach down and caress her face, I lean back, close my eyes and all of a sudden she stops. She, then moves over in front of Jeff, and her husband has now taken her place between my legs. He's sticking his tongue as deep in me as he can get it, in and out, this goes on for a good ten minutes. I look over at Jeff who by now has his cock balls deep in her mouth. We smile at each other and close our eyes. I can hear the familiar sound coming from Jeff, I know so well. He's close to cumming. He grunts, as he shoots his wad in her mouth. She keeps sucking until she has gotten the last drop. Her husband is still sticking his tongue in my pussy, he's sucking the cum out of me. I motion for Jeff to trade places with her, so he gets up, and she takes his seat. Jeff, immediately has his mouth on her pussy. I stand up and have her man sit down. As Jeff is eating her pussy, I am now sucking her man's cock. I move my head down as far as I can go on his shaft, moving my head up and down faster and faster. I can tell that he won't be able to hold out much longer just as he shoots his wad, she lets out a loud moan and gushes over Jeff's face. She cleans Jeff's face, as her husband cleans mine. We all get up and exit the theater. Outside, we all smile at each other and go our separate ways. The hot sexy night continued, once we got home. Much to our pleasure, and surprise, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. 😋😘

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