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Photography with Cassy

"A new Girlfriend wants to take some erotic photos and it soon turns into something else"
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Published 9 months ago
Photography with Cassy Cassy walked into my bedroom and took my breath away. I had been busy preparing the tripod and camera to take the sexy and intimate photographs she had advertised for online, and so I had not seen her taking out her lingerie and dressing in the walk-in closet next to the bathroom where we had showered just twenty minutes or so ago. Cassy had arrived dead on time as she had every time on the previous two occasions, we saw each other. Then when we met, we had discussed what we both liked and disliked and what we had written on our online profiles. Then we had talked about what expectations and hopes we had. I found her immediately attractive; just a bit shorter than me, long flowing red hair, slim but with nice breasts, and slender legs. A woman that looked after herself for sure. She was well dressed and spoke in an articulate manner; she was clearly educated and had intellect. She was a woman who shared my interests, was strong, yet discrete. Perfect. In the shower we had jumped under the water and kissed as we soaped and washed each-others’ body as part of the preparation for the photoshoot. She was beautiful and I had an erection throughout the shower; she gently caressed its length with the sponge and her hands, but not too much, to ensure it was of use later. I admired her as I washed the soap from her body. The shape of her shoulders, her back to her tight behind, and her lovely breasts and pert nipples when she turned and lifted her arms for the water. Her neatly trimmed pubes were as scarlet as her head, pronouncing the gateway to heaven between her slender yet firm legs. Once done, we toweled dry and I went off to set up the camera whilst Cassy put on some make up and dressed in the lingerie she had chosen. As Cassy sided past me I looked her up and down. She was wearing a transparent three quarter white robe that showed her breasts, and her nipples pushed through as it was quite tightly tied by a waist belt. Underneath she wore white seamed tight fishnet stockings, a lacy white garter belt, and matching panties that appeared to be quite transparent showing her gorgeous bum cheeks in their full beauty. She stopped and turned just a few feet away from me. She looked just amazing and I stepped closer to her and held her at the waist. She pulled the towel away from me releasing my renewed erection. “I am glad to see you are enjoying this as much as I intend to Wayne”, she said taking a firm hold of my cock and pulling the foreskin back and forth. The slight touch of her hand stroking over my balls was amazing and pre-cum immediatley started to ooze from my cock. Cassy kissed me lightly on the lips, smiled broadly and stepped back to sit on the edge of the big wide bed. “you look fantastic”, I responded as I returned to behind the camera. Cassy sat on the edge of the bed with her luscious legs crossed and leaned back supported by her arms to the rear of her; this pushed her breasts even more against the transparent fabric of her robe. Her breasts loooked amazing her hair covering one side but revealing enough to be very erotic and provocative. I clicked a few photos and asked her to open the robe at the bottom so it revealed the suspender belts on her thighs holding up her stockings. She did so and I moved forward to adjust it slightly. As I strode towards her my cock still erect waved around in front of me. She was redhot and the whole episode was erotically charged! After returning to the camera I took more shots asking Cassy to move her head to each side for different aspects of her atractive face. Then again moving forward I undid the tie on her robe and moved one side down and to the left so to almost reveal her bare breast and nipple. It was the perfect shot; one where every man seeing this would wish it to move open further and see her wonderous breast. “Are you turned on as much as me Cassy”? I asked. “Why of course I am, I think this is very sexy, but let’s not rush it honey”, she replied. I didn’t want to rush it, that was for sure; having such a beauty on my bed at home doing this was a complete fantasy come true. Okay, I have taken sexy photos of girlfriends before; but this was different, calculated and planned, super erotic yet far more tasteful. Cassy then adjusted her robe more to reveal one and then both breasts as I clicked away. The photos looked artistic and very sexy, not at all crude. They were super-sexy yet sophisticated. Cassy was a beauty, classy and oozing sex appeal. I asked he to kneel up on the bed and place the robe over the back of her shoulders and hold her breasts to cover them. Her hands hid her lovely breasts and I took a lot of snaps instructing her to slowly reveal herself and as she lowered her hands until she held her breasts up as though offerring them to her lover, her nipples tantalizingly erect. She looked incredible as her smile showed the enjoyment she was getting from the photo shoot as well. Cassy’s nipples were erect and red against the pale white skin of her boobs, so I took the camera off the tripod and moved in to take some closer head and shoulder shots of her as she moved her hair up in her hands over her head and revealed the full beauty of her breasts; her smile and eyes lighting each frame I took. We took a break to review the photos together for a few moments and Cassy said she liked what we had taken but wanted some more sexier, stirring photos of herself. “You mean showing everything”? I asked. “Exactly, I want to show off my pussy Wayne”, she came back leaning forward and kissing me again. I ran my hands over her shoulder and down to her breasts, finally cupping one as we kissed longer. She pulled away and said, “Right, you better help me out of these panties”. With that she lay back on her back and raised her legs to me. My hands moved to the side of her panties, hooking a finger in I pulled down as Cassy raised her hips, her white lacy panties came down slowly to show off her wonderful looking pussy. Neatly trimmed scarlet red hair and her pussy lips showing to me. Cassy saw me stop and stare at her between her legs. Then spreading them wider she started to rub herself and said, “better we get this pussy ready for the other photos Wayne, will you lick me to get it ready”? She smiled and held herself up on her elbows so to look down her body and see my head move towards her crotch. I could smell the essence of her sex as my face neared her love hole. At first I kissed at her labia and then could not reseist at all, diving my tongue in and running it up and down between her vaginal lips. I told her how good she tasted and heard Cassy moan some. “That’s it baby, get on my clit, suck it for me”, she instructed. My tongue found her little bud and ran up and down it as her pussy became juiced up and much wetter. “Mmmmm, that is wonderful Wayne”, she said and started to close her legs slightly. Cue to take the remaining photos. Taking the camera, I took the lead and asked Cassy to adopt several poses that at first just showed off a little visibility of her full beauty, then moving her lingerie a little showed off her gorgeous body in all its magnificence. I asked her to adopt some more erotic poses. Leaning back with her legs fully spread, the camera caught the wonderful moment of her erect nipples with her full breasts, and with her legs extended out and wide, so her pussy was fully visible, still wet with the anticipation of sex. Cassy removed her robe fully and adopted a position on all fours in the middle of the bed with her looking back direct at the camera, her lovely boobs hanging free but still looking perfectly firm, her nipples clearly erect, and her pussy on view. I asked her to pout her lips as if kissing and spread her legs open even more to show herself off fully. My cock was dripping pre-cum as the whole experience was tense with erotic thoughts and such a beautiful woman in front of me making such sexy poses for my camera. I moved in closer to take shots of her from directly in front which captured her beautiful face and breasts, her buttocks just visible and slightly out of focus but framed by her lacy white garter belt. I moved behind her and took several shots of her pussy in focus with her mass of red hair in the background, her slender body and parted legs; her firm ass cheeks just looked splendous. “Wayne that’s enough photography, let’s do something else”, she said looking back with a sexy smile. I put the camera down on the side table and leant forward, once again smelling her sex and started licking her gorgeous pussy all around at first and then over her little clitoris. Hearing her moan a little was amazing, I loved pleasuring her and she tasted great. Cassy moved forward and sat up pulling me to kneel in front of her. She took my manhood in her hands and pulled me closer until she took me in her mouth, her beautiful eyes were transfixed on mine. We did not utter a word; the only audible signs of anyone being there were her noises of satisfaction along with my groans as she licked over my cock and balls, sucking the end and head of my hard cock. The good quantity of pre-cum previously on me was gone, Cassy having taken it up into her mouth. My hands reached down and caressed her nipples as she took more of my cock in her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling over the end of my cock; it felt truly amazing. She took me out of her mouth and smiled. “You are an amazing woman Cassy”, I said moving closer to kiss her. Our tongues out and lapping each other up. “I want you in me”. She said moving back again to lay down , I positioned myself between her legs as they spread out wide, her pussy lips visible inviting me into a piece of heaven. Taking a hold of my erection I rubbed it over Cassy’s pussy. It felt amazing, I was groaning with deep pleasure feeling the sensations that her wet labia and clitoris were giving me. “Oooooh! Oooooh! That is Soooo Goood”, Cassy gasped staring with eyes wide open at me. I continued it a little longer then wanted to push into her. I nudged my cock against her vaginal entrance, pushed slightly and slowly, “Ooooh Yes! Give it to me, Fuck that’s good”, Cassy said with a heavy breath. I could tell neither of us was going to last long, our ardour was pent up with the photoshoot and foreplay. My cock slipped in and I kissed Cassy again on her beautiful lips, feeling her hands on my back and her nails dig into my back each time my long deep stroke entered into the depth of her pussy. “Yesss! Give it to me honey! Fuck me harder. Make me cum! Ooooh”! I started to fuck her harder increasing the tempo of my cock giving Cassy long deep strokes, knowing that I would myself cum in a matter of seconds. “Cassy….”, I said in deep breath. “I know, just fuck me….I’m cumming, Ooooh….”, she responded. I thrust hard a few more times …the sight of her breasts moving vigorously as we fucked…her smile broadening and the groans she made…and my cock now twitching; I pushed it deep and felt the whole orgasm hit me right through my whole body and at the same time could feel Cassy’s pussy tighten as her body shuddered in her own deep orgasm, her hands pulling me tighter to her body. We came to a still moment, my cock still pulsating and twitching slightly as the remnants of my cum left me, filling Cassy’s beautiful tight pussy. My hands were behind her head and one on her thigh by her stocking top. Hers tightly clasp on my back. Cassy’s pussy still felt so good; absolutely amazing. But in my arms her whole body did too. “That was wonderful. That was an amzing fuck Wayne”. She remarked. “You are are amazing”, I replied. We kissed again as I lay still hard inside her wet pussy. Cassy was amazing, and so are her photographs….

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