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Husbands gift to wife

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My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I gave him a sly smile and didn't have to say anything else.

It was about a month until my birthday. He told me that he would handle everything. We had already decided that we wouldn't be doing anything in our home. He kept me in the dark no matter how much I begged him to tell me what he was up too.

Finally the morning of my birthday, my husband told me to be home, showered and ready to go. I sat in our living room wondering if I should have told him more about what I wanted. Little did I realize that he had been listening to everything I said over the years.

Jim arrived home about 5:30, and I was sitting waiting for him. He handed me a package and told me to change. He has excellent taste on what to dress me in. I looked like a real life hooker. He then blind folded me, saying let's get this party started.

On our way to the air bnb he said he has a few rules. I have to wear the mask at all times and I can't refuse to do what I'm asked to do. I agreed and we stopped at a few places then arrived at the house. He lead me in and I could feel people everywhere.

As I was lead through the door I could feel hands touching me from every direction. It felt electric. My husband sat me down and then brought me a drink, that was so strong it surprised me. But I drank it, he also gave me something flat and round. Turns out it was an edible cookie.

I was lead to a bed and told to get in any position I wanted. Doggie style for me, then I felt all those hands again. My hands were put on different cocks. I had one put in my mouth. And the next one went in to my ass. Hands between my legs and on my pussy. When I cum the guy in my ass grabbed my hips and unloaded all he had in ass. I crumbled onto the bed.

They didn't give me a chance to breathe that night. I swear I was in heaven. My husband then took my mask off and eat my pussy until I had to have more. He fucked me and told me that it was such a turn on watching other men fuck me that we will be doing this again.

Best birthday ever. Waiting for the next time.

Written by Mauqua

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