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a true romantic love story

"passionate hot love"

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Author's Notes

"i used to have the account vladcouple. I wrote the stories on here, “Seduce her” “Rena and Maria fullfill my fantasy”, and”crashed all girls kayaking trip.” I was away for a while and came back wanting to share a new set of stories. I will get back to the other series eventually after i get this one done. i hope you enjoy it. This story really happened with a little artistic liscense. And there is more to cum. Let me know if you liked it and you want more. If you did not like it, too bad. lol"

I step off the plane in a new place, The city of Medellin in Columbia. My ex-wife and I started having problems a few years before. I was tired of constantly being rejected and ignored. A man can only go so long without the attention of the one he loves. I had taken good care of her all the years of our marriage but when i started to have some health issues and I couldnt care for her like i used to it was like she lost interest in me. We talked about it and that is when her affair came out. I was angry and hurt, if she would have just told me she wanted this I would have been fine with it. After her betrayal i started looking for someone else. I honestly thought with my health problems i wouldnt be able to find someone. Also at the moment I was strapped financially because of the divorce and other issues.

Finally one day i was looking on a adult chat website trying to find someone to talk to, maybe have a little fun with. After about a month i met a beautiful Latina from Venezuela who now lives in Columbia. We clicked instantly and before i knew it we had spent 3 hours just talking. Now this is a site where usually 5 minutes into a conversation the girl you talk to is naked and helping you masterbate. With Maria however, she didnt even get to the point of removing her clothes that first conversation. I wasnt angry though, there was something about her that i couldnt get out of my head. The next time i got on with her we talked again, towards the end she offered to take her clothes off for me, I thanked her and told her that i was just enjoying talking to her, she smiled and said she wanted to, i was amazed at her beauty, thinking in the back of my head that she was just doing her job. After that session we started chatting everyday. It was not long before i had fallen for this latina beauty, and then amazing to me she fell for me. We still laugh about the absurdity of how we met.

Still i was being very cautious about everything, but when she never asked me for money or to send her “gifts” i slowly began to trust her. I knew she trusted me too when she started contacting me outside of the chat room. I met her family and friends all over the phone. We talked constantly, we even had a short little rough patch but worked through it quickly. To make a long story short after 2 years of chatting almost everyday online, i stepped off the plane excited, nervous, scared, and hopeful about meeting her in person for the first time. I walked to the baggage claim acquiring my luggage and then to the waiting area where she planned to meet me. As i enter the area I see her facing away from me. I walk up behind her and quietly say her name Maria. She starts, surprised at my voice as she turns to me. I have no words to describe that first look but i step towards her takin her hand in mine. A little shyness is apparent as she looks at me but it isn’t long and her body is finally in my arms. i look into her eyes and lean in to kiss her. A tear escapes the corner of her eye as we enjoy the taste of each others lips for the first time. I have dreamed about this moment for a long time but the reality of her soft lips pressed against mine far exceeded any dream i could have, i still feel this way everytime i kiss her. Poets would call a kiss like this breathtaking, but that does not even begin to describe it. After we kiss for a while i pull back telling her that is just the first of all the kisses i have to make up for. This beautiful moment seems to last for eternity but it is over all to quickly.

When i knew i would be with her,just a few months after we met, i started taking Spanish lessons so we could communicate easier. I was not what i would call fluent yet, but i could understand and speak enough to have a decent conversation. After a few I love you’s and awkward moments where i had to pull out the translater on my phone, I take her hand again and we leave the airport. Knowing her for so long before being with her helped things go smoothly with us. we start laughing and enjoying being with each other very quickly. We arrive at the hotel and go to the room together. It is a lavishly furnished room with a jacuzzi and a 2 person shower in it. It is meant to be a honeymoon suite and this is the place we picked together to stay for our first real date(date really doesnt do it justice since we were there together for a week.) Her favorite flowers are sunflowers and i made sure to have a bouquet in the room waiting for her.

Once we get settled in our room we set on the couch together, her body pressed up against mine, we talk, Now I am 50 and she is 40 and After a long flight and the emotional stress of the day we are both tired and it isn’t long until we both fall accidentally fall asleep. to this day we still dont know which one of us fell assleep first. I do wake up first after the short nap to the feeling of her head laying on my chest. I just sat there enjoying the moment when Maria started to stir. She woke up blushing, apologizing for falling asleep. I laughed a little telling her i fell asleep too. I then ask her if she is hungry, it was getting close to dinner time. I knew the answer before she said anything because she is always hungry. I dont know how she can still look like a goddess when she eats like she does but she is a woman that men turn their heads to look when she walks by. To this day I am still trying to get my head around the fact that she fell in love with me. After agreeing to go for dinner i told her i needed to shower to freshen up. Being in the airport system for 16 hours makes you feel a little unfresh.

I slip in the shower and started to wash the tiredness away. I heard the bathroom door open and Maria stepped in. There was a note of nervousness to her voice as she asked me why i didnt want her in the shower with me. I looked at her realizing there was a certain insecurity in the way she asked me. I rushed to alleviate her fear and told her that i definitely wanted her with me and even though i had seen her entire body many times i did not want her to feel pushed into something she wasnt ready for. After hearing this she relaxed and the yellow sundress that she was wearing drops to the bathroom floor. She then seductively removed her bra and lace panties that she was wearing, making sure i could see her beauty from the shower. I could not help the hardening member between my legs as i was awarded this vision of beauty in the flesh. As i said i have seen her naked many times before but nothing compares to the first time i get to see her in the flesh. She came to me, any shyness gone, and stepped in the shower with me. As we explored each others bodies our emotional bond deepened. Touching each other, feeling her soft skin beneath my strong hands, her perky large breasts and erect nipples, her long curly dark hair, and her completely bare pussy is more than i was able to take. That is when i felt her soft hands wrap around my throbbing cock. looking deep into my eyes she slowly started to tug on my cock. She watched me intently with her beautiful dark eyes as she slowly began to kiss me. starting at my chest and working her way down. occasionally she pushed her breasts into my body then pulled back enough that her nipples barely touched me. Continuing down she finally arrived at my manhood never taking her eyes off of me. She did things to me that i only dreamed of, enjoying herself from kissing my raging cock. tenderly licking the tip and then the sensitive boundery around the head of my cock. She licked and kissed the shaft until she got to my full sack. As she Sucked and tenderly kissed my balls she caused a torrent of heat wanting to explode, but i controlled myself curious to see what she would do next.

That is when she stared at me and swallowed my cock. The depth she took my cock in her mouth made her tear up but she refused to release me. I could not take it anymore and i warned her that i was about to cum. This was a feat in itself because i can normally stay in control as long as i want. As she heard me say that She only sucked harder on my cock until i release all my penned up cum into her mouth. She then sucked me hard pulling every drop out of me. As my cock became super sensitive, the way it does after and amazing orgasm, she gently backed off and stood back up in front of me. She swallowed and the only sign of my cum is the one white strand that fellout of the corner of her mouth. That image of her beautiful face with that strand of cum dripping from the corner of her soft red lips is an image burned into my soul, one that i will never forget. i kissed her not caring about the taste of my own cum on her lips as i planned to go down on her and bring her as much pleasure as she just brought me. She realized what i was about to do and she stopped me. she told me that she wanted to wait until later to do more. Little did i know what this amazing, sexual goddess had planned for me. To be continued…

Written by Suckmehere

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