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2 Dec 2020

living with my ex girlfriend and her husband



2 minute read

starting off the story me and this girl dated through High School then we split up before senior year they're about two or three years later she called me out of the blue she say I miss you come down but I knew she was married but I miss the sex with her so bad she called me again when the coast was clear she said her husband was going to work so I drove down there but the whole time I was driving down there I was thinking about the past sex we've had in the harder I got I got down there and knocked on the door she let me in we started making out and taking our clothes off sex was awesome we done that many of times one time she called me out again and said I've talked to my husband and said to you want to move in with us of course I said yes because I know what that means we can fuck anytime we want so I slept on the couch in the living room next to their bedroom wall so every night I hear them fuck he would make her scream so loud it would make me so hard that I would pull my dick out and start rubbing it in jacking off to them after he got done with her he gets up and goes to work he work night shift I would pretend I was asleep then she would holler at me after he left then I would go into the bedroom get in bed go down and eat her out then we were fuck all night until he got home in the morning this went on for about another two years now they are divorced but I still fuck her

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