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I had such a wonderful night last night 4/26/2010

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I was having a boring couple of months, and decided to turn to the local craigslist. I posted a short fantasy of what I wanted and went into an exact detailed play-by-play of how it will happen and what I would do, but detailed only my end of foreplay and stopped at when she will "expose my hard girth." I left the invitation open to any and all, barring d/d, etc. I chose a 21yo college student (yes, I know it's cliched, but I saw her facebook page and she was legit), and we literally enacted every little detail: She wore EXACTLY what I described (skirt, loose blouse, pumps and nothing else), we sipped the red wine, and we started the fantasy. We were both so nervous, and she got lost on the way over here, but once we had our first kiss we knew we were ready for this. Once we got beyond the details of the fantasy and my manhood had bounced out, she took it into her mouth and from there it was fucking from the couch to the bed. I could tell she was not used to my size because I had to ease it in each time we switched positions. From start to finish it was 3hrs of fun and omg, I cannot express how amazing the night was! Literally I was beaming about how a fantasy could come true. One night, one time, and I'd have her over again...but the ad stipulated it was one time so...
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