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The Anger That Fueled The "All Night Rock my World" Session

"Baby I am so sorry I was please"

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"See you beautiful ladies on monday" I say as I leave work Saturday. I was so exci(ted my husband Ron and I are going out to have a few drinks and i get to work on flirting with all the gorgeous women. Yes i am bicurious and i will one day very soon have a woman in my bed with me. I want to run my tounge up and down her soft sexy body. I want to kiss her lips. I want touch her, finger her and taste her.. That will be mine one day... Just the other day a girl that i did not know came and gave me the most amazing sexist kiss i have ever had.. My insides were dying for more..She was so beautiful ,blond hair, sexy gorgeous lips that I would have loved to have felt her lips kissing me all over. That one little kiss had me wanting more than just a kiss and I will very soon be able to further explore this bicurious side of myself So now back to me leaving work and being excited we were going out. So I get home and i change my clothes from work to a tight pair of skinny jeans , my tall high healed boots and a shirt that shows just enough of my I am feeling super sexy and tonight i am going to flirt with the hottest girl i find and see where it goes. Well needless to say the night did not go as planned. There was a fight in the bar which sent everyone scrambling like teenagers caught skipping school. We finally get to our car and i am looking over at my very handsome who was kinda buzzed husband who is giving me the look. You know the look "I am gonna take you home and fuck the shit out of you look" Goddamn after 15 years that look still makes me wet. Now i need to get us home i have a huge package waiting for me in my husbands pants. But us ladies we all know men how they can get that fire burning and blow it out just as quickly as he lit it. We wont go into to much detail but i will say I no longer wanted his package. So we get home its completly silent. I take off my clothes and put on what I know is going to drive him absolutly insane...he loves when i wear this black pair of lacey panies you know the ones that make anyones ass look hot as hell and my white very thin litte tank top with no bra. So yes I am pretty excited for my revenge because he is going to see what i am wearing and want to re lite the fire he put out. Sure enough he comes in the bedroom and i intentionally have myself situated on the bed so he gets full view of what should have been his to take. I have to stay strong though. I can't let him seduce me...even though i want his huge fat cock inside me so bad..i can't let him think that what he did to me was ok. He comes to my side of the bed and puts his hand on my arm and says "baby I am so sorry i need you so bad baby i am sorry" and as he is saying these words he is slipping off my panties. " Baby please i need you" he says one more time as he slips off his pants revealing a massive erection that makes me forget what i was even mad about. He sits me up and nibbles on my nipples that he can see through my shirt. And with no time think he is climbing up on the bed parting my legs and slipping his massive cock inside me which takes my breath away, "oh my god baby dont stop omg your dick feels so good. For the next hour he fucked me with an intesity that i have never felt before. Everytime he would stick his massive cock in my pussy would throb so hard . He held me down and fucked me so hard but yet soft and with every thrust he would say "i am so sorry baby" that sent me over the edge i think i may have squirted my whole body was shaking but i wanted more of him and i begged him not to cum that i wanted more. "Oh im not done baby...I want my dick in your tight wet pussy all night" and as he is saying this he is thrusting his massive cock so deep in me and all i heard was i want my dick in your tight wet pussy all night and i had the most intense orgasm it ran through my entire body and every time he would move inside me i would get another one. At this point I am screaming oh god ron oh fuck ron more dont stop. I was fucked like that with body numbing orgasms for 7 hours. And he didn't just fuck me he licked my pussy so good and made me cum all over his face then he got right back between my legs which i willingly and excitedly spread for him and just let him take my pussy . Now mind you we have always had an AMAZING sex life but on this particular Saturday he rocked my entire world and i can honestly say that was the most intense fucking sexiest sex that i have ever had in my life. He rocked my world and I can't stop thinking about it...I want to wake him and i want him inside me....omg
Written by Anonymous

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