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A Moors Ride

"unexpected penetration by good friend"

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Life certainly can throw some interesting curves in your path, with quite unexpected results. In our particular case this concerns some very good friends going back quite a few years. Some time ago Ray a long time biking friend, told me that his wife Michelle had been diagnosed with Alzheimers, we didnt have a clue as she seemed fine when in company, things didnt seem to change much over the next few years, but eventually June my wife began to comment that Michelle clearly was starting to become confused and very forgetful. If anything this this made the four of us even closer, June has always had a soft spot for Ray, so we did as much as we could, socialising, having days out. It was on one of these trips when I took the photo that would significantly change the status quo. It was a beautiful sunny day, June in a blue summer dress, I suggested a photo of ray and her in front of his bmw sports car, Michelle doesnt like photos so remained in the car, Ray and June in front, Rays arm around Junes shoulders, a brilliant picture, June smiling and Ray beaming. Anyway during the lockdown I decided to teach myself how to use Photoshop, and I thought it would be funny to alter the photo of her and ray. Now I have been in the habit of taking candid shots of june for years,and I had one of her in the same blue dress, but with her knickers around her knees, it took me ages to get her top agree and it was a year ago, anyway after quite a few practice goes. I managed to create an excellent shopped photo, of the one of her and ray, except in this one her white panties were stretched around her knees, it looked ace I thought and actually very erotic. June of course was disgusted when I showed her and said I should delete it straight away. This is where it all went a bit pear shaped. I havent quite mastered my new iphone with transfers on whatsapp, so when Ray asked if he could have a copy of the original photo , that I had put on facebook, you can guess what happened. I didnt even realise that I had sent him the wrong photo, but to make it worse, he also got another photo which I took of june the same day, with her dress around her waist, legs apart with a wonderful view of her stocking tops, suspenders and even a glimpse of the crotch of her little white panties. It was around five days after that I saw what I had done, I didnt dare tell June, and coincidentally ray had said nothing, other than he fancied another day out with the four of us, and he would love to see june in a dress again. Some quandry I was in, didnt dare tell june, and didnt want to say anything to ray now as he clearly thought that I had sent them deliberately. I recall that when in a pub garden on the trip, Ray had asked in a roundabout way whether june was wearing tights or stockings. June saying she hadnt worn tights since she was 16. So a couple of weeks went by, then ray suggested that as it was going to be sunny we should get the sports cars out again and go for lunch somewhere up on the moors. June likes to dress up, so on this occasion chose a brown silky slightly retro dress and cream heels. I always called the dress, one of her fuck me dresses as it invites touching. The day went very well, some wine consumed, michelle very happy. Mid afternoon ray said maybe we should start heading back, and did I fancy having a go in his bmw and he would do likewise in the merc, I thought nothing of it, so he jumped in with june, and I took off with michelle. It was about a one hour ride to the village where we stopped and changed cars to continue the journey home. We said our goodbyes and june and I set off home, I noticed that she was a little quiet and also looked a bit flushed. Normally on dressed up days in thecar I would put my hand up her dress and stroke her, but this time she twice pushed my hand away. Then it all came out, On the ride back with ray, he mentioned the photos to june,she of course was really embarrassed, but ray was overjoyed, saying how grateful he was to both of us for our understanding, he told june that any intimate contact between him and michelle had stopped along time ago and that he craved physical contact. June was almost in tears hearing this and put her hand on his thigh to comfort him. Ray of course taking this as a signal, she said before she really knew it ray had his hand up her dress above her stocking tops, stroking her bare thigh over her suspender straps, she didnt stop him simply because she felt so guilty about the whole thing, despite ray driving he soon had junes dress bunched up around her waist and her legs apart, she said he quickly had the gusset of her panties pulled aside and two fingers inside her, she said that she was saying that he shouldnt be doing what he was and michelle would be upset. Ray apparently wasnt deterred at all and within a few miles, he had junes panties around her ankles. She said that despite herself she started to respond to rays fingers and could feel herself getting wet. The next thing she was aware of was the car pulling into a small roadside pick nick area with pub type bench tables in amongst trees. Ray was out of the car and round to her side in seconds, door open almost pulling her out, june kicking off her panties as he hustled her over to a nearby table; june still protesting that he shouldnt be doing this, even as he bent her over the table and used his foot to move her legs apart, then he was in, pushing her hips into the hard wooden top of the table as he pounded into her, within seconds he had shot his load into her, clearly months of pent up frustration, exploding in enormous physical act. June said ray was beside himself afterwards full of apologies, but just couldnt stop himself once he started. June didnt reprimand him, but did say that michelle should never know about the event. And that she felt guilty as well as she realised that ray had completely misread the signs and the photos had just confused the issue. This explained why the were 20 mins late at out change over point. June did relent nearer home and I discovered why she had stopped me stroking her initially, her panties were sticky and grubby where they had been on the ground, and her pussy was quite swollen, ray it seems was fairly big. I assume that fairly soon we will be out again.
Written by chameleon

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