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Curious for something new...

"Where do you go late in life to explore new boundaries?"
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Author's Notes

"My favorite fantasy but one I really want to explore."
   Typical of a lot of men my age. Wife is a few years post menopause... so she is not into sex any more. I still love sex... still need sex. I still love my wife... still love to eat pussy...but....beating off in the shower is getting old... and getting a mistress has it's problems. I do not want a divorce or leave my wife... I just wish she understood and would allow me to explore sex with other people.

   That probably won't happen so I "became" curious. Straight curious so far. .LOL labels are so... twisted these days. Call yourself what you want fluid confused... wafting in the wind... still comes down to the basics: straight, gay/lesbian or Bi. Too many variations. Yes, there is the sexual preference side, the who you think you are sexuality... and the romance side.

   Just enjoy your choice! Be yourself and don't worry about what someone else thinks. Times have changed. I grew up with my grandparents morals so gay was bad. It was always easier for women to have "girlfriends" ... even easier now. Mena had "pals" but lately it has become MUCH more acceptable for guys to be gay/bi whatever.

   This is where I am now. I have decide I do not want to look back in a few years and regret NOT having taken advantage of an opportunity to explore sex with another male. Not sure if it is the excitement of the forbidden/taboo idea of sex with your own or just wanting to experience cock. There, I have said it.... COCK. I am curious... I want to experience all that I can... not just the cock sucking or ass fucking but all the more subtle things like a sensual candle light soapy shower... touching, stroking, fingering.... wearing sexy panties under regular clothes.. feeling the softness and excitement of something kinky.

   A fantasy of mine has been to be cuckolded by my wife. The typical feminization by the wife so I am forced to experience a cock as she watches or having to watch her tight little cunt stretched wide by a huge cock... watching as his cock pulled and stretched her cunt lips and she moaned and thrashed her sloppy cunt ... impaled on the huge cock I wish I had.

   She met him at work. Jake was a younger jock who always flaunted his "endowment" at work. She knew he had a big cock from gossip at work so he was the perfect guy to cuckold me with. He was also a man’s man so he had several male friends that he boasted of frequently satisfying. He checked all the boxes for Connie. Big cock, could fuck forever, supposedly came like a fire hose, and loved to abuse men with his cock.

   We were prepared for him. Candles, wine, some very kinky porn on the 75-inch TV. Connie met him at the door wearing only a black and red silk kimono I got her in Tokyo. Her nipples made two proud points in the front of the silky material and slide back and forth as her firm breasts bounced as she walked. Her rounded ass checks just peaked out the bottom of the kimono. Her ass would make any man... or woman drool.

  I have to admit, he did look hot. Tight silk shirt, light glue open halfway down his hairless muscled chest. Tight denim jeans. You could tell he had a big cock... it bulged out prominently. He definitely had a "package". I actually wondered how he managed to walk without his balls betting crushed with every step.

  A quick tonguey kiss and a handful of titties grope for Connie and a smirk smile for me. I handed him a glass of white zinfandel as Connie led him to the big sectional couch. She quickly helped him peel his clothes off. He was prepared ... no underware.. so just shirt and pants. I almost gulped my wine when his cock popped into view. It was huge! His soft cock was at least 8 inches long and two around... his cock head was 3.

   He wasted no time nearly tearing the expensive kimono off Connie and dragging her down onto the couch and forcing her sensuous mouth down hard on his lengthening cock. I watched as that huge 3"cockhead parted her lips...wide and slowly worked its way inch by inch down her throat. I could see the bulge of that massive cockhead as it moved farther down her throat. She had learned years ago how to swallow... deep throat advice from Linda Loveless herself. So she was able to take his now 10 inch cock all the way down to his swaying balls. I was impressed... and my 7 inch cock sprang to life pointing straight out from my naked crotch.

  He seemed to enjoy fucking her throat with his massive cock. He kept calling her his cunt whore and telling her to take every inch of his cock down her throat... and telling me to watch. I did... mesmerized as his huge cock disappeared between her sweet lips and that cockhead bulge slide down her throat. He face fucked her for several minutes allowing her to grab a breath ever few strokes. She was drooling saliva all over his cock and down her chin... rarely gagging as his cockhead plugged her airway.

   Then he just said "I want cunt" and abruptly pulled his cock up and out of Connie's throat with a wet slurping noise. She gasped a bit for air but I could tell she had enjoyed the face fuck. Her smile as she licked her lips, gathering up her spit... and the taste of his cock. He pushed her down onto the couch on her back and yanked her legs wide and high. Her shaven cunt, so smooth, was actually pulled apart, her puffy outer pussy lips all wet from excitement, her wrinkled inner cunt lips pulled apart with her wide stretched thighs.

   You could see her delicious juices slowly start to run down the slit between her cunt lips to puddle at the base of her deep pink colored cunt hole... then dripping down her taint to wet her puckered asshole. I wrapped his hand around his monster shaft and rubbed his swollen purple cockhead 3 inches across by nearly 3 inches long... huge.. up and down her now sloppy slit. I could see his massive cockhead push her dainty wrinkled inner cunt lips aside as he slide it up and down... getting it all wet with her cunt juices. I enjoyed doing that myself but his cockhead dwarfed mine. He rubbed it from her throbbing clit down to tease her puckered brown asshole... wetting it with her flowing juices.

   Finally he centered his cock on the dip in her slit right at the bottom where her tight convulsing cunt hole emerged to allow her juices to drip all over her ass. I watched as his cockhead pushed into her cunt... in slow motion as the massive head spread first her dripping thin inner cunts lips tight around his head... then wider as his girth began to stretch her puffy outer pussy lips... wider... wider than I thought they could stretch... so tight.. stuffed with his massive cock. She groaned at first.. then as his cockhead popped inside her tight cunt hole, she began this low moan...guttural animal sounding. Her eyes rolled back as inch by inch, his cock made its way deeper into her wet depths.

  He smiled over at me... noticing my hard throbbing cock.. and seemed to enjoy Connie's pain and moans as he continued to push every inch of his throbbing cock into her abused cunt. I never thought Connie could take anything nearly that big. We had a 12" double ended dildo that she enjoyed. I usually put 6 inches in her cunt and 6 inches up her rosebud ass. I never got more than maybe 9 inches. The tip of his cock must be severely stretching the bottom of Connie's cuntal channel. I hope she was enjoying the pain of being stuffed full of cock. Every time he puled back and withdrew several inches of his cock meat I could see Connie's cunt lips clinging tightly to his shaft like a seal. In out in out he fucked her slowly at first, getting his cock all wet with her cunt juices. She was dripping all over. She had mad a huge puddle on the towel on the couch. A huge puddle of her delicious cunt juices.

   He sped up pistoning his cock into her overstuffed cunt. A sloppy wet pussy fucking sound continuously came from their joining. His thighs slapping the back of her... his balls slapping her ass... her pussy making wet fucking noises... punctuated by the occasional pussy fart as he cock pump air into her tight cunt. The sounds and smells of freshly fuck cunt made me so hard and I had to jack my cock... stopping at the edge... my rules were I could not cum till told I could.

  He quickened his pace grunting and madly slamming her abused cunt with his massive meat. Telling her to fuck him... FUCK him... he wanted her cunt... CUNT CUNT. Panting, he slammed his cock another impossible inch into her hungry cunt and exploded. I could see his partially withdraw cock pulse. His balls jerking.. his shaft twitching... seeing her cunt puff up... knowing he was spurting gobs of hot gooey cock cream into her spasming cunt. He seemed to go on forever.. spurt after spurt... cock twitching.. balls raised tight now... quivering with each pulse. He was literally filling her stretched spasming cunt with ropes and thick gooey warm cock cream.

Eventually he pulled his cock out...slowly so I could watch and envy every inch as it appeared... covered in his gooey cock cream and Connie's cunt cream. Connie would squirt sometimes. I thick clear somewhat bitter cum that I loved if I could produce it. Her cunt was gaping now... 3 inch wide ravaged reddish hole... cunt lips a mess... mashed wrinkled...pushed open. Her huge cunt hole oozing their mixed cum. It didn't pour out oozed.... his cock cream thick...slowly dripping out her stretched hole. "Now" Connie yelled. That woke me from my stare at her cunt. "Now, eat me out baby". I moved between her welcoming thighs... where Jake had just spent many long minutes fucking her cunt silly. I hesitated and looked down at my beloved wife poor abused cunt. Red and swollen... clit unhooded... juices pouring from her ravaged cunt. Hungry to taste her.... and his cum. Our deal.... she got to be royally fucked and I got to eat another guys cock cream. I leaned down and gently licked up the crack of her ass... catching the gobs of cock cream that were dripping onto her puckered rosebud. I loved eating her ass and would... but now focused on licking and sucking every inch of smooth naked flesh... getting ever drop of his cum and hers.

She moaned again as my tongue and lips finally reached her gaping cunt. I took eat inner and outer cunt lip between my lips...massaged then lovingly.. teased them with my exploring tongue.. sucking every drop off. Sucking her cum covered clit...making her arch her back and push her still throbbing clit hard against my sucking lips. Finally I pushed my hardened tongue formed into a cock shaped point...deep into her gaping cunt. I didn't have to even worry about licking up and down her sloppy slit to part her cunt lips... she was wide open.. still gaping from the fucking of his massive cock. I proceeded to eat her out... eat out her cunt... licking sucking tonguing every nook and cranny... sucking and tasting their mixed juices... her usual delicious cunt juices tasting like peaches... her extra squirt cum adding a slight bitter aftertaste.... and his thick gooey cock cream... slightly tart... bit of an aftertaste.

   I ate like crazy. Burying my face in her stretched sloppy cunt... my slobbering mouth adding to the dripping mess. God I love to eat her cunt. Jake moved in again. His cock rubbing along her thigh... trailing down near her cunt.... and my mouth. He wanted my mouth. Both he and Connie wanted to watch as I turned into a cocksucker. My job now was to clean his cock... to lick and suck every inch of his hot meat to clean all of their mingled juices. I was excited to actually have another mans cock in my mouth... even one that had just royally fucked my wife's cunt. He angled his cock so his massive cockhead was just an inch from my hungry mouth. I could smell his cock... his cum... Connie's cum wafting from his swelling cock.

  I didn't stop to think about it. I just went straight down on his cock. I got half way down before I gagged. I did not have my wife's talent to swallowing a cock...deep into my throat. I managed to suck past his warm spongy cockhead.... 3 inches was right at my limit on width... my mouth was stretched wide... it must have looked like I was impaled on his cock. He started thrusting his cock into my mouth as I sucked down on him. My hand wrapped around his throbbing shaft all that kept his cock from being shoved all the way down my throat.

    He said next he would fuck my ass...enjoy spreading my virgin pussy ass with his cock...fucking my ass like he fucked Connie's cunt...stretched and gaping and filled with gooey cock cream. I just moaned around his cock... my eyes looking up at Connie. She looked dazed watching his cock fuck my cunt mouth... remembering it in her mouth just minutes before. He fucked my mouth calling me his other cunt mouth slut...saying i was his new fag cock sucker. I smiled inside. I finally had a cock in my mouth.... a big one... finally sucking a cock so now I could think of myself as a cocksucker. My next goal was to take a big load of cock cream all over my tongue... filling my cunt mouth. He obliged very shortly. My tight lips sucking directly in his huge cockhead pushed him over the edge. My lips tight I could feel his cock pulse... quiver... then start many long spurts of thick gooey cock cream into my sucking mouth. MMMMMMM it was better than I expected.

  I think I got the best of our deal. I got to watch my wiles loving cunt get stretched almost to breaking by a huge cock... then royalty fucked till she nearly passed out... then getting to eat out her cunt full of another guys gobs of cock cream. Then the finale of getting to suck his cock... getting face fucked and having a huge load of fresh hot gooey cock cream shot all over my tongue. So I got cuckolded and made into a cocksucker all in one night.

   Hmmmmm. Now I want to do that again. Maybe next time would be an evening with a bi couple where I get to service her cum filled cunt and his cock... maybe even get my pussy ass fucked and filled with a nice load of cock cream. I can only dream... fantasize....

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