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Wife Cuckolds Husband

"Wife cuckolds husband as part of married life"

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Paula (who looked very similar to Christina Cole’s character from Suits) was a renowned psychologist and counselled patients in her home clinic in an affluent suburb of NYC. Paula originally was from a upper class family from London (UK), Oxford university educated and with refined tastes. She was married to me, an American, from a similar background who was running a successful IT business. We both had met as keynote speakers at a conference and because of our reasonable good looks and affable charm had hit it off well. Only slight issue was my size, despite which the sex had been decent enough but not great. However, Paula was genuine and loved me enough for the relationship to progress towards marriage. Despite her outwardly prim and proper, no-nonsense façade she could be quite the sex pest and dirty in bed and craved porn-star like sex. However, she was often disappointed as my size wouldn’t allow it. As a result, compromises were made and research into sex became a regular part of our lives and alternative methods such as dogging, swinging, hypnotism were tried to enliven our sex lives. All this continued for 12 years providing moderate relief but I could never give her a full orgasm or pander to her sexual needs. Our relationship was inevitably moving towards being an open one and any resistance was proving to be futile. As example, Paula had increasingly started chatting to guys at the bar when we went for drinks with occasional glances towards me as I was fully left out of the conversation; the guy’s loving her British accent would take no notice of me and felt comfortable touching Paula softly all over which she allowed and enjoyed. The guys would often take her away to the dancefloor and I would watch them dance with Paula throwing me looks all so often to make sure I was watching. They would then cuddle, kiss and grind as if no one was watching giving Paula some form of release that she was seeking. I knew Paula loved me and what she was doing was not out of spite but out of necessity. But she always went home with me and we would sometimes relive the events of the night before fingering each other to an eventful climax. My wife’s upbringing always required her to be the brightest student/participant in most things in her life, academic or otherwise. Being more girly than sporty, she was also an avid reader but not exactly the nerdy type. Her average good looks attracted guys but never the right ones with whom she could shed her inhibitions and fully explore her sexual desires. Most of her relationships ended up with her being submissive. One night at the bar, it was evident that Paula was increasingly attracted to this guy she was chatting to. When I returned from the toilet, they were already on the dancefloor. So taking a chance and knowing Paula can find her way back left the bar and went home. Turned out she really did fancy the guy whose name was Saleh, originally from the Middle East, and worked in construction management and was tattooed all over. He was around 6’3” and well-built with a charming smile but rough around the edges. Despite not being her type, his rough demeanour and seemingly domineering approach attracted Paula as she found him very different from the regular guys from her personal/professional circle. Apparently, he was an affluent reader and impressed Paula with some cultural nous. They had been sexting each other and decided to meet for a coffee; Next was a dinner date which ended up with coffee at Saleh’s. As Paula got up to leave, she decided it was time to be impulsive and with her back to him, unhooked the snatch at the back of the dress and let it drop. Saleh’s jaw dropped as she turned around, threw her purse on the sofa and said “ I cant leave like this, can I?” I played along with all this while submitting to my guilt of being inadequate and realizing that my wife and I were entering a new and uncertain phase of our lives. One day, Paula sat me down and explained to me that she and Saleh had started meeting regularly. Paula wanted to take the relationship to the next level and wanted Saleh as her boyfriend. As a married woman, she was taking a big step and wanted her husband’s support with it. Obviously, this bold move by my wife was upsetting for me and we took the next few days off and drove to a nearby seaside resort to relax and discuss the matter at length. Now that Paula had taken this decision, there was no sexual activity/cuddling between us even though we were at the resort to relax and were still husband and wife. Paula’s mind was occupied with Saleh and any chances of me getting wild holiday sex with my wife were almost non-existent. My role in their relationship was also discussed and there was no clear answer to it. Paula had brought it up with Saleh who seemed not to care much as long as Paula satisfied his needs. In order to ease me into the relationship, Paula decided that initially, I should listen in to the phone conversations with her lover. As a professionally successful and married woman entering into a new relationship with a different man, she wanted to ease the anxiety and teething troubles. My wife was as excited about her new boyfriend as a teenager about her first love. I watched her blush and playfully tuck her hair behind her ears as she struggled to answer embarrassing questions her boyfriend asked. “oh my god…really?...i have never seen it twisted like that!” mock exclaim on her face. “with my hair?...not really….but..but…yeah.. I think I will let you pull it” she would blush going all red in the face. Awesome!..what about my teething troubles?? As the phone calls increased, she would sometimes mouth at me to leave her alone as their conversation got increasingly dirty. Paula would spend ages curled up on the sofa or in the bathtub on the phone with her boyfriend when he was not in town. My wife and her boyfriend were discovering their sensuality together and my feelings were completely ignored. At this stage, I was masturbating multiple times a day, just by being part of this experience and running the words “My wife has a lover and..and…I am cool with this!” in my head over and over again! I had also completely forgotten what sex with my wife actually felt like. Our routines changed as a result of Paula’s new relationship. So that Paula could get comfortable with her new relationship and in familiar surroundings, Saleh started arriving at our house most Friday evenings when I would be working late and they both would wind down from the week and spend the evening in our drawing room behind closed doors. As part of the new dynamic, I was expected to give them their privacy during this time and was only occasionally invited to have a drink with my wife and her boyfriend in my own house! Paula would sit by his side acting like a bimbo hostess by not participating in the conversation but making sure her boyfriend and her husband were comfortable and handing out the drinks and munchies as Saleh and I would chat informally or follow a game on my TV. Although he had a rough demeanour about him, I realized he wasn’t a complete dickhead but was arrogant and domineering using rough language from time to time. Paula had told me he had quite a temper too and it was clear that she was slightly intimidated by him. Apparently, he was also bisexual and there were several pictures in his flat indicating his fancy towards the male form! I was the cuckold and now that my wife and her boyfriend were regularly fucking, my two choices were to either walk out of the whole thing (knowing my wife still loved me although she had let someone else into our lives with only my notional consent) OR stay and tolerate/accept/even participate!...I chose the latter (sigh). All this was affecting how Paula and I moved around each other in the house and in public. Her intense physical relationship with Saleh had awakened all the dormant carnal desires inside her and the slut inside her was finally getting a way out. She could now express her sexuality and felt a kind of sexual freedom hitherto not experienced before. Paula felt that her body now ‘belonged’ to her boyfriend and any other male (including her husband) touching her made her feel strange and defensive. We slept in the same bed but further apart which was awkward. I felt strangely held back as if Paula had some invisible shield around her stopping me from ‘accessing’ her body and being. She was also very measured in the way she would converse with me as if I were a guest in our own house. On occasion, they would spend evenings at his small apartment above some shops in the urban part of the city. But this ended being more of a fuckfest. One evening after she had attended a gala ceremony at The Ritz in downtown where she was felicitated for her work, my wife stopped over at her boyfriend’s place to surprise him. Saleh grabbed her and they started kissing hungrily and making out, their bodies pushing the furniture out of the way as Saleh pulled her into the apartment. Within minutes, Paula was fully naked, face down and bent over a stuffed chair (her expensive clothes and jewellery discarded to different corners). Saleh was pulling his clothes off and grunting like an animal in heat ready to mount and impale his female. Aroused by the intense carnal desires of her boyfriend, my wife started moaning and squeezing her breasts. He would chide her and playfully slap her head “small tit slut!..are you grabbing at air or something?" he would humiliate her. Saleh's comments on her small-medium sized breasts was something that Paula was a bit sensitive about but to be body shamed made Paula increasingly conscious and more submissive towards her boyfriend. Despite Paula’s reservations about anal sex, Saleh was of the opinion that “Small tit bitches deserve a slow hard screw in the ass…..” and grabbed her butt cheeks and spread her shapely ass wide and as the asshole gaped inserted his large cock in. With his cock in her ass, Saleh collected her blonde hair in both hands and started a slow in-and-out thrust into her ass. The whole apartment floor rattled as he fucked my wife hard in the ass while she flailed her arms around or tried to climb the wall in front of her moaning like a cow in heat.! The contrast in Paula’s lifestyle was striking. Just earlier in the day she was part of a dignified ceremony and being recognized as the best in her field with top honours and maybe an invitation to the White House awaiting. By the end of the day, she was being pounded mercilessly in the ass while having her hair pulled and sweating like a cheap whore in an old apartment above noisy shops. One Friday evening, Paula came out of the living room (where she and Saleh were spending the evening) closing the door behind her and into the kitchen where I was standing. She was dressed in a long night gown underneath which she was probably naked and her blonde hair tied on top of her head. Approached me slowly with her arms crossed on her chest and said quietly “Saleh wants me to do some body modifications…..and basically…{clearing her throat}…wants me to get a lip job and a boob job”. She looked away as she said this. After a pause, I said confused “you..what?...and?..what does this mean?...what do you want?”. “Well..u know about my insecurities about my boobs size 28 and the shape…dunno about the lips” she sighed. We said down and discussed it briefly as I never knew she would consider a boob job. I knew ultimately it was their decision and I could offer an opinion but didn’t have a say in the matter due to my cuckold husband status. “John…hes my boyfriend and……and… I want to keep him happy” my wife said finally, looking at me squarely. We sat mulling it over in our heads for a short time. She then got up from the kitchen chair with a heavy sigh. “Boob job it is then” she said confidently, as she opened her hair and tied it back again in a tight ponytail and started to put away some kitchen things.. ”At least it wont be obvious to my colleagues as the lips” she said. This was also a better option considering her high-profile psychologist career and regular travels in her professional world, which could not be jeopardised due to changes in her private life. “At least tell me how ‘big’??” I asked as she made her way back towards the drawing room. She looked at me and with a wry smile and said “That….is….something Saleh and I will decide and let you know. But you are the one who will have to hold my hand through all the consultations and the procedure…while he enjoys the final product!” she winked at my shocked face, as she disappeared into the drawing room to continue her evening with her boyfriend. Paula had started buying lots of makeup and slutty blonde wigs and revealing clothes. Their relationship was only a few weeks old and one day, when both Paula and I were working from home, I knocked on her study door around 3 pm. Normally, at this time she would be working on a case and didn’t like to be disturbed but I found her very distracted and pacing around in the room looking at her phone. As she saw patients almost everyday, she was dressed in a formal white top and a figure hugging tight black skirt and black heels and wearing her dark rimmed glasses that gave her a formal, office-like look which I found very sexy. Saleh had messaged that he couldn’t see her that day as he was working late and wanted to see her on cam instead and had detailed what she should do. Paula was scared/embarrassed as she had never done something like this before. “But…but..I don’t know how to do this!” she exclaimed flashing her boyfriends message at me. “You know I have never done this before ….on cam!...not even for you, John?” she said, almost talking to herself at this point. “I am a 40 yr old professional psychologist with a high profile in my industry… and I have never done these…these slutty things on camera, John?” she exclaimed. “I should be counselling clients at this time…and not…..!” she said getting defensive, her eyes wide in disbelief. Paula was stressed as she didn’t want any awkwardness in her new relationship and tears were welling in her beautiful eyes as she stood with her hands on her hips staring into the distance and biting her lips. It was evident that one part of her was shocked and resisting but the other overwhelmingly wanted her to go for it. Clearly, her boyfriend was testing her commitment to her extra-marital affair but I didn’t want to tell her that as I wanted to see the show myself. Saleh wanted my wife to finger herself and play with her boobs on cam until orgasm and squirt and her innocence about all this was very sexy for me. What was incredibly humiliating and erotic at the same time was that my wife didn’t think of my feelings while discussing her boyfriends sexual demands with me (her husband of 12 yrs) and was asking for my opinion and support instead. How much more of a cuckold can a wife make her husband feel? Paula suddenly turned to face me and all her hair swung around sexily and settled on one shoulder “what do I do now, john?” she asked in a meek voice with genuine concern on her face. Looking at my wife’s beautiful face and pouting lips and her curvaceous figure, the only thought in my head was, how is some construction jock getting this ‘package of awesomeness’ and her husband of 12 yrs was getting none of it? My erection was bursting at this point and I hadn’t seen Paula naked in ages! I was curious to see how she would perform for her boyfriend so I just shrugged and pointing at the big screen in her office and said “Fire it up and strut your stuff”. Paula had a complete video conferencing facility installed in her office with all the latest gadgets and big screens as she did remote counselling work with patients. We stared at each other and those brief moments fully summed up our new relationship with this 3rd person involved; consensual non-consent from me and eagerness to please/submit from her and benevolent surrender to our guilty pleasures for both of us. After considering what I said for a moment, Paula gathered herself and wiped the tears from her face. “If he wants a show, I damn well will give him a show” she said indignantly as she undid the belt from her skirt and threw it on the floor in disgust. She had a serious look on her face as she took the remote and switched on the screen as Saleh was gonna be online soon. “I, john but to his credit, hes managed to awaken the slut in me” my wife said quietly. She tilted her head to the side and started removing her earrings. Her hands went to her top and she started pulling at the straps to loosen it. She took her glasses off and then opened her hair out fully. She quickly pulled off her top and skirt and threw them on the visitors chairs. Her leggings went next as she crumpled them in her hands and threw them away. She peeled off her black bra and undies and dropped them to the floor. Paula then sauntered completely naked to draw the curtains at her office windows! All this while, she was building up the slut inside of her to bring herself down to earth from the lofty pedestal she enjoyed as a distinguished career woman and to humiliate herself to perform sexual activities for her boyfriend on cam. I had not seen my wife naked in a long time and I saw that her body had shaped up, thanks to the regular pounding she received from her boyfriend . As she walked back towards me, I saw her body was completely hairless., even the short landing strip she normally kept for me above her pussy was gone! She stood fully naked in front of the screen as Saleh came online and after the Hi-Hellos waved her arms around “Hi baby…this is my office and I have never been butt naked here…but am breaking all rules today only for you, baby!” she chided him, playfully waving her finger at him. Her boyfriend was slumped on a chair stroking his massive cock in his arms enjoying seeing his new girlfriend/slut fully naked ready to perform for him. Paula started touching herself sexily all over and pouting and swinging her hair around and squeezing her boobs and smacking her ass loudly and wincing with mock pain. She then parted her legs and started fingering her pussy, her well-manicured fingers moving over the wet swollen lips and one finger went deep into the pussy and came out fully wet. My wife then sucked her finger and pouted asking her boyfriend if he wanted some of it. She started furiously fingering herself as her moans grew louder and as her boyfriend was violently stroking his large cock on the screen moaning also. “Just for you, baby….muuaahh!” Paula kept saying and blowing kisses to the screen as she aggressively fingered her pussy with one hand and squeezing her breasts with the other. She would turn around and bend over and thrust her ass out and twerk on the screen and also thrust her wet swollen pussy simulating full sex and creating a full sexual workout for her boyfriend watching on the screen. She grabbed her ass cheeks and parted them to reveal her pinkish gaping ass-hole which her boyfriend had been pounding into. “Do you like it?..tell me what you want, love” my wife would ask her boyfriend. Her body would arch as she thrust her pussy out to the screen and threw her head back. Paula would sexily move her hands all over her sweaty body and breasts, as she squeezed and twisted her nipples and swinging her long hair around, really eager to please. Never knowing that Paula had this inside her, I was wet beyond imagination but my full erection was hardly showing a bump in my pants compared to Saleh’s monster cock on the screen. Paula fixed a big dildo contraption to the floor and started to mount it. This was black and massive around 20 inches in length and 2 inches around. She locked her hands behind her head and slowly started bouncing on it up an down. Her moans got louder and high-pitched. Hair started to stick to her neck in sweat….Looked like she had been practicing! After grinding her pussy out on the dildo, Paula wanted me to finger her so she can work her breasts. “Is it ok if my husband touches me babe?” she suddenly asked her boyfriend. “I just wanna give you the best experience” she said. Paula’s need to ask her boyfriend permission for her husband to touch her ascertained how far she had come in the relationship and made me ejaculate a lot more than I was prepared for as my whole front part of the pants was soaked and dripping down my inner leg. As I start fingering her pussy, my wife started squeezing and slapping her boobs together and pulling her nipples to please her boyfriend on cam. She apologized to her boyfriend for not being able to suck her own boobs and begged him to be patient for another few weeks when they would go to size 36. Her movements were very slutty and exotic dancer like and even my 4.5 inch penis was excited but knew its not gonna get any action compared to its 7.5 inch counterpart on the screen. My wife, standing all naked swinging her hair around, sweating and slapping her ass, begged her boyfriend for approval to cum. “can I cum now, babe?” “Yes, I will sleep with anyone for you, honey” “Yes, I am a 3 hole slut and have been shown my place!” “Please let this slutty whore cum, baby” my wife begged her face twisting in a mix of pain & pleasure. Paula reaches climax as I finger her and cums hard squirting all around. Saleh also moans loud and ejaculates hard and I could see cum flying on to his screen! Seeing my wife desperate for her boyfriend’s attention in front of her husband was the most humiliating thing ever but I was enjoying it the more humiliating it was getting….guilty pleasure! Paula collapses naked on her office floor as the screen goes blank. One Friday evening, I walked past the living room where Paula and Saleh were relaxing. Seemed like the door had been left ajar deliberately as they were quite particular about their privacy but the sight inside shocked me. Saleh was sitting completely naked on my living room chair showing off his hairy, tattooed muscular body and long powerful legs and was moaning softly with his eyes closed. He had one hand caressing Paula’s head and the other on top of his head in a relaxed posture. Paula was on the floor completely naked and kneeling. Her hands were straddling her boyfriend’s monster hairy balls and her tongue was eagerly licking his large cock like it was some big ice-cream cone. Saleh kept pushing hair away from her face and Paula swung her dirty blonde hair from side-to-side while changing positions on the floor so as to suck the cock better and all the time looking up at her boyfriend’s face. Her body was shining with sweat and she was really putting in physical effort to pleasure her boyfriend. The whole scene was humiliating but also strangely haunting. I felt my energy drain and a feeling of complete helplessness came over me. At a point my hands almost reached out and my mouth opened as if to say “Stop! cant do this to my wife in my own house..!” but no words came out! As Paula sucked on his cock, Saleh would mutter under his breath in his native tongue while bucking his hips and pushing his head back. “Put your teeth on it, slut!” commanded Saleh roughly. Paula went all the way down on his cock with her mouth choking herself. She closed her mouth around the bottom part of her boyfriend’s cock and bit it softly. She then came up his cock with her teeth against his cock as he moaned in pleasure and the pain. Paula’s tongue moved all around his bulb like licking the top of an ice-cream cone as she looked up at his face for approval. Saleh suddenly spotted me staring at them and eased up and gestured for me to have a seat in my own living room. “Hey, hows it goin’?” he said, genuinely surprised as I was the last person he was expecting to see in the state they were in. I hesitated, as firstly, it was awkward to be invited by my wife’s naked boyfriend who was getting his cock sucked by my equally naked wife. Like it was the most normal thing in the world! Saleh made no attempt to cover up, however, when Paula saw me she went “oops!”…and reached for her robe and got up to sit by her boyfriend on the couch! Her action took me by complete surprise as she actually felt she had to cover up in front of her own husband? Told me a lot about how she thought of me. What happened next was even more humiliating. As Paula adjusted her robe around her, Saleh looked at her coldly and said “Do you really have to cover up?”. “uh-huh?” said Paula, a bit shocked, a bit confused. There was an awkward silence for a few moments as they stared at each other. Then, Paula apologized meekly “I am sorry, Saleh!” and removed her robe and put it aside and started playing sexily with her hair. My cock was sooooper hard looking at the control Saleh exerted on my wife. It was amazing! An invisible force pushed me towards my couch. “Glad you stopped by as I wanted to have a quick word. You see, Paula and I want to get to know each other more deeply in a different setting as we have plans. So we are going away tomorrow for a dirty weekend. Don’t worry, she will be back by Sunday night...I just thought being her boyfriend..I should let ‘her husband’ know!” Saleh said, adding the last part a bit cheekily. “Right?” he asked my wife patronizingly who was now snuggling against her boyfriend’s body. “Yes..Uh-huh” Paula said blushing red and with a mischievous smile “oh…btw..she will be leaving her phone behind as we don’t want anyone distracting us” Saleh winked. This was the first time that Paula’s boyfriend had addressed the whole ‘situation’ by himself as until then he had only been a quiet participant. I had also just found out how domineering he could really be and wondered in which direction all this was going. His smile suddenly got wiped off his face as he turned and started talking to Paula in a low tone which I assumed meant that the meeting was over and I should leave. And that’s exactly what I did with my mind spinning and not fully comprehending what had just happened. (End of Part 1)
Written by royalsuite

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