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First time Cuckhold experience

"My wife got Fucked good"

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Last week I was cuckolded for the first time. My girlfriend and I had spoken about it several times before and although I could sense she was interested, at first she was nervous about my reaction. Just talking about watching another guy fuck her turned me on massively and over the course of a few discussions she came to realise how excited I got over the prospect of watching her take another man in our bed. Once we agreed, we discussed what we would both like, but the difficulty was identifying who she could invite and be discrete also. We both are members of a gym in Houston and there she always gets a lot of attention from male members. One guy in particular I had noticed that she clearly fancied and enjoyed his attention, so I decided to befriend him there. I will call him Jeff. The next few times I was in the gym he was not there but I knew eventually we’d have the opportunity to engage him. The time it happened Dawn was on the step machine which was good as she wore tight Lycra sport-tights that showed her fantastic butt and a sports bralet that always showed her protruding nipples as she sweat; she looked hot and a few male passers by were looking on and admiring her. She noticed Jeff pumping iron and made her way over choosing some smaller weights and gave a big smile to Jeff. They started chatting and it was clear to me these two were very attracted to each other. I took my chance to join them and be introduced to Jeff. He turned out to be very friendly and although he was totally interested in Dawn he was very polite and respectful towards me. We carried on training but I made sure that I was in the changing room when Jeff was. He was tall and muscular and when he came out of the shower I got a brief glimpse of his cock. He was a big guy and I had to contain my own excitement thinking of Dawn enjoying him. As he walked out I started chatting to Jeff and slipped in that Dawn really liked him. He looked back furtively and said, “it’s not hard to like Dawn”. I took my chance and said, “well if you’d like to know her better we are both fine with that, I fact we’ve been talking about it”. Jeff was taken aback but we concluded the conversation with Jeff agreeing to come to our house that Wednesday night. He was married with kids and so we figured a safe bet being discrete. On the Wednesday I left work early as I had discussed with Dawn that I wanted to help her prepare and get ready. I arrived home and we went to select the lingerie she would wear. I picked out a teddy that revealed her breasts easily and you could see her nipples through. It was crotchless. Her shaven pussy is enough to make any guy go immediately crazy for her. Then we took a bath together and I enjoyed washing her slowly. Touching her all over the body and carefully around her breasts and intimate parts I ensured she was fresh and clean for Jeff. The preparation was so exciting, getting Dawn ready for Jeff to enjoy was a sort of nervous but highly sexual exhilarating experience for me. My cock was twitching all through and I couln’t wait for Jeff to turn up. After bathing together Dawn put on some make up and dressed in the lingerie I had chosen. I watched her pull the garment over her slender legs and up over her breasts. She adjusted the bottom part; her beautiful pussy was bare, shaven apart from a small piece of pubic hair at the top to see. And her nipples were protruding through the sheer material over her breasts. She looked at me and smiled, she was in for a good fucking from Jeff and it was going to be fantastic for both of us. It took all my restraint not to try and fuck her myself; my dick was wet all over with pre-cum like never before and the nervous excitement had built up even more in me now. It was only 10 minutes before Jeff was due to turnup and the doorbell rang. Dawn and I looked at each other and kissed. I thought, “I love you for doing this”. I said to her to put on some high-heels to finish the look off, I put on a pair of shorts and headed to the front door. Jeff was early and was clearly happy to be invited to fuck Dawn. We greeted each other and I asked him if he wanted a drink. He declined and was obviously eager to get down to some action. I said we had been getting ready and Dawn was in the bedroom and suggested we walk in naked to give her a gentle but nice surprise. We both stripped down and Jeff’s cock got more erect and harder with every step towards the bedroom. I told him to open the door and go straight over to her, I would just be watching. He could not have pulled a wider smile and we entered to see my beautiful girlfriend on top of our big wide bed looking ravishing. Dawn had a nipple sticking out of her lingerie just enough that it was noticeable and her legs spread wide. I could see her pussy lips and she was wet and ready for what was about to unfold. Jeff made his way over to the edge of the bed, his big cock waving around a little as he did so. Dawn’s stare met it and her face was a picture. She was very pleased to see Jeff so well endowed. Her hand reached out and stroked Jeff’s balls upward and over the underside of his cock. He squirmed with her touch as I sat on the couch on the other side of the room and touched my own balls that already felt they were going to explode. She beckoned Jeff onto the bed. They had not spoke a single word but seemed so compatible and natural. As Jeff mounted the bed he stayed on his knees and Dawn moved forward to run her tongue down and back up the length of his shaft. They both stared eyes wide open into each others and she continued to lick up and down his cock for a few times before pulling back and lying down, she spread her legs wide and he carefully moved above her into a 69 position. I had to move closer in as I wanted to see both at it. As I neared I could she Dawn licking all over his balls in a sexual frenzy. Meanwhile Jeff’s face was buried in her pussy with his tongue lapping at her pussy and was sucking on her clitoris. Dawn was moaning with so much pleasure; she always gets noisy and spreads he legs wider when I fuck her and is working up to an orgasm. She was there now but still intently licking and taking Jeff’s balls into her mouth momentarily. Her noises were louder now and her body started almost convulsing as she came, Jeff still licking hungrily at her. When she had cum Jeff carried on; he clearly loved eating pussy and was good at it. Dawn normally likes to rest a while between orgasms but she now had his large member in her mouth, pulling and stretching Jeff’s cock back so she could suck it and take it in as deep as she could. They were ravishing each other and my dick was just dripping pre-cum on tap. My own feeling was something I had never experienced before, it went through all my body; even my legs felt sexually stimulated. Jeff moved back to a kneeling position and was obviously near to shooting his load. He pulled the top of the lingerie away from Dawn’s tits. Her nipples were so erect and her tits wobbled around slightly as her sucked and licked up and down his cock. She was lovingly caressing the top of his dick when his faced told her he was going to cum. She positioned him over her breasts and stroked it slowly. Jeff’s made a loud groaning noise and shouted, “Oh fuck”! His cock twitched and sent a wave through his whole body the way he twitched. Big thick streams of semen came shooting out and onto Dawn’s tits. There was loads of it and she was still making noises herself but had not said a single word. Jeff’s dick was still spouting cum, Dawn making sure she had milked every drop he had, and as he finished there was a thick stream dangling off the end. Dawn pulled his foreskin back and licking the cum up they smiled once more at each other. Jeff’s cock stayed hard and he positioned himself as Dawn immediately got on all fours, her tits laden with cum dripping onto our bed hanging down for him to grab as she offered her pussy to him and he moved forward gently nosing his big cock slowly and provocatively into her pussy. She stared at me as he entered her, her eyes never left mine, it was as if we were fucking, we were sharing the encounter with Jeff this way, we we both being made very happy and the experience was electric for both of us. As she glared at me her face showed the deep pleasure she was receiving from Jeff and she started to work up to an orgasm, he was going to make her cum again. She spoke out now for the first time, “Oh yeh, ugh! That's it there, ugh, ugh”. She continued making the grunts as Jeff speaded up fucking her from behind and she now was pushing back and forth matching his thrusts into her and she almost cried, her face contorting with pleasure as he took her breath completely away and she came screaming, “ Ooh fuck me yeh, Ooh, Ooh”! A deep “AAaaaggh”! She shuddered as the wave of orgasm swept through her. Jeff had given her such a good fucking she will remember but he was not finished. They disengaged, and Jeff looked over at me and I was still lightly touching myself and had not cum. His eyes said, “I am not finished with her yet”. And I nodded my head for him to continue. Dawn was now lay down on her back and Jeff got in between her legs and pulled them up holding her ankles high and wide. His cock once again slipped into Dawn’s wet pussy and he started to pump into her harder now. She held her tits up as if offering them to him and they shook very sexily as he fucked away at her pussy. Dawn can have multiple orgasms, we regularly enjoy this, and now was no exception. She grunted loudly again and moved her hands to grip his buttocks pulling him in deeper to her. They both were fucking hard now and I could not help but ask him something I didn’t consider beforehand. “Cum in her Jeff”. “Yes, fuck me, do it in me” Dawn gasped. “Cum in me”! she pleaded out of breath from fucking hard again. Jeff was riding hard now, piling into Dawn’s wet cunt and she screamed in the profound delight of her final orgasm as he pushed his dick deep and shot his load in her. They stayed there enjoying the last throws of their desire and Jeff eased out of her and knelt next to her face. Dawn seductively licked the end of his cock and spread her legs inserting a finger in herself. She pulled it out and licked his cum off it. Fuck me! that was too much for me to see and sent me over the edge. Now I felt had to cum. I rushed to the bed and Dawn took me in her mouth. I immediately started to cum. It was such a relief. She took my load and swallowed licking my dick clean. My cock was aching with pleasure. I stared down at her and loved what I saw. The woman I love so much, she looked absolutely fucked with another guy’s cum over her body and inside her. The best sexual experience of my life. She is so wonderful. Jeff showered leaving Dawn and me on the bed talking about how it had been. Such an awesome experience! Jeff got ready and shook my hand. “She is fucking amazing man”, he said to me. “Well we’ll see you again soon”, I added? “Sure, that was amazing”, he replied. It was amazing. It is not just the sex, but the lead up and preparation for me are just as important. The feeling was unbelievable and we both want more of it.
Written by Anonymous

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