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My Unlikely Experience

"I never thought I'd be able to go through with experience. It turned out to be incredible."

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Samantha (Sam) and I have a wonderful sex life. We've been living together for nearly six years and we've never strayed outside of our relationship - neither on our own, nor as a couple. We treat each other with respect and we love learning about each other including sharing our wildest sexual fantasies. We each enjoy sub and dom positions and freely trade roles, though I tend to like the sub role more than being the top. Fortunately for me, Sam enjoys getting herself off as the Dom and I love watching. When it comes to sex, she is the most visually driven woman I've ever known. We tend to enjoy some different sexual positions, solo and mutual masturbation, and oral along with the use of videos, toys, light bondage, gambling, role playing, light wrestling (I like to lose), sexy clothes, lube... lots of stuff. We usually have our most intense sex when one of us is tied in bed or in a doorway so we tend to do that often. We are both straight, though we've imagined different scenarios where bisexuality is included as part of the fantasy. Sam has often imagined making love with another woman (something she'd never done) as I watch and jerk off. She loves the idea of being a sex show for me. Occasionally she fantasizes about watching one man suck off another and we have a couple of gay videos she enjoys watching to enhance her fantasy. While it's not something I ever wanted to do, I can relate because I watching videos with two women going at it. Sometimes she fantasizes about forcing me to suck another man's cock. She really likes to watch it in videos, imagining she's in control. The idea of having sex with another man turns me off, but being forced into it while a woman watches and gets off on it, especially if it were Sam is titillating. It has an element of filthy degradation that is strangely exciting. Occasionally, when Sam has had me restrained, she'll have me suck on one of her dildos as we both imagine me sucking cock. From purely a fantasy perspective, it's exciting because of how much she enjoys it, and besides, she always forces me to do it. Sam is beautiful. She is a natural strawberry blonde with short hair. She has a bright, happy and fun look, which is exactly how she is. She has contrasting, brown eyes and a "light up the room" smile people often comment on. Her body is slim with pert 34B breasts to die for. I consider myself to be an average looking guy but she tells me how hot I look just as I rave about her so perhaps there is a little emotional bias influencing our judgment. Anyway, a few months ago, she insisted on tying me to the bed. Who am I to argue? She wanted me to wear my black, silk boxers with slits up the sides, topped with snaps at the waist. Unsnap the sides and voila, they pretty much fall off. I love 'em, and so does she. There is a window above our bed where we can secure restraints - straps with Velcro loops at the ends which can be secured around wrists and/or ankles. With one end of the straps secured at the window, Sam tied my legs in the air, knees bent, but spread apart and my arms were secured over my head. Sam was wearing blue jeans over my favorite black, silk teddy that I had recently bought for her. The teddy has a low cut neckline with spaghetti straps that tie on the shoulders. She looked incredibly hot. I was at her mercy and pretty excited about it. Sam walked back and forth at the foot of the bed as she eyed me in my helpless position. I could tell she was in one of her wilder moods and things would get crazy. This went on for two to three minutes and though I trust her completely, I was beginning to feel a little intimidated by the long wait for something to happen. Finally, she broke the silence and said, "remember last week when we imagined having a foursome with Laurel and Rick?" Laurel and Rick are our best friends. Sam and I often fantasize about having sex with them but we never had the courage to suggest the idea. I said, "yeah." I knew she'd share some dirty little fantasy involving them for me to focus on. She says, "well...they're here." Then she said, "look at you, tied to that bed and nearly naked. That's no way to greet our guests! You're improperly dressed and ill prepared for company. There will be consequences for your arrogance and ineptitude. I'm going to humiliate you in front of them. I'll fuck Rick and force you to watch." She loves that fantasy. Frankly, so do I. I knew they hadn't really come over. She was just setting the stage for the night's fantasy. The idea of watching her getting herself off, while she's imagining getting fucked by Rick and making me watch is a crazy turn-on for both of us. "And what will Laurel be doing?" I asked. Sam says, "She'll be watching Rick and me of course, and getting herself off as she watches. Maybe she'll get you off too...maybe, but don't count on it." We've visited this fantasy in various ways with a variety of people. Role playing any fantasy with Sam is exciting because we both immerse ourselves into it . This one would be no different. I closed my eyes and imagined Laurel masturbating herself and me as we watch Sam and Rick. This was going to be a great night of fantasy sex. Then Sam put the blindfold on me so I couldn't see a thing. "I'll be right back," she said. "I want to make sure I look my best for Rick." I could hear some scuffling around. I knew she was taking off her sandals and her jeans and figured she'd be getting toys, lube, a video, or come up with something creative that might surprise me. I imagined her masturbating in front of me with a dildo or a vibrator while pretending it's Rick's cock. My cock began to grow. I suddenly felt her leaning against the bed next to me. She very slowly began removing my blindfold. I love seeing her in that black teddy so my excitement grew. I opened my eyes to see Sam at the foot of the bed, perfect in her black teddy, but with a very unexpected twist. Rick was standing behind her with his hands on her silk covered hips, dry fucking her ass at the foot of the bed. I was shocked at first, feeling a sense of jealousy and insecurity about my position. Rick is a great looking guy with a slim, solid body. He was wearing only a black, mesh thong and sporting an impressive hard-on underneath. His size wasn't so big as to be scary but his cock was noticeably larger than mine. I knew Rick had always been faithful to Laurel, but here he was with my Sam. Sam seemed a little nervous by her pleasure, perhaps because of her uncertainty about my reaction to the surprise she put before me. She looked at me and gave me her beautiful, sexy smile. That helped me past the initial jolt. I could tell she really wanted this to continue. I began feeling a sense of reassurance from her look and I became more excited as I watched. I'm sure I could've stopped them if I felt that uncomfortable, but I love watching Sam bathe in new fantasies. I wanted to watch her, crazy turned on as she fucks someone else in front of me. The fact that I was restrained made it even better. It felt like I was being forced. Obviously, it wasn't Sam who took off my blindfold. It was Laurel. She was standing next to me and she too was watching what was developing between Sam and Rick. I looked over to see Laurel's black tap pants with leg openings so loose, I could catch glimpses of the edge her pubic hair through one leg as she was stroking herself through the other. She had on a loose fitting beige tank top with arm holes so big, I could see most of her bare breasts at times. I didn't actually need to see everything because the material was so thin, I could easily make out her nipples underneath. Laurel has, I'm guessing, "C" cup breasts, about 5' 5" tall and probably about 130 lbs. She has long, straight brown hair and brown eyes with a hot, sultry expression. She just always looks sexy. She was excited to watch Sam and Rick just as I was but she also liked eyeballing my obvious hard-on under my loose, floppy boxers. It was a little embarrassing but extremely erotic as the four of us embarked on a journey to a place where none of us had been before. Rick began running his hands slowly up and down Sam's sides from her hips to her armpits. Pretty soon, he was including her breasts in his motions. Sam's excitement was elevating as she looked up occasionally to see Laurel and me watching. Rick stepped a little to Sam's side and pulled the front of his thong below his balls so he could rub his bare cock against her silk covered hip. He slowly ran his hand down her back, to her ass. Sam began to tremble from excitement with every move of Rick's hands. I would witness her fantasy become a reality. I was pleasantly surprised at how exciting it was to watch her. Rick began to probe between Sam's legs with one hand and she spread her legs wider apart. He gently stroked her, eventually bringing her into a frenzy she wasn't ready for. She quickly grabbed his hand to stop him momentarily. Then, with her hand over his, she moved his hand back and forth very slowly and she began to gyrate against his swollen cock. One snap at a time, he opened the crotch of her teddy and exposed her soaking wet pussy. He continued stroking her. I thought she might cum but before she could, he slid his hands back up to her breasts and moved around behind her again. Rick turned her so she was facing me. Then he bent her over the bed with her head between my spread legs. She propped herself up, arms fully extended with her hands on the bed. Rick pulled his thong completely off, got tightly up against her, slowly penetrated and began fucking her from behind. He grabbed a handful of her blonde locks and pulled her head back so she had no choice but to look at Laurel and me. Sam seemed intoxicated by the sensation of Rick's cock penetrating her from behind while Laurel and I watched. Sam began stroking her clit, occasionally reaching back to feel Rick's balls. It was obvious Laurel enjoyed masturbating, perhaps because Rick's eyes were so focused on her. Still stimulating herself, she sat on the bed next to me and began lightly stroking my cock wrapped in my silk boxers. This was almost too much at once and I thought I might cum right away but Laurel stopped in time for me to regain some level of control. Rick was still pumping Sam from behind. He reached up and put his hands on Sam's shoulders, hanging on to her as their excitement continued to escalate. Then Rick untied the shoulder straps on Sam's teddy. The front of her teddy slid off and dropped onto the bed. Rick had no mercy. He humped her hard. I watched her exquisite titties bounce up and down as Rick pounded her from behind. Laurel reached over and unsnapped the snaps on each side of my boxers. I couldn't have stopped her if I wanted to. Then resumed the gentle stroking of my cock still wrapped in silk. She relished in her control over me and I became more excited and nervous by how easily my boxers could now be removed. She'd let go occasionally and we'd watch my cock throb. She'd gently tease me, then stroke me again. Ever so slowly and deliberately, Laurel was allowing my boxers to slide out of her hand. It was like she was slowly strip teasing me until she had fully exposed me in my helpless situation. I felt an increased level of sensation without the layer of silk between her hand and my bare cock, especially when Sam watched it all taking place while being pounded by Rick. It was frighteningly exciting and I found myself uncontrollably lost in it. All of us were consumed with each other in different ways. This served as Sam and Laurel's defining moment with Rick and Sam fucking each other while watching Laurel and me - Laurel masturbating herself and stroking me while we watched Sam and Rick. The level of excitement was escalating for all of us at once and for a time, I thought we might all climax at the same time. I think Rick and I were more concerned about our staying power however, and did our best to hold off. That was not the case for Sam and Laurel. They are both multi-orgasmic so there was no need for restraint. The girls became uncontrollably excited and could bear no more as they approached their peak. They each let go and came almost simultaneously. I think it added to their excitement to watch each other cum, knowing Rick and I are taking pleasure from watching them. Sam was almost yelling at me, "watch me fuck him! Look at me get off on his big cock!" Laurel's moans became tense, low pitched screams emanating between her clenched teeth. I'd never experienced anything like this before and my cock was as hard as it's ever been. Listening and watching both girls climax at the same time was a sight I'll never forget. Sam collapsed onto the bed, moaning as Rick continued his assault on her. Laurel was still quaking and twitching as she laid her head on my belly. I thought maybe she was about to blow me but she just shuddered in her ecstatic state. Once Laurel regained her composure, she reached under my leg and very lightly began touching my balls. Then she ran her finger up, down and around my asshole, barely touching me. It tickled slightly, kind of a tingling sensation that was incredibly teasing. Then she'd go back to my balls, and so on. It accentuated my vulnerability. I was so hard, it hurt when Laurel finally leaned down and locked her lips on my shaft. Rick was obviously on a mission, still going at Sam as she propped herself back onto her hands in front of me. Again I watched Sam's body flowing with Rick's rhythm. I began anticipating Rick pumping his seed into Sam when suddenly, she pulled away from him and he popped out of her. Sam slowly stood up and Rick looked like he wanted to say, "what the fuck?" He was obviously confused when she didn't allow him to finish. Laurel released my cock from her lips and sat up to see what was going on. Sam walked over to the night stand, opened the drawer and grabbed our handcuffs and the bottle of lube. She threw the lube on the bed and slowly sauntered behind Rick, cuffed his hands behind his back and said to him, "I have a very special surprise for you." I knew she would suck him over the edge - that she wanted to savor his juice and control every aspect of his pleasure with her mouth. I knew what she was capable of and how much he would struggle under her oral control over him with his hands restrained behind him. Then Sam brought him over to the side of the bed so I would have a better view - or so I thought, but she told him to get on the bed and straddle me. Almost immediately, I knew what she was doing. I became nervous and afraid. She wanted to fulfill the fantasy I was most uncomfortable with. She wanted to watch me suck another man's cock. This time it wasn't one of her dildos. It was the real thing. Rick, wrists cuffed behind his back, was now in a submissive position and he responded as he was told. He knelt there in front of me, his soaked hard-on bobbing no more than 3 inches in front of my face. I could smell Sam all over him. Not only did I sense his willingness, but by the look on Rick's face, he seemed excited at the prospect of being sucked off by me in front of the girls. Sam looked at me and said, "that's me all over him. You always tell me how much you love how I taste. Open your mouth. You're going to taste me now." It was most humiliating. I was resistant to Sam's order. Laurel was stroking herself again. She looked at me with her sexy, wanting expression and continued fondling my balls and my ass. Somehow, she knew exactly how to touch me and she was driving me crazy. She said, "you look so hot. You can't help yourself. You are hopelessly aroused and I know you'll do anything for us. You'd suck a room full of cocks it we told you too. Sam and I are going to watch you suck Rick's big cock and you'll be fully aroused by what you're doing in front of us. Sam and I want to see that. You'll do this for us, won't you?" Every fiber of my being was saying no, but I began wondering what Rick's cock would feel like in my mouth. I wasn't sure I should, or even could do it. I would disappoint them if I didn't. I'd feel like I let them down. This was a sight they longed to see. Knowing how I like being dominated, they would take full advantage of me in my helpless state. Hesitantly, I opened my mouth. I focused on the pleasure the girls would get from watching. Sam held Rick's cock straight out and pushed him forward forcing his wet meat into my mouth. I savored the taste of Sam and immersed myself in lust. I was tightening my lips on another man's cock to fulfill Sam and Laurel's wishes...and I found myself moaning from their excitement and my lusty humiliation. I would give them the show they desired. Laurel grabbed the lube and squirted it all over my cock, my balls, my belly - everywhere. She rubbed the slippery stuff all over me. I could feel it tickle my asshole as it ran down my crack followed by the touch of her slippery fingers. Slowly but firmly, I slid my tongue up and down the underside of the head of Rick's cock. Laurel went back to that light touch on my balls and she continued stroking her swollen clit. Sam lightly fondled Rick's balls with one hand while reaching around him to stroke me with the other. In a very soft, sexy voice, Sam said to Rick, "you're going to cum in his mouth. Laurel and I want this." Laurel said to Sam, "look how excited these two boys are for us." I had the hardest hard-on for a longest period of time I've ever had, not just from physical touch, but from fear of the unknown and the unfamiliarity of the depraved visuals I was part of. It was incredibly exciting for me. Sucking another man's cock, even for the pleasure of two beautiful women was a line I thought I'd never cross, yet there I was, tied up and helplessly forced to service Rick. I was overwhelmed and completely caught up in my lustful degradation. I applied pressure to the underside of Rick's cock with my tongue. I used it to stroke Rick's shaft as he thrust in and out of my mouth. I started sucking on him, sliding up and down his rod while firmly stroking the underside of his dick head with my tongue. My mission had become to force him to cum in my mouth for the girls. Rick increased his pace, faster than my tongue was moving. I knew he was about to let loose. Between Sam's stroking and Laurel's light touch on my balls and ass, I was fighting to avoid cumming before Rick. Rick continued to pump faster as he became more swollen in my mouth. I continued sucking, harder now as I bobbed my head opposite his thrusts while still sliding my tongue under the head of his shaft. He could take no more. Rick erupted in my mouth and for the first time, I tasted another man's salty seed. Sam ordered me to eat it so I started swallowing as Rick continued to pump his load into my mouth. I couldn't keep up and felt some dripping out of my mouth and down my chin. I was squirming with humiliating pleasure as Sam and Laurel watched and forced me into bisexuality. Sam tightened her hand a little on my cock and increased the speed of her strokes while Laurel applied light pressure on my asshole with one finger and continued to fondle my balls. Sam said she wanted to make me cum while sucking on another man's cock. I was thrusting my hips up and down now and telling them, "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum." I shot a huge load into Sam's hand, into the air, and all over Rick's back and ass as I writhed and moaned in the ecstasy of the moment. I held my breath, then strained and screamed as I let it out. I was cumming harder than ever before. Sam continued stroking me to the point where it became torture. I mumbled for her to stop while Rick's cock was still in my mouth but she just kept stroking. Rick was still quaking in my mouth and I was doing my best to make him squirm too. I was bouncing around like popcorn and trying to pull away from Sam's torturous hand but to no avail. Rick tried to pull away from me but I sucked harder and raised up to follow his movements. Then Sam pushed on his ass, forcing his cock fully back into my mouth. Laurel was still stroking herself as she watched me gyrating from Sam's unrelenting strokes. Then she leaned over toward my cock, tensed up, let out a loud moan which was almost a scream and came a second time as she licked the cum off the head of my cock. Finally, Sam slowed down her tempo and I began to tolerate her strokes, enjoying the occasional tremors that extended my level of satisfaction. I let Rick's wilting cock flop out of my mouth. Rick collapsed on top of me, then slowly rolled off.. It was so over the top for me. Had I not been through it, I would have said it couldn't have happened...but it did. Finally, we cleaned up, got dressed and relaxed at the dining room table. Everyone was in a great mood and seemed very satisfied. We had a drink, laughed and talked about our favorite parts of the evening. The time we spent talking while at the table was a great part of our night. It was important to our friendship to make sure everyone was still comfortable with each other after experiencing this fantasy together. We had an unforgettable, sex filled evening with our best friends and it went even better than I thought it could. Laurel and Rick left. We hadn't made plans to revisit our adventure that night, though I was sure this was the just the first of more to come. I think we all knew, if we did this again, we would try to use the element of surprise again as that was a big part of the excitement. After they left, Sam told me that she and Laurel had discussed this at length beforehand and planned it all out. Rick knew in advance, he would fuck Sam while I watched, and that I would probably like it however, he didn't know he would end up fucking my face. Laurel kept that from him until it was the right time. Laurel was sure Rick would love cumming in another man's mouth because he often fantasizes about having gay/bi sex in front of her. I never knew that about him prior to that night. I thanked Sam for trusting our relationship and for taking the chance by initiating the fantasy. I also thanked her for putting her faith in me as I put mine in her. We were excited that we had opened a new door into the depths of our fantasies. Ok, game on... Rick and I would plan a night where we're in charge. I'm quite familiar with fantasies that excite Sam - things she'd never experienced because of her fear of them, so it would be my turn to extend her boundaries. There is no doubt, we will do this again, next time with Rick and me in control. Maybe that's what Sam and Laurel wanted from the beginning.
Written by Anonymous

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