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Wife gets taken

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My wife came home around 8 am in the morning, hair bit tussled, still dressed in her party outfit, her makeup looking a bit tatty.

She looked a bit pre-occupied and avoided making eye contact with me and gently pushed me away as I tried to welcome her home which was unusual for her.

She sat nervously at the edge of the sofa and sensing the tension, I sat across from her at a distance.

My wife and I used to play a sexual game during our date nights wherein she would go on dates with random men she fancied in pubs and bars. I would watch them from a distance seeing how she attracted the men and seduced them until they held hands and left the pub to go to his place. All this made me really horny and had actually improved our sex lives a lot!. 

Anticipating my question about her date, my wife said the date was great and that they had a great time; He was bigger and stronger than me and rougher; had big arms and tattoos; was not too educated and didn’t speak very well. She even felt threatened by him halfway through the date but due to the nervous excitement couldn’t get herself to leave. But she was very attracted and taken by his roughness that made her decide to stay and even go home with him.

“Sex was great; lots of hair pulling; rough…....(sigh)....and even though I begged him not to, he went anal with me which I have never allowed you to. I was crawling naked in his apartment at 3 am in the morning and being dragged by my hair and whimpering and moaning but I didn’t want him to stop! I just couldn’t take my eyes of his 8 or 9 inch thick swinging cock and the sperm dripping off it” my wife said.

Then my wife took a deep breath and said ” Listen….he and I then talked after he was done ravaging me and…I have to tell you something…..things between you and me will be a bit different from now……..(ahem)....cant touch me anymore…well, not without his permission anyway!”

“what do you mean I cant touch you? I am your husband remember?”.I asked confused

She stammered while responding..her voice breaking several times..” He said he wanted to own and treat me like his property and ..and..I liked the sound of that. I was treated like shit from the time we got to his place. I was like a complete slut for him…he whipped, spanked, slapped and spat on me and..lifted me and fucked me in different positions…he kept calling me an entitled educated bitch who has to be shown her place…after some time I started agreeing with what he said and..I…I…liked how I was being treated”..her voice trailed off as she looked away unable to make eye contact with me.

“I want to do as I am told by him….I am going to grow my hair for him… which I haven’t done in 10 yrs,… to make hair pulling easier during sex….,he told me to wear dark lipstick…and to get laser shaved as he hated even the tiny hairs on my pussy….and …and I have decided to do these things for him! sorry!”

“He has ordered me not to be naked in front of you. We can sleep in the same bed but fully clothed and without touching and I have to call him every day and report on what  I did with you…and….and …if you want to kiss or even touch me as my husband…I ….I have to ask for his approval”

I was dumbstruck and waited for her to continue.

“He wants me to meet him at this house again in the evening today and hes given me instructions on how I have to look when I turn up. I have to go shopping for that as I have never used these things before on me….Hes going to take me to a tattoo artist and then we are going shopping for some nipple clamps for me.

"sorry but am gonna have a shower now and plan so that I don’t disappoint him in the evening. And, by the way, if am late tomo morning…it will be because we will be fucking….as he gets massive erections in the morning….so please d-d-ont call!"

She then lowered her head and walked towards the bedroom and closed the door behind her to get ready for her new lover...while I sat there a bit bewildered at the suddenness of the situation but secretly excited and with a massive erection in my pants.

Written by royalsuite

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