Aug 21, 2019

I know this is a way long shot but have always wondered if y'alls evening got back on track....

About 30 yrs ago at a nudist camp north of Weatherford I, ole long haired country boy, went up to the hot tub. Upon arrival there were 5 couples in it. As I started to leave I was waved to come on and sit by this lady. I got in, she was talking to a couple of her friends across from me, a beautiful blonde and another very attractive lady. She starts giving me a hand job all the while still talking. I am feeling guilty as I can't take my eyes off the blonde and she is steadily doing the same to me and "hand job lady" is doing very well and still talking. Now mind you, I do not know this group or had ever seen them before. About 12 to 15 minutes have gone by n "hand job" says " I DON'T remember you being this BIG last time". The blonde is about to loose it, I have to look away or I will too.....I go back to admiring the blonde and all is great. About 5 more minutes pass and " hand job" makes another comment about my tool and the blonde can not contain her self any longer. She burst out laughing, " hand job" turns to me and I am NOT who she thought she was stroking. Futhermore she has NEVER EVER SEEN ME BEFORE! Her pin leaves the grenade, the handful she had been liking just became a barrel catcus and she was very unhappy. I couldn't say a word as my erection left so fast it took my voice with it ! Every one else went to trying to calm her and explain THAT she needed to pay better attention to her surroundings as apparently they had been trying to bring to her attention earlier. They were all super PEOPLE, thanked me for being a good sport, all the other ladies hugged me and thanked me and all the men shook my hand and thanked me. Hand job ended the party then n there, I NEVER saw any of them again that weekend or any other time.

I just hope she got over it and realized what her husband and friends were telling her was in her best interest.

I want her to know she has talent and no problem multi-tasking! I just didn't have the opportunity to THANK her and it was probably a good thing I didn't! I certainly hope the blonde wasn't too sore, lol, or upset with the eye fucking but I really believe it was mutual.. You all definitely made a memorable nite for myself, to say the least! I really not SURE if I THANKED Y'ALL at the time but am now! I just hope there WASN'T a divorce over it!

If by chance any of y'all see or read this or anyone might have heard this from a friend I'd sure like to know! ?✌