May 27, 2020

Well,this was it,I thought as I glanced over at my lovely wife.

She was in ecastcy xxx, my beautiful 48 yr.old wife,was now smoldering! A 35 yr.old trucker was fucking her brains out as 2; younger men ( 28,, and 25)were massaging warm cocunut oil into her tits,and legs. Althe while 2 more men were slow jacking waiting their turn. All of them were rock hard,and glistening from the oil,and their own cocks fever.

I loved watching her get fucked. And tonight was really good. Never had we done this. She was on fire,cumming ,over and over,no sooner would she cum,then another wave would hit her.

When the trucker came,the 25yr.old stuck his rod in her hot love hole.the trucker then waited aside,or got back in line,as a man in line started massaging beside the 280yr.olf.

.This was for her,her night.Oh I enjoyed it ,as did every one of them. But this was to be primarily her nite. We had made sure she got plenty of for play. Nothing happened she didn't want to happen ,

To cut to chase,5 strangers made a Feist of her.She said dp would be on our next tryst.Cant wait.when the fellows left,she was still in ecastcy.Myself too,cum was everywhere,on her tits,her arms,her lips,but umm umm especially oozing out her hot that running down her thighs.

We fucked for hrs. And to our newfound memory,. But this is for my future lady.

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