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Out of town businessman

"Best night ever"
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5 min
3 weeks ago
So a few years ago the wife and I had been talking about fantasies. I had one of her getting picked up by a out of town businessman. She told me she loved it and i should work on it. Fast forward a year. After talking to several Single males on another site i think i had found one. He always replied and answered my questions. ( All know how how the simple things can be ) We had build a good friendship over the last few months of chatting. About all things from normal day to day stuff to the lifestyle. I told the wife i think i had found someone and that he would be in San Antonio the following weekend. She was excited. At this time she has not seen a single picture of him, but she dose say i always pick the perfect ones for her. He was in his late 50's ( she likes older men ) The night came and we got dressed up. Me in just a nice pair of pants and shirt and she was wearing a very sexy black and white dress, No painties and a set of small wedges. We got to the hotel in downtown SA and went into the hotel bar. Grabbed a drink and shot the shit. At the end of my drink i seen him sit at the other end of the bar. I told the wife i would be right back and went out for a smoke. ( we are both no longer smokers) When i came back they were walking over to a table in a more quiet section of the hotel bar. I got a new drink and got a seat where i could see them but not look like a creep. From what i could see they started with just basic small talk, He had her laughing a lot and my wife finds conversation to be the biggest turn on. After about a hour i went out for another smoke and a few mins later the wife came outside. I asked her if she was having fun and she said very much so. Then grabbed my hand and slid it up her thigh to feel that her pussy was dripping. She then told me that she wanted to go up to the room with him. I told her ok. I went back in and went up the escalator to where we would get onto the elevator to head up to his room. He had told me all of this info prior to us showing up incase we got to this point. A few minutes later they came up the escalator holding hands i followed them onto the empty elevator and when the doors closed he gently pushed her up against the back wall of the elevator. They started to kiss as i quickly got my phone out to film the fun. She reached down and started rubbing his cock that was now getting hard very fast. The wife said oh hello big guy as he slowly slide his hand up her dress. Wishing the ride would never end the doors opened. We walked down the hallway to the suite at the end of the hall. As we got to the door he gently pushed her against the wall and slide his hand up her dress again and slide his finger into her dripping wet pussy. Seeing his door card in his hand i grabbed it to get the door open. Once inside i pulled my gopro out of my pocket and got it set up. As the she was pulling his belt out of his pants i got the urge to do something we had never done. I walked up to her and whispered into her ear that i would be back and to have fun, She let out a soft Ok as she also let out a soft moan from his fingers inside her. I grabbed the room key and walked out the room. I went down to smoke a cigarette trying to hide my erection only imaging what they were doing. I gave them about 15 min then headed back up. Getting of the elevator and walking down that hallway felt like a mile. i got to the door and put my ear to the door to see if i could hear anything but no such luck. I slide the door key in and tried to enter as quietly as i could. Shut the door and walked around the wet bar i could hear her say " Oh Fuck " As i turned the corner into the living room part of the room i could hear her start to cum as he was starting to really give it to her hard. A few more steps and i could see into the bedroom and see the first site of my beautiful wife on top of this businessman large 9 inch long and very thick cock. After a few minutes they noticed i was there and the wife got off to switch positions. She got onto her back and looked at me and signaled for me to take off my close. I did as he slide back into my wifes sweet little pussy. She motioned for me to come closer and whispered into my ear that she wanted to really feel him deep inside of her. She wanted to take the condom off. I told her she was in charge. She looked up at him and told him "take that condom off" he kept fucking her. He looked at me for permission and i gave him the node but before he could the wife had pulled him out and was removing the condom off his very well endowed cock and was slowly sliding it back in. She let out " oh that's so much better " For the next 30 minutes i got to watch my beautiful wife get fucked every way possible and cum to many times to count on the largest cock i had ever seen her take. He never did finish, we said our goodbyes and drove home.

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