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Seduced to perform my first bisexual act

My fantasy - being with a couple comes true, but not the way I envisioned it

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I walked into B-Dubs around 6pm. I’ve been coming here once a month when in town for the past few months. I saw some familiar faces as I sat at the bar to eat. Dining alone it’s much less awkward sitting at a bar than in a booth or at a table. Anyway, as my food came another familiar face sat two seats away. We usually chatted but we never were actually introduced. “You here to get an early start for the game?” he started. It was Thursday and the football season recently started. I didn’t want to admit that I had no idea who was playing, at what time or that I was even aware the NFL season began, while sitting in a sports bar. “Nah, just grabbing a bite and catching it at home.” We made the usual small talk and then he leaned over, reaching out his hand, “I never got your name. I’m Don.” “Mike” and I shook his hand. His food just then arrived, and he moved to sit next to me. Again, some small talk as he says he doesn’t see me too often like the others in here. A few minutes later another familiar face shows up and sits next to Don. They acknowledge each other and it takes a brief moment before I realize they know each other well. I hear them talking about Al’s recent breakup from his girlfriend. Don then apologizes and introduces us. Al asks, “You have a wife or girlfriend Mike?” I tell him, “Nah. I’m single.” “Sucks doesn’t it?” Al asked. “It has it’s pros and cons,” I replied. Just then Don chimes in about the game. Al tells him he’s looking forward to just kicking back and watching it at home. Don asks, “I thought you were going to watch it here?” “Thought about it, but I’m driving, and I know I’m going to be in no shape to drive home afterwards. Why don’t you both come by and watch it at my place?’ Don then turns to me and asked, “You’re going to watch the game at home, right? Why don’t you come and watch it with us, better than watching alone, right?” Before I can reply Al says, “Yeah man, why don’t you come over too?” “I don’t know.” “Come on. Misery loves company,” he then laughs and adds, “besides some friends are supposed to come over, some girls too,” then winks at me comically. I smirk, shake my head, and agree. We get to Al’s and Don plops into the lounge chair, Al offers me to the sofa as he gets us a couple of beers along with a bottle of tequila, but none for him. He leaves the room but quickly returns having removed his jeans for sweats as he says he wants to chill a few before everyone arrives. He then turns on the pre-game show as Don & I take a shot, then Al & I take one. We aren’t paying too much attention to the TV, at least I’m not. Then as what usually happens with guys, especially when drinking, the topic turns to sex. Al takes a seat next to me as he pours me another shot as he tells Don how lucky he is to have a steady piece of ass at home. Don laughs, “Yeah but man that comes at a price. It’s you two that are lucky.” Al shrugs is disagreement, “You are kidding, I haven’t gotten a blowjob in two weeks. I haven’t gotten laid in a month.” He then nudged my left leg with his as he asks, “How about you Mike?” “How about me, what?” “When was the last time you got your dick wet?” Don laughed at this saying, “Al! Dude how can you ask him such a personal question. You just met!” Al laughs, “Fuck that man. What’s the big deal, right Mike?” “Right.” I agree. So, he asked again. I confess that it’s been awhile. He pushes to know how long so I say, “About 4 months.” Al looks shocked, then grabbing his crotch, spreading his legs wide so his right leg is pressed against mine, says, “If I don’t get this wet soon, I’m gonna bust.” Then drunkenly (or so I thought), he rubbed my thigh as he asked, “How do you not go nuts Mikey? I mean, you must jerk off like all the time, right? I mean I would, right?” He directed that last question to Don. So, Don says, “I don’t know about that, but I tell you, sometimes jerking off does feel good.” Feigning shock, Al says, “You’re married, and you jerk off?” Turning to me and once again rubbing my thigh, “Do you believe that?” By now I’m getting an erection, so I adjust myself and say yes. They both notice and Don laughs telling Al, “We better stop talking about this, Mikey’s getting excited.” I get a bit flustered but don’t respond. Instead I take another shot of tequila. Al keeps touching me, rubbing my left thigh with his right and occasionally with his hand, as if to emphasize his point. Chuckling a bit Al asks, “Is that true Mike? This talk is getting you excited?” So as to explain it I say, “Well I did say it’s been about 4 months.” They both laugh. Don then says, “I guess then I shouldn’t tell you how well my wife sucks my cock huh?” Al laughs as I just shake my head. He then describes in detail how she teases, his cock with her tongue, then swallows his entire cock. He has his eyes closed, smiling, as he details how she does it. Al and I are silent, listening. I then see movement from the corner of my eye, and I see Al has a hold of his cock through his sweats, slightly rubbing himself with his left hand as his right is slightly moving, caressing my leg, mid-thigh. As Don finishes his story, he looks at me and at Al. Laughing he says, “What the fuck AL?” Al snaps out of it and smiling says, “Sorry, I was just remembering how it feels.” They notice I’m hard & Don says, “Well it seems Mike liked the story. Or he likes what you’re doing to him,” as he’s smiling at me. Al asks, “Is that so Mike? Are you enjoying me touching you?” I don’t answer, but I feel my cock twitch. Al then moves his right hand from my thigh, grabs my left hand and gently moves it towards his crotch. I’m too, I don’t know what I am, but I don’t resist. It’s as if I’m watching him move someone else’s hand and then he places it on his cock. His hand over mine, he starts making me squeeze him. He then asks me, “Do you like what you feel?” I don’t answer, but I allow him to keep my hand on his cock. Soon I realize my hand is moving on its own, without any assistance from him. When he realizes it, he removes his hand as I continue to slightly squeeze and rub his cock through his sweats. After a moment he leans back to slide down his sweats. I pull my hand away as if I just realized what I was doing. He lifts his ass and slides his sweats down. It catches his cock. As his sweats gets past his ass, his cock springs free. “You wanna touch it?” I say no. Don says, “Go ahead Mikey. You know you want to. We can tell the way you’re looking at it. Go ahead, it’s just us here. Besides, you were just rubbing him through his sweats so it’s nothing to do touch it now.” As he’s saying this, Al is slowly waving his cock at me. Don then moved to us and standing before me, he places his left hand on my right shoulder and is gently pulling me, turning me to face Al as he’s also pulling me off the couch, onto my knees in front of Al. Al takes my left hand and places it back on his cock. I immediately and on my own start stroking it slowly, staring at it. Don says, “You want to taste him?” Al says, “Yeah, go ahead and taste it.” I see precum leaking from him. I’m mesmerized and don’t realize that Al put his hand on my head and slowly, gently pulls me to him. I come out of my daze when I feel my lips touch his cock. I pull back! They both laugh, but Don grabs my shoulders stopping me from pulling away. Al leans forward and grabs me by the back of my head. Again, gently he pulls me towards his cock as he says softly, almost seductively, “Don’t stop. You got my cock like this. You made my cock so hard. You’re not leaving me like this, are you Mikey? You’re not a cock-tease, are you?” Don says in a soft voice, “Go on. Suck that cock. Open up and suck it Mikey!” I concede as my face is just an inch from his crotch. I open my mouth. Al sighs as I take him past my lips. It’s electric. “That’s it. Suck it good. Be my cum slut & suck me off” I place my left hand up against him at the base as my right hand has a grip on him, twisting and rubbing as I suck on him, as I have had done to me many times before.” Don then says to Al, “He looks like he’s enjoying it. How’s he doing?” “Not bad for his first time,” then to me, “You feel so good Mikey. You’re doing so good.” For some reason, hearing this excited me as I begin to suck and stroke him faster, deeper. My cock is so hard, it feels like it could burst my jeans. Don then says to Al, “Hey Al, his ass looks so good bent over like. I wonder how his ass feels?” Then to me he says, “Your ass looks cute in those jeans Mikey. Did you wear them to show off that tight ass? I’m so hard looking at it. Is it just as cute out of them? I bet your ass is nice and tight, right?” I just moan, fear, excitement, thinking, wondering, if he’s going to… I then feel his hands around my waist, undoing my pants. Al’s hands are on my head to prevent me from resisting my pants being pulled down, but he quickly let up when he didn’t feel any resistance from me as my jeans were pulled down just enough to expose my ass. I could hear the excitement in Don’s voice as he said, “Damn that ass is so cute Al. Not a hair on it.” He then pushes my pants to my knees. It was like I was being possessed when I felt one of my knees raise up. Don says, “That’s it, Mikey,” as he pulls my pants past one knee. I then feel my other knee. Once my pants are past my knees, to my ankles, Don pulled them off as my sneakers got pulled off with my pants at same time. Soon I feel wet fingers penetrating me. “Yeah this ass is nice and tight. Just like a virgin pussy. Right Mikey? I’m gonna fuck this virgin pussy. You want me to fuck this pussy right?” I don’t respond. SMACK. “I asked if you want me to fuck your pussy Mikey.” I stop sucking for a moment to say, “Yes. Fuck my ass Don.” He rubs his cock up and down the crack of my ass, teasing my sphincter, he grabs my hips firmly and said, “What? I though you said ass. This is not your ass Mikey. It’s your man-pussy. Tell me you want me to fuck your man-pussy Mikey. C’mon sweetie, say it?” I pull off Al’s cock for a moment and in a harsh voice I say, “Fuck my pussy.” SMACK, “I’m sorry Mikey, I didn’t hear you. Ask me nicely to fuck your pussy.” “Will you fuck my pussy Don. Please fuck my pussy?” As I am saying this, Al reached down and then pulls my shirt up and over my head. I am now totally naked except for my sock.” SMACK, “Not bad but you can do better Mikey. Make me believe you.” “Don, I want you to fuck me. Stick your cock in my pussy as I suck Al’s cock.” Then like a man possessed I greedily engulf Al’s cock with my mouth and try to make this the best blowjob he ever had.” Al and Don laugh as I then feel Don aligning his cockhead with my virgin ass. I then feel his cock pushing into my ass. I was so embarrassed, excited, worked up, more than I care to admit. I can feel my face beet red from excitement. My mind was reeling as I felt the slight pain quickly turn to pleasure, as I realized that my first bi-experience is not in a threesome where I fantasized a woman would persuade me to suck her man. Instead, it’s being spit-roasted by two straight guys, relative strangers, I just met, who are abusing me like some cheap slut, hungering for sexual satisfaction. In what seemed like forever and yet at the same time too soon, I felt Al’s cock begin to swell. “I’m going to cum. I about to cum baby.” OMG, he called me baby. More humiliation and excitement. I pull my mouth off him as I pump his cock to finish him. He shoots and his first blast goes past my face and hits Don in the chest. The next one, two, three ropes sprays my face. I turn to look at Don. My cum filled face must’ve sent him over the edge as he grabs my hips and plunges deep in my ass as he lets loose. What a hot, erotic, and weird feeling it is to have his hot cum explode inside me, causing my own hard, huge orgasm, then I collapse forward into Al’s lap. We stayed in that position as we all were catching our breaths. Don was the first to move as his softened cock slipped out my ass. I then fell back onto my haunches and began to wipe my face clean using my shirt. Al was the first to speak. “Damn, I’m so glad I invited you over Mikey. That blowjob was amazing.” Don agrees saying it was fucking hot. I just smiled out of embarrassment. As I got up, I felt Don’s sperm leak out of my ass. Al said, “Damn that looks hot. Next time I get your ass Mikey.” I looked at him, “Next time?” “Well yeah. I telling Don I was horny enough that I’d be willing to see how it’d feel to have a guy suck my cock. He said had a feeling that he might know someone we could get to do it. You can’t say you weren’t easy for a straight guy and that you didn’t love it, right?” Don then said grinning, “You’ll come back right Mikey?” When I didn’t respond he held up his phone & said, “Of course you will. Otherwise everyone at the bar will get to see this video of you being spit-roasted.” They both then grinned with an evil chuckle. As Don was talking, his cock began to stir. I guess I can blame it on the alcohol, so I just looked at his cock, then in his eyes as I smiled slightly. I then reached out and grabbed his cock, leaned over, and as I took my second cock into my mouth, I got back on my knees, and offered up my ass to Al.

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