First Time
May 24, 2020

THE MONICA' S DIARY - Suite 401 by Stefano & Patricia

Monica Colucci, a 30-year-old woman with athletic physique and long blond hair, manager of a well-known multinational company whose primary role was to meet and accompany the multiple customers who came from abroad during their stay, often had to travel and stay away from home until late at night for the countless and exhausting business dinners, and that night of January 26th was really exhausted and when he returned to his hotel in the center of Milan it was already 2 am and all he wanted was a hot bath and a long and relaxing regenerating sleep! Her residence in the Emilian countryside had accustomed her to a relaxing life surrounded by nature and every time she had to go to Milan for work, it always caused her great stress! The only positive note was that his company spared no expense when he had to choose the hotel where he would stay and even this time they had not denied booking one night in a famous 5-star hotel in the best area of Milan, his suite it had everything, a large four-poster bed, a sofa with a large and very soft carpet in the center of the room, the bathroom was huge with a large whirlpool tub that could accommodate 4 people, a huge mini-bar with the best wines, it lacked only good food to taste accompanied by a good white wine from the area; but given the late hour and given the always-on-site restaurant service, he decided to pick up the phone and request a tasty and hot dinner to savor calmly after a good hot bath, then dialed the number of the kitchen and ordered. "thirty minutes," replied the waiter and we will serve her dinner! Excellent, she thought, in thirty minutes I have just enough time to take a relaxing bath with hydromassage! Monica began to take off her uncomfortable stiletto heels, took off her very short black miniskirt that made her feel so sexy in the eyes of her customers, slowly unbuttoned her semi-transparent white blouse and placed it on the small chair next to the bathroom door, gently she unhooked her white lace bra still warm from the warmth of her large breasts and small hard nipples, then with gentle naturalness starting from her hips, the tips of her soft fingers ran over her warm thighs lowering her transparent and very thin briefs until she did fall to the ground, now her hot and naked body was reflected in the huge golden mirror while she was pleased with the image of her perfect shapes with the features of a young model, her soft and pink skin shone like a flower that has just blossomed in the sun in the spring, just looking in the mirror in her splendid beauty began to ignite a timid excitement in her nor, he already felt a strange heat trigger inside his lower abdomen, he could not resist the temptation to move his hand towards the inside of his thighs that were getting hotter, his fingers touched his private parts completely depilated and soft as they began to bathe from the first drops of his pleasure, like a spark that is triggering a burning fire so his excitement began to grow; she began to run the water into the large tub until it filled up, slowly entered the tub, sitting immersed in the warm warmth of the water and immersing herself until she left her large soft breasts, turned on the jets of the hydromassage and immediately a very hot shiver crossed the her body already warm with growing excitement, thousands of hot bubbles we massaged her body as if they were a thousand warm hands on her, instinctively closed her eyes to make room for her most secret fantasies, one in particular tormented her for some time, she was a married woman and had never been unfaithful to her husband but for a long time now in every trip she went out of the house there was a constant and insistent fantasy, she had always thought that nobody would ever come to discover her betrayal if she had done so away from home and with a perfect stranger, but she thought that as always only a fantasy would remain.

As her fantasy galloped like a thoroughbred on the prairie, the bubbles were working for her amplifying the images in her mind of her forbidden thoughts, her body was getting hotter and what were small droplets of pleasure were turning into a rushing stream that was getting stronger and stronger; she did not understand what was happening to her, perhaps too much fatigue combined with her fervent imagination were foreshadowing her that tonight would not be like all the others.

His imagination had already reached its peak, the images flowed as fast as a film in his mind as he imagined being possessed right in that hotel room, his body replied synchronized with the images she saw and her excitement grew dramatically, her heart was beating furiously and strong until she felt it in her throat, her fingers now without realizing it were completely wet with her pleasure and inside her all the way, from her mouth uncontrolled little moans of pleasure began to come out and her nipples had hardened by now, and she was one step away from orgasm!

Suddenly a distant and almost imperceptible sound obscured by the loud noise of his beat and by the excitement that now controlled all his senses, "TOC . TOC", as if awakening from a nightmare in the middle of the night, in a few moments he regained control of the his senses and instantly interrupted his pleasure just a few active before reaching the strongest and most unusual orgasm he had ever experienced, a few moments were enough to return to rationality and realize what was happening, and immediately exclaimed: room service!! She had so immersed herself in her imagination that she had forgotten the dinner she had ordered and the 30 minutes of waiting had faded as if only a few seconds had passed, she immediately exclaimed: a moment, I will arrive immediately! His body still trembling with the interrupted pleasure did not want to get out of the tub and wanted to continue that dazzling sensation of pleasure he was feeling, but reluctantly he quickly left the tub, dripping he took the first towel he met and quickly knotted it around him, running towards the exit of the bathroom was seen in the large mirror and he realized that he took the smallest towel that barely covered his private parts, but it was late and the waiter was already waiting for some time outside the door and decided to keep the one on which had; pervaded by a mixture of emotions between shame and excitement, she went to the entrance door of the suite, removed the security lock on the door and opened; without even looking at the waiter in the face for the embarrassment he felt exclaim: forgive me for waiting but I have lost track of time, please come in.

The waiter, a boy of just over twenty years tall and with an athletic physique replied: don't worry madam, I'm here to serve you in everything you need,

Monica replied: thank you, put everything on the table, and went to the clothes hanger where she had her purse, looking for a couple of Euros for the boy's tip, without realizing that the hasty knot made in the towel in such a hurry it was melting; suddenly while her hands were intent on looking for coins in her purse the knot untied and the towel fell to the ground in an instant, Monica frozen with embarrassment looked up at the boy, he, even more embarrassed than she remained at mouth wide open looking at the wonderful body of Monica completely naked and still covered with droplets of water from the whirlpool with goosebumps for embarrassment, the boy could not stop staring at that image as if it were a carved statue, a wonderful work of art, and Monica too was petrified and paralyzed by an absurd situation and never happened before, her mind was in confusion, it was like being in the middle of a dream and not understanding what the reality was, she did not understand if this was really real It was happening; few moments that seemed eternal, then he took the initiative and ran to pick up the towel and placed it on Monica 's shoulders without uttering a word in a surreal silence while Monica dropped her handbag on the ground to support the towel that only covered part of his wonderful nudities.

Now something was changing in Monica's emotions, what before was embarrassment was now turning into a different emotion, more similar to the one she felt sitting in the tub, again she felt a strange heat pervade her whole body, then finally she looked up to meet that of the young boy tall and strong but intimidated by the situation, and at this moment when their eyes met, an unexpected emotion of excitement broke out in Monica that she had never experienced in her life, and letting feelings take command of her deeds dropped the towel again but this time voluntarily without ever taking his eyes off his eyes; Monica knew that that night she would never forget her for life.

Still paralyzed by what was happening, he looked like a young recruit at attention who was just waiting for an order to move; Meanwhile Monica without ever taking her eyes off him began to unbutton the boy's double-breasted shirt, then slowly unbuttoning his shirt and gradually discovering his powerful and inexperienced muscles; Monica's hand then pushed a little further down reaching the button of her ironed and impeccable waiter pants like those of a soldier in full uniform, then slowly lowered the zip and let them slide on the ground, Monica could hear the boy's heartbeat become more intense and quick just like his, finally Monica's hands reached the boy's slip, he could see how the volume of her briefs began to grow and get bigger and bigger, then she gently grasped the briefs on the sides and with a manic delicacy lowered them to her feet; Monica stopped for a few moments to admire the powerful and muscular body of that young boy, unexpected actor of her greatest fantasy, then knelt in front of the young man's great member, erected like a tower, mighty and throbbing in frantic waiting for a her new move, which was not long in coming, Monica's mouth was perfectly aligned to the height of the boy's powerful penis, with one hand Monica grasped his penis gently while with the other hand she passed it over her hot vagina to moisten her with the fruit of her excitement and with her wet and lubricated fingers she slowly passed them on the tip of the penis going down to her testicles swollen with her warm seed starting to rise and fall with her hands on her big member; then Monica looked up to meet his eyes, visibly excited but always immobile and obedient; Monica was now excited to such a point that she had never tried, determined and delicate, she approached her erect penis with wet lips and started to wet him with her warm saliva, a slow and delicate movement, then with her tongue she explored every part of the sex of him who was now completely wet with the pleasure liquids of both of them, now Monica took him in her very hot mouth as she listened to the breathless breaths and the moans that were starting to come from his mouth, while savoring the member of the tirelessly young, Monica could no longer contain her excitement, her vagina was dripping with pleasure, now the carpet was covered with the moods of the two, she undaunted continued savoring the member of him inside and outside her mouth hot with pleasure until she could more resisting, her vagina was exploding with heat and her hot liquid gushed like a river in flood, at this point Monica got up in front of the young man leaving ca give her arms as a sign of surrender, her eyes spoke to him shouting are yours, take me !!!

Here is the order that the young recruit expected from her commander, the order was clear and unequivocal, and he as a good soldier reacted instantly, took her hand to lead her on the huge canopy bed, she lay down quickly and impatiently shivering with passion, Monica was exploding with pleasure, she was hoping, praying, begging that this moment never end; he spread her thighs and placed his mouth on the red-hot open lips of her vagina, with his hands he grasped her big breasts tightly, she felt her very hard nipples of excitement while with her tongue the wet vagina penetrated her, at that moment Monica did not he controlled his body more and more and more intense moans came out of his mouth and his breathing became more and more labored; he now with his hands spread the very hot lips of her throbbing vagina and before with his index finger he slowly penetrated her to the bottom to then retract and again penetrate her to the rhythm of her breathing, then he also added the middle finger feeling like the moans of she approved him, he tirelessly inserted his fingers penetrating her continuously deeper and deeper as her moans became more and more intense.

Monica was in ecstasy, the shivers of pleasure pervaded her whole body relentlessly as he now explored his vagina with his whole hand, tireless as a slave trying to please his mistress; then suddenly he stops, looks up at her in search of a nod of approval and a new order, then, in a few moments, her answer came forward, he knew what he had to do, he got up and remained in standing beside the big bed he pulled her towards him bringing her legs over her shoulders, her big member was now a few centimeters from her vagina dripping with pleasure and she could feel the heat, she felt that the apex of the his pleasure was about to come; he now slowly settles with his big pink chapel on the big red and wet lips of her open vagina, in this same moment she instinctively jumped from the pleasure in feeling the big member leaning on her open lips ... a high-pitched moan came out like a cry from the his mouth, then he with a torturing slowness pushed his big tower pulsating with pleasure inside her, more and more deeply, more and more until it reaches the bottom of her canal, Monica felt the walls of her red-hot vagina dilate more and more while the big member penetrated her, with her hands she squeezed the white silk sheet on which he lay between shivers and moans of pleasure more and more intense while he was now slowly withdrawing his penis until he completely came out of her, then waited a few moments and penetrated her again, slightly increasing the rhythm, pushed her member once more all the way, then again and again and again ... faster and more vigorously, with each thrust of her mighty penis inside her she felt like an echo of pleasure reverberating in the room the louder and louder cries of the her excitement, like a tireless train, he continued to penetrate her faster and faster, stronger and stronger, while the shivers of pleasure pervaded her whole body as in an infinite ecstasy.

Monica had almost reached orgasm, but inside of her she implored the sky not to let her come now, she didn't want that moment to end so soon and as if he read her the thought suddenly she withdrew her imposing member and looked at her for an instant, then while she was still jolting from the spasms of pleasure he took her in his arms to lay her on the large soft carpet in the center of the room, while he admired her excitedly looking at that wonderful and perfect naked body and very wet with pleasure he spread her legs, he she felt her body still throbbing with spasms of that interrupted pleasure and without losing precious moments she bent down placing her warm tongue on her breasts, squeezing them with her strong hands and vigorously sucking those nipples hard with pleasure while with her hand penetrating her deeply, then her tongue explored her whole body, she felt the young man's soft and warm tongue travel every inch of her body, like the p ennello wet of an artist while drawing his work of art.

Monica was in the throes of a hurricane of pleasure, her body was pervaded relentlessly by infinite contractions, now she no longer controlled it, every movement was dictated by the irrepressible excitement that was driving her crazy with a thousand emotions in unison.

He stopped again a few moments of yet another interrupted orgasm, it seemed that the young man could feel her orgasm and what he was feeling, it was as if their minds were connected in one and he reacted to each new desire of her without hesitating, in fact he knew what to do again, he took the chair from the desk and she accomplice, leaned with his knees on the chair cushion while with his hands he grasped the backrest, showing him his wonderful and perfect back like a statue of Venus sculpted in Carrara marble, she anxiously with uncontainable excitement waited for her to act, and so she did, she ran her fingers over the very wet lips of her vagina now wide open to improbable to moisten and lubricate them, then with an incredible delicacy passed her index finger on the tight wet little hole of his sphincter, turning it gently to open a gap, and slowly penetrated inside it accompanied from a sharp and sensual moan of her, at the same time she approached with her big member to her hot vagina and penetrated her with unusual vigor so as to make her jump on the chair in the grip of a flurry of exciting chills that ran through every part of her body , he continued to penetrate her pushing hard inside her while with his other hand he grabbed her long blond hair making her lift her head upwards, Monica had reached the peak of pleasure, her intense moans could be heard in everything the long corridor of the Hotel; like a young thoroughbred who is about to be tamed Monica also felt in power of that young stranger who kept her thick hair tense as a sign of his control over her, now the roles had reversed and now he was the one in charge of the reins of the game, with every thrust of her big penis inside her she could hear an increasingly intense groan, stroke after stroke at an ever greater pace Monica was reaching the limit, she could no longer resist the attempt to suffocate and delay as much as possible the reaching her greatest orgasm, the control of her mind over her body was now lost, leaving the command to the orgasm that had completely taken hold of her.

He was out of control and suddenly like a nuclear explosion in the middle of the ocean a booming cry exploded from his mouth, squeezed the back of that chair with unprecedented force while every part of his body jumped from the spasms of pleasure, from his hot and pulsing vagina exploded a cascade of his mood as the water gushes mad from the explosion of a hydrant, the chair dripped with the rushing drops of his pleasure while his naked and trembling body vibrated tirelessly; The young man waited a few moments to allow Monica to regain minimal control over her body and immediately afterwards made her get up from her chair for s draining her on the carpet flooded by the juice of her passion and she knelt over her still panting with pleasure, he immediately took hold of his big penis and started to masturbate quickly while looking at Monica smugly with infinite pleasure; hearing her moan in the grip of an uncontrollable ecstasy quickly gave the young man the desired effect and after a few moments another cry, this time more dry and hoarse, spread into the room, his red hot seed produced by his tireless work exploded from his red and smooth throbbing head splashing first on the big breasts hardened with passion, then with rhythmic and warm jets all over her face that with insatiable gluttony she savored on her lips.

Monica was still traveling with her fantasy lost in a surreal reality with her eyes still closed trying to enjoy every moment of that wonderful ecstasy when suddenly she heard the noise of the entrance door closing, she opened her eyes still in full confusion to make herself I realize that the young boy had escaped quickly, still leaving his warm scent of innocence in the room.

It took several minutes for Monica to realize that it had not been a dream but that everything had really happened, she could not believe that it had really happened, her greatest fantasy had become reality, that night would remain forever etched in her mind, she did not even know the name of that young waiter who made her live the greatest dream of her life, and perhaps she thought it was better that way, thinking that one day she would catalog this memory as a fantasy to mitigate any guilt for the betrayal just perpetrated.


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