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Good morning sweetheart

"Sensual morning sex"

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Author's Notes

"Fun little story I wrote my wife 😉"

I wake up. You still snuggled up with me. Both naked. You stretch and get up and go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. As you are coming back, I get up and do the same. I get back into the bed and you press that amazing ass back at me. I begin to grow. Within seconds I was rock hard. I began to nibble on your neck and ear. You moan…”mmmm”. I role you over and spread your legs. My rock hard cock presses against your lips and it slide right in. You were soaking wet. You let out a big moan… I begin to speed up. “Wow you are so wet. “ You, “your cock is so big”. I begin to speed up more… I could see you were getting there. I whisper “I want you to ride this massive cock” You, “may I ?”  I jump off and slid down and suck you soaking wet pussy. Your clit is swollen. You begin to curl your toes I stop and you climb on top of me. You begin to ride and ride and ride and ride… “YES JAY. YES. YOUR COCK IS AMAZING “ I reach up and begin to choke you. You lose it. Your pussy floods me! Never have you came that much. I keep pumping. I toss you off me and say “spread your legs”. I begin to pound it. You stick your legs up in the air. Faster faster faster. I feel the orgasm is there. You look up and look me in the I and say “Cum in this pussy. This is your pussy. Cum baby. CUM IN YOUR SLUT”. The moment you say that I explode. I begin to fill your pussy and you cum again.  You look down at me and reach down and pull my cock out. I slide down the bed and put my face between your legs. You taste amazing. A mixture of your sweet cum and my massive cum shot! Suddenly the most of the load falls into my mouth. I swallow like a good boy. “BE MY CUMSLUT BABY. EAT THAT LOAD. SUCK THAT PUSSY. OH YESSSSSSS” You cum again. This time flooding my face! You role off and say “Thank You DADDY”


Written by Anonymous

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