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Surprise of my life

A man's ultimate fantasy


3 minute read

You want to talk about a surprise me and the wife had only been swinging for a few months and this happened and I swear that it's the truth, I wanted a drink one night and after hitting a couple of bars I was on my way home and saw one I have not been to for a while so I stopped, Well I was sitting there drinking a Bacardi and Coke and a girl I knew from high school and we were friends then but she was a lesbian so nothing else walked in with her girlfriend she saw me and she and her girlfriend came and sat down at my table we got to bullshitting I told her I was married she knew my wife from school also well anyway, We had a few drinks and started talking about sex lives and all and then you could have knocked me over with a feather but she asked me if I wanted to come over and play with her and her girlfriend WOW I was in shock I looked at her and said your shitting me she said yeah I know I am a lesbian but once in a while I like some cock so I asked her if my wife could join she said hell yes also even though we has been swinging the wife had never played with another woman so I called the wife and told her what was going on and she said really i told her yes it's true she was like hell yes so they gave me the address and i picked up the wife and about wrecked the car getting there LOL well we got there and started kinda slow but wow once it started at one point I was with my friends girl and had her ankles on my shoulders just hammering her and all of a sudden the wife comes over and starts rubbing and grabbing my nuts and kissing me and then she was down sucking on my nipples which is a on button for me then the girl started sucking on my other while my wife was still rubbing my nuts and I go HOLY SHIT HERE IT COMES I blew the biggest nut I have ever blown it felt like my spine came out with it lol well I did some more hammering and had to rest for a minute well then got to watch another first the wife went down and started to eat my cum out of her pussy while my friend was down eating my wife out holy shit it was hot needless to say what a turn on my cock started to get life back well my wife was on her knees eating the girl out I came up behind her and lubed up my cock and slowly pushed it up her ass well my friend was still licking her pussy and I was ramming her ass she was eating the girls pussy wow it was hot well my friend decided to heat it up more and started to lick my nut sack needless to say WOW I started to blow my load in my wife's ass it was the wildest night I have ever had.

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