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Sheries tales of the men who worshiped her..

"Oh,my God! 4 men were massging her ,while one fucked her, Damn, she couldn't wait till Tom her husband heard about it!!!"
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2 min
3 weeks ago
SHERIES Tales : Hey hon., Where's Tom? He running late or what? No He's not coming tonight.working, time though. She was at an upscale swingers club,and tonight,was gangbang night! Oh Sherie and Ton had been here dozens of times.But tonight,was his gift to her, to go and do whatever, whoever,and anything or everything! Totally for her ,and up to her. Sherie was 50. She had black hair, blue eyes,was 5ft.4, 128 lbs.,not fat,but thick in a sexy way. Especially her ass! She had nice tits,but not real big ones,34 c in fact.Tan with tan lines ,she wasn't what you'd call beautiful,but she was pretty,and more importantly,sexy as hell ! So now anyone can understand,why she's now being fucked by 7 men ,all at once,here at the club. Of the 7, 5 were younger,the other 2 slightly older, 54,and 57. Tonight she had arranged to be video taped,so her and Tom could watch later. Oh how he would fuck her brains out! He really did love her,and she him also.Usually he was there with her, watching or joining in.But not always, hence, tonight. He had told her that ,"she was pure sexuality'" and allmen should worship her body sexually. Well tonight 7 were,for damn sure! Her gangbang she had pre-arranged,with Tom's approval. She was now in her 4th hour of being fucked,licked,massaged, and rubbed down countless times with cocanut oil. And fucked and probed in every orifice "except her ass" with cocks of all sizes and some dildos,and many, many,viberaters!!! She'd lost track of how many orgasms she'd had! And she was sore,but in that good kinda way. Damn ! As totally satisfied as she was, she still got that warm tingling feeling thinking of what Tom would do later on.God she was a lucky woman. This is an introductory to Sherie,and her oh so many tales!!!

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