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Should I Tell Him

"Ignorance is bliss, right?"

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Hi, been gone for a minute but I'm back. I'm Kathy from Los Angeles. 28 years old, 5ft 7in, 120lbs, brown hair blue eyes, slight freckles and glasses. My boyfriend Dave has been trying to get me into "sharing" for quite a while. I'll be honest, when we're playing our sexy/kinky games late at night, he gets me totally into it(especially if we're partying)and I want to do everything he suggests. But when we wake up the next day, I'm not so sure. And I don't think Dave is either. In the past, Dave use to be a little jealous but now he says this is a whole different time and this is how much he has changed. As for me, I would be just fine with what we do almost every night now. Did I mention that every time we discuss sharing, its always with BBC. It really turns him on and slowly but surely, its beginning to have the same effect on me! I've never been with a black guy or even considered it. Don't know why, just never did. But when Dave puts on some BBC porn and we smoke some "stuff"....he'll whisper kinky scenes to me as he breaks out the BBC toys he's gotten me.....I get a feeling inside that I've never had before. And all of our fantasies have always been with strangers or BBC's we meet online, but very recently, Dave is beginning to welcome some of his black friends into our nightly games. I guess putting a real face to the fantasy does make it a bit hotter and even more taboo but we had agreed a while back, that we can only play with strangers and using someone we knew is just dangerous and can ruin our relationship for a million different reasons. But now he'll whisper how his buddy Rick let it slip the other day that his BBC hasn't had any white pussy in months and its driving him crazy. "Babe....I left something at Ricks house and I really need it. Would you mind going over there and picking it up for me? I just talked to him and he's alone just watching some porno and stroking his 10 inch fat black cock.....just ignore him, if you could...….and come right back home. Can you do that for me, baby? And I guess you can watch some of the porn with him..... and you know what....might as well help him get that load out of his cock.....but only if you want to, that is....." He does this to me all the time! And I cum so hard and so many times that its unbelievable! All of a sudden, when we would have people over and I would see Rick. I would get all flustered and all shy like a little school girl. I'm glad no one really noticed(Dave did!!)but the wet patch on my panties could not be denied. On these occasions, Dave would step up his dirty scenarios at night in bed and we would play till the sun comes up! He finally admitted that playing with someone we knew would be disastrous. Of course he was talking about Rick. But he kept using Rick as our fantasy BBC? Practically pushing me closer and closer to him. It got to the point where I didn't know what was fantasy and what was real anymore. "You know babe. Since you haven't really had much experience with BBC.....I took the liberty of talking Rick into letting you have full access to his cock next Friday night so you can learn all you need to know about BBC. Is that ok?" he would ask. Is it ok? Its all I could think about! Then it happened. Superbowl Sunday. We had a packed house over at our place for the event. Not being into football, I did spend a bit too much time making margaritas. For every batch I made, I drank down a delicious glass. And I must have made a thousand batches! Which isn't an excuse.....but wait, yeah it is! I was so gone by halftime that I needed some smoke just to level off the drunk I was under. And when I ran into Rick for the first time, I wasn't the shy little girl I was last time I saw him. I was the drunk flirt who has been fantasizing about him and his BBC for months! He picked up on it instantly which surprised me cuz we had never shared this aspect of our friendship. For the remainder of the stupid game, Rick and I were flirting like teenagers! Him licking his lips as he would stare at me.....Me bending over looking into an empty drawer while pointing my tight jeans covered butt at him. I finished making another batch of drinks and when I returned to play my version of the Superbowl with Rick, he was gone! What? I was so disappointed I almost screamed! I asked one of his buddies and he said he saw Rick leave. Nooo! I had gotten so worked up that I was going to lock myself in my room with all my BBC toys and pretend Rick was there in bed with me. Everyone was upstairs watching the game and nobody was downstairs. Thank god! Before I got down to the business of relief, I had to release my bladder of margaritas. I enter the bathroom(the door was shut....not locked!)for the shock of the day! Rick leaning against the sink with his pants around his ankles, eyes shut and vigorously pumping his hand all over his hard BBC! I was frozen! This isn't happening, is it? Am I having another fantasy? This one seems so real! Finally he notices me standing there and he looks like he's about to have a heart attack but before he could say anything, I rush to him and push his hand off his cock and take over the task for him! "Oh shit Kathy. That feels so good. Goddamn.....MMmmm. You got me so hard upstairs that I had to come down here and take care of this problem." I turned him around so he was facing the sink and when I saw our reflection in the mirror, I almost came right there! My innocent face with my glasses on....barely peeking from the side of my boyfriends black friend with my hand coming around and jerking this huge black cock! It was the sexiest image I have ever seen in my life! When he saw me staring with this sexy smile on my face, he said he couldn't take it anymore and he let out a deep growl and his BBC in my hand got even harder and BOOM!!! The first jet shot at the mirror and I pointed that fat cock down towards the sink and he unloaded another 3 or 4 streams of thick cum while still growling. I doubt anyone could hear from upstairs. Or I hoped no one could hear from upstairs. He finally stopped cumming and sat down on the toilet satisfied and exhausted with his pants still at his ankles. I tossed him a hand towel as I got another and began to clean the mirror and the entire sink from all its layer of thick cum. Much more and much thicker than my boyfriends. I told him to rejoin everyone now and that I'll be up when I'm done disinfecting the bathroom. It took him like 15 minutes to finally leave because he kept trying to kiss me and hug me and telling me to meet him in this same bathroom after the game. Asking me if I'm his slut too and when can we really be together and if I'm going to tell Dave or should we keep this all a secret......I realized these are the problems we discussed about playing with someone we know. With a stranger, none of these questions would ever be asked. None of the guilt or worry either. Last time we discussed this, Dave said he couldn't handle it being with a friend. So my dilemma is obvious. Personally, I would choose to keep this a secret and have both the nights of BBC fun with Dave, and also have the fun of using Rick every now and then without anyone knowing. Because I played with a friend and if I tell Dave, what's the word he used? DISASTEROUS!
Written by Kathy T.

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