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The Fight (part 2)

"ready to settle this"

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The story was left off at Lucy spanking Cheyenne like a ring bell Lucy: Ding! Ding! I pressed myself close to her, and began kissing her pretty lips. Not like a romantic kind of kissing, but rather more aggressive. If I kissed her softly, she might've thought I was weak or that I liked her or something. After a minute, our kissing just got more tense... harder... and hotter... To be honest, she was a pretty good kisser. Maybe another reason to why he Jake cheated on me. Cheyenne: mmmm... Not bad for a little home wrecking whore. Lucy: mmmm... I can say the same about you, bitch. I eventually got tired of kissing her lips, and moved on to her tongue. We started swirling our tongues against each other, trading saliva after saliva. She must've ate strawberries, since that was what I tasted off her tongue. So fucking tasty... Cheyenne: mmmm... Lucy: mmmm... After 5 minutes of hardcore tongue kissing, we pulled away from each other. I stared into her eyes with anger, as she stared into mine. Not a word came out of our mouths... Just heavy breathing... And then, Lucy approaches me. She grabs my breasts and started caressing them... Lucy: hmmm... not bad... Almost as good as mine. She then pinches my nipples, giving a sharp pain. Cheyenne: argh... you bitch... Lucy: Oooh... you like that, don't you... Cheyenne: Fuck you! So I pinched her nipples in return, but didn't get the reaction I wanted. In fact, she didn't seem to mind at all. I pinched harder, but that only made her pinch harder too. So I loosened my grip on her nipples, and just caressed her breasts. Lucy starts pulling my nipples, after I loosened my grip. Cheyenne: Ow! Bitch! Lucy: hahaha... Come on... This way... She started dragging me by the nipples, leaving me no choice but to follow. Lucy leads me down a hallway which had about 7 different rooms. We reach to the room at the end of the hall, which was all black. The bed was black, the furniture's were black, the curtains were black, the walls and ceilings were black, even the carpet was black... Cheyenne: What the fuck is this room? Lucy: Shut the fuck up, and get in here... Lucy closes and locks the door behind us. Lucy: This is where I'm gonna kick your ass... Cheyenne: Let's see you try. I push Lucy up against the wall, facing her. With my right hand, I pinned her left hand. Using my left hand, I started rubbing her pussy, like a windshield wiper. Lucy does the same to me with her right hand. Cheyenne: Oooh, you like that, slut! Lucy: mmmm... I know you do! Cheyenne: Hahaha, is that the best you got?!?! As soon as I said that, Lucy starts rubbing harder and faster. I guess I was over confident. So I picked up the pace. Cheyenne: Ugh... fuck... Lucy: Oh fuck... come on... give up... Cheyenne: No, you give up... I felt my legs shaking, and I notice her legs were shaking too. We were about to cum. Lucy: OHHH!!! FUUUCK!!! Cheyenne: FUUUCK!!! We weren't sure who came first, but I gotta say, it was amazing. In fact, our legs gave in, and we both fell to the floor. Took about 2 minutes for me to catch my breath. Out of no where, I asked... Cheyenne: You okay? Lucy: Yeah... You? Cheyenne: Yep... Was I worried about her? I don't know. It just came out of my mouth. Next, I made a bad move. I would lay on my back, forgetting my enemy was in front of me. Lucy took advantage of this, spreaded my legs, and started fingering me. Lucy: Ha Ha! Gotcha bitch! Cheyenne: Oh fuck! Fuck you! I tried to get up, but the stimulation was just too good for me to sit up. So I grabbed her wrist, and tried to take her fingers out. Which did nothing, since she was too strong. Cheyenne: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Lucy: Oooh... Yesss... Next, she starts licking my pussy while fingering me. Which then turned to sucking. Lucy: mmmm... so tasty... Cheyenne: Oh my gosh... Fuck! 2 minutes have gone by, and couldn't hold it in any longer. I was gonna cum. I had to cum. Cheyennne: AHHH!!! Lucy: Fuck yesss... Cum all over my fingers... Cum all over my mouth... So tasty... Lucy then puts her fingers in my mouth, letting me taste my own cum. Lucy: Mmmm... taste it... Cheyenne: Mmmm... Lucy: Mmmm... You like that? Cheyenne: Mmhmm... Lucy: Good... Let's get some more out. Cheyenne: Oh no you don't. I flipped her over on her back, and oh how the tables turned. Now her pussy was mine. Cheyenne: Let's see how you like it. Lucy: No! No! I didn't hesitate to finger her. The thing was, I didn't lightly finger her, I went all out. Lucy: Oh fuck! Fuck you! Cheyenne: Fuck me? Haha, oh no. I'm fucking you! Lucy: Fuck! I fingered her harder and harder and faster, and her moans just fucking turned me on. Eventually, I had to get a taste of her pussy. So I took my tongue, and started licking her pussy. Fuck did she taste good. I just couldn't get enough of it, so I started to suck at her pretty cunt. And then... Lucy: OHHH!!! FUUUCK!!! AHHH!!! Cheyenne: Fuck... Yesss... Cum all over me... Damn, her cum flew all over my face. Kind of like how my husband gives me facial. Lucy: Oh fuck... That was good... Cheyenne: Haha... good... Next thing we know, we started kissing each other. This time, it was more passionate. Although, I was still pretty mad at her for fucking Jake. Lucy: mmmm... Sit up... Cheyenne: No you sit up... Lucy: Fine, we both sit up. We both sat up on our butts, facing each other. At first, I thought she was gonna finger me again, since she spread my legs. Then I noticed, she spread her legs and came up closer to me. She pressed her pussy up against mine, which I twitched a bit. Cheyenne: Oooh... Lucy: Ready to scissor, bitch? Cheyenne: Bring it! We both slowly pushed our pussies against each other. Lucy: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Cheyenne: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! One minute after another, we both picked up the speed. Eventually, I can feel her pussy getting wet. Then again, it could be my pussy getting wet all over hers. After scissoring for 6 minutes, both our bodies were fired up, ready to burst in excitement. Cheyenne: FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCK!!! Lucy: AHHH!!! We squirted on each other's pussy, mixing our juices together. Fuck that was hot. And then I collapsed on my back. I noticed, Lucy didn't collapse back at all. Instead, she still sat up, as though she wasn't finished. But I was pretty much finished. Then, Lucy crawled on top of me, but got in between my legs. As though we were in a missionary position. Lucy: *whispers* Now, I'm gonna finish you. Get ready! Sadly, I was too tired to resist her. Lucy grabbed me by the hips and started humping my pussy, in missionary position. Fuck it felt good. Much like Jake fucking me in this position. Cheyenne: Fuck! Oh Fuck! Mmmm... Lucy: Oh yesss... This is how Jake fucks me... mmmm Cheyenne: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I couldn't believe, I was getting missionary trib from my own enemy. But it felt great. She humped my pussy faster and faster, to the point I had no choice but to cum. Lucy: Cum! Cum! Cum for me! Cheyenne: Ugh! UGH! UGHHH!!! Lucy: Fuck yesss... That was it. I lost the duel. I just couldn't believe it. Lucy: *whispers* Hey? Cheyenne: *whispers* What? Lucy: *whispers* You lost, honey. hehe Cheyenne: *sigh* Lucy: Now, who's the winner? Cheyenne: You are... Lucy: Good girl... Lucy kisses me passionately Lucy: What am I to you? Cheyenne: Your my mistress... Lucy: Good girl... Now, stand up, and let's start over... She pulled me up to my feet, helping me stand up, since I got weak. Lucy: Hi... I'm Lucy... Cheyenne: hey... I'm Cheyenne... Nice to meet you... Lucy: Nice to meet you as well, Cheyenne... After that short conversation, we just kissed and kissed. Then, Lucy grabbed me by the ass, and picked me up in the air, facing her. Lucy: *whisper* Don't worry, I think I'll just play nice with you... She carries me to the bed, and begins pulling out her toys. Lucy decides to let me choose two toys, and I chose a strap on and a vibrator. Lucy: Ready to get fucked? Cheyenne: *nods yes* Lucy: Good... Good... For the next hour, we would have an amazing sex. We ended up doing missionary, doggystyle, 69, scissoring, spooning, etc. Lucy: You okay, Cheyenne? Cheyenne: Mmhmm... that was amazing... Lucy: Hehe, I know right... *Kiss* Lucy: Mmmm... here's my number... Don't tell Jake now... Cheyenne: Oh I won't... Lucy: Hehe, so glad Jake married your beautiful ass... Cheyenne: Thank you hehe... By the way... You can fuck my husband anytime... Lucy: hehe, thank you... After that, Lucy and I just cuddled to sleep. I slept for like 2 hours, and forgot that I better get home. So, Lucy helped clean me up in the shower, and she helped get me dressed. We kissed each other good bye, got the car started, and headed on the road back home. Suddenly I realized, these aren't my panties, these were Lucy's. I also noticed, I accidentally left my ring back at Lucy's place. I made it home already too. (Another story will follow this one)
Written by Anonymous

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