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The Fight (part 2) Lesbian

ready to settle this…

The story was left off at Lucy spanking Cheyenne like a ring bell

Lucy: Ding! Ding!

I pressed myself close to her, and began kissing her pretty lips. Not like a romantic kind of kissing, but rather more aggressive. If I kissed her softly, she might've thought I was weak or that I liked her or something.

After a minute, our kissing just got more tense... harder... and hotter...
To be honest, she was a pretty good kisser. Maybe another … Read more

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Neighbor's bet Fiction

One winner, one loser…

It was the night of our 10th Anniversary, when our neighbors came over for a little "game night". We all sat in the living room, while my wife Sharon went and got us some wine.

One thing for sure, our neighbors were our rivals, and we didn't like each other that much. Why? Long story short, one of their fences were broken by accident, and they never really forgave us. The rivalry went on for about 4 years, until we all had enough, and decided… Read more

A day in the park Fact

Best hike ever…

The day started out like every other day just a normal day going to go for a drive to a national park on a Monday go check out some Trails maybe have a picnic we headed out the wife got dressed and some tights and some athletic wear looking very sexy as usual blond five feet two 120 lb ass big and tight very sexy very my wife is a very loyal and happy to help people and on this occasion when I drive up we were talking about cuckold she like to t… Read more

Future wife Other

All holes and desires…

Well,this was it,I thought as I glanced over at my lovely wife.
She was in ecastcy xxx, my beautiful 48 yr.old wife,was now smoldering! A 35 yr.old trucker was fucking her brains out as 2; younger men ( 28,, and 25)were massaging warm cocunut oil into her tits,and legs. Althe while 2 more men were slow jacking waiting their turn. All of them were rock hard,and glistening from the oil,and their own cocks fever.
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The Island Lesbian

An explorer's journal on an island of lesbians…

Day 1
This is Jason Kim, on a lone expedition of Twin Jade Islands.

The Twin Jade Islands are about 771 miles from the coast of Mainland Japan. I always thought all the islands in the pacific were already discovered, but I'd be wrong.

According to what I heard, one island is about the size of 6 football fields, and the other is about 8 football fields. Surprisingly, they both look like crab claws from a bird's eye view.

Are there any in… Read more

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The Fight (part 1) Lesbian

Ready to settle this…

The story is in the perspective of Cheyenne.

This happened not too long ago. I was making the bed, when my husband's phone had a text message from a woman named, "Lucy". It read, "When you coming over hun? Miss you." Me being curious, I read their previous messages, which broke my heart into a million pieces. I had a feeling that something was wrong with my husband, but I never expected him to go as far as to cheat on me. I decided to dig furt… Read more