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The Day i Lost my Anal Virginity

"A virgin no more"
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Author's Notes

"All absolutely true. Name have been changed but close to the real one!"

This happened just over two weeks ago I have been very very curious about male anal sex and to that end I have been popping things inside me for some time now .I kept asking guys in the chat rooms who have told me that they were bottom guys what the sensation was like and they all said it was a little painful at first but then it gets much better ,relax and then start to enjoy it.

I have often had orgasms when having virtual anal sex with guys in the room but i met a man on here who was close to where i live and i got quite friendly with and had virtual sex with him a few times. Due to circumstances ,we have never been able to meet up..................................................................... up until two and a half weeks ago and we arranged at last, to meet.

My wife went out to have her hair done for an event we were going to that evening and I let him know that the coast was clear and to come around for our long over due meet! I had time to shower and clean my man sex and cock, trimmed my pubic hair brushed my teeth got dressed in my bra and panties and slipped a tee shirt and shorts on and was still about early by about20 mins. As I waited for him my nerves were jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof .it felt like it was my first ever mm meet . every time a car went past i was wondering it was him but no. Eventually a car pulled up and i jumped up and opened the door .It Was Him. Fuck , now what do I do. I said "Hi, Gary? " He said"Hi mate, this has been a long time coming". I said yes and opened the door properly to let him in. As soon as the door was closed behind him we kissed. Mmmmmm lovely i thought. "Are we going upstairs" Gary asked me I said yes and followed him up. Now my heart was really pounding. We got into the bedroom and he took off his tee shirt and i kissed him again. we snogged for a while anthe buttons to my shorts and let them drop tothefloord he got undressed and he was naked. i took off mt tee shirt to reveal my bra and then undid the buttons to my shorts and let them drop to the floor toreveal my panties beneath. "Mmmmm " i heard him mutter "i love those " We kissed again and then Gary got onto the bed and i followed him i went into his arms and kissed him deeply, out tongues entering each others mouth's. i slowly worked my hands to his hard nipples as we continued to kiss, my earlier nerves completely vanished. It felt so natural to be kissing, caressing and fondling his hard nipples. I heard him murmer his pleasure. we broke away from our kissing so I could lick and suck his nipples .i slowly worked my mouth down his tummy and stroked his cock and then sucked him into my warm wet eager mouth. I felt him get harder and bigger in my mouth. God I had missed a mans cock being in my mouth! I took him down as far as i could and just about got all of him into my mouth. I was loving this and so was he. I could tell my the sounds he was making. I let my finger go down to his tight sex butt and eased a finger into him. He was tight he raised his hips up so that I could have better access to him. he was loving it.

he then withdrew from my mouth and told me to lay on my back so i eased up the bed and rolled onto my back and he sucked on my nipples and then worked his way down to my cock His mouth went over my cock head and he sucked the rest of me deep into his mouth. God, it was heaven. It had been a very long time since i had been sucked as that! ihad to ask him to stop before i blew my load into his very soft mouth mouth.iwas nowvery eager to tak myfirst cock insideme.I said " i want that lovely cock inside me NOW! I can't wait any longer. Which way do you want me. He said "on all fours was best to start with" i got on all fours and he had got behind me . I thought at last, my virginity is going. I then felt his fingers ease my cheeks apart and his wet tongue rimmed me. OH bloody hell, I thought I had gone to heaven and died. It was fucking awesome. after a minute or two of his wet tongue inside me, he pulled away from me. I passed him some lube. I felt him put some on my eager wet mansex and saw in the mirror he put some on his cock. This is it I thought at last and waited for the pain . No Pain , just a gentle pressure as he entered me. He stopped for a few second to let me get used to him and then gently but sure entered me properly. It felt Absolutely Fucking Awesome. he pushed into me until i had taken his entire length into me. I heard a moan and then realised it was me! I was loving the feeling of him deep inside me. The feeling of him going in and out of me was wonderful. I was in seventh heaven. What had i been missing all these years !! After him fucking me for what seemed a beautifully long time i felt him push extra hard, pulled my hips back on him felt him swell and he exploded inside of me. I was sad that it was over i want himmore. he was stillhard as he pulled out of me and i stroked him. i loved his hard cock.

He told me to lay on my back. I rolled over and he started to suck my nipples, lowering his mouth down to my aching cock and he again slipped his warm wet mouth over my cock. I knew that this time I was going to cum. i told him I was about to release and he just sucked me harder and WHOOSH, I just couldn't hold it back anymore! it was great what a great time we had. We both got dressed, kissed again and said goodbye with a promise to see each other again as soon as time would allow! What a beautiful de-flowering!


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